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BILLINGS  Chapter meeting Wed. Aug. 18, 6 pm 
BOZEMAN Chapter meeting Mon. Aug. 16, 7pm  
FLATHEAD VALLEY Action meeting Thurs. Aug. 19, 5pm.
and Mix & Master Fri. Aug. 27, 4:30pm  
HELENA Chapter meeting Mon. Aug. 16, 5:00pm  
MISSOULA  Chapter meeting Mon. Aug. 16, 7pm
Citizens' Climate Lobby Montana

August 2021 Newsletter
Time to stay engaged!
WATCH Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's pep talk about getting #PriceonCarbon into the Reconciliation package!
Hi !
Thank you to the 223 Montanans who wrote and/or called Senator Tester and Senator Daines in the past 3 weeks during the first phase of the Budget Reconciliation!!

We are well on our way to our initial goal of 300! Woohoo!

The next few months are key! With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) saying we're in a Code Red for the climate, there's not a moment to lose for passing fair and super effective federal carbon pricing this fall!

Can we rely on you? There are at least three phases of getting this Reconciliation package together and passed, and we will call on you at critical junctures to flex your political muscle to get carbon pricing legislation through Congress this fall! 

If you  emailed your Senators, please consider calling them and Rep. Rosendale at and

Can you also make a personal goal to get 5 other people to call in the next few weeks? Here's a template   
 Hi friend,

I have a favor to ask you, but feel free to say no!

Right now, the U.S. Senate and House are writing bills to meet the climate challenge to include in the reconciliation package, which requires only 51 votes to pass the Senate. This may be the best chance yet to enact a carbon price!

Please write and/or call Senators Tester and Daines at and Rep. Rosendale at It can take less than 10 minutes! You'll find information, contacts, and scripts right there.  

Go to the website for an easy How To, including ways to customize your message. If you have any questions at all, just send them to

According to economists and scientists, a robust and fair carbon price is key to reducing our emissions rapidly. (Watch this 4 min. video by Fareed Zakaria or go to the CCL website for more information.) 

This one action could be a gamechanger for the climate, so let’s give it everything we’ve got! 

Just like it's best to plan for energy efficiency in the architectural and construction stages of building a house, but possible to retrofit after the house is built, now is the best time to make our voices heard nearer the beginning of the reconciliation process!  

Haven't called yet? Now is the perfect time! See how to customize your call or email below!

Stay Cool Montana! 

Kristen and Robin
Yes, I'll contact Congress now
Reconciliation Actions FAQ
Learn about Budget Reconciliation -  what it is and why it's so important to contact Members of Congress now and in the fall! 
What is Budget Reconciliation? 
"Budget reconciliation is an expedited legislative process under which Congress can accomplish budgetary priorities through changes to revenues and spending. In the Senate" NIskanen Center. "reconciliation bills aren’t subject to filibuster and the scope of amendments is limited."

Phase One- Budget Resolution 
On August 11, the Senate passed the Budget Resolution 50- 49, which provides the budget total of $3.5 T,  the totals for each committee, and broad outlines for the package. The House will vote on their Budget Resolution in 2 weeks, when they return from their recess. The CCL campaign to contact Senators was aimed to be at a time they would be most receptive to ideas. Now it's time to contact House members at 

Phase Two - Reconciliation Instructions to Committees, Committees draft bills  Mid August to Mid-September
Mid August, the Senate Budget Committee will release the Instructions to Committees, giving vague guidance to  produce bills that meet their targets for spending and revenue in their areas of jurisdiction. (NIskanen Center) They often pull language from bills that have already been introduced.
Some elements will be made public, and others not. When the Senate Finance Committee gives its report in mid September, we'll probably find out whether a carbon price has been included. There are three carbon pricing bills that may be used as templates: the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, Save our Future Act, and the America's Clean Future Fund Act.
This is still a great time to contact Senators, as they are in the midst of writing bills!

Phase 3 - Sausage Making Mid September - December?
"If multiple committees receive a reconciliation instruction, they send their recommendations to the House or Senate Budget committees, which assemble them into an omnibus bill for full House or Senate consideration."  The omnibus bill will be voted on with only 20 hours of debate in the Senate (no filibuster allowed), and a majority vote in both Chambers. CCL will contact us when critical hearings and votes take place! Stay tuned. 


Why contact Republicans if the Reconciliation Package will likely pass on a party line vote? 


1. Our voices will inform Republicans of the argument that our manufacturers will suffer in 2023 when the E.U imposes a border carbon tariff on our carbon intensive exports to them if we don't have an equivalent carbon price. Canada and the U.K. will probably follow suit. The cure would be to institute a U.S. carbon price and keep the revenue in our country, and influence other countries to to do the same, i.e. China. 
2. This and other reasoning will soften their opposition to a carbon pricing provision in the reconciliation bill.
3. If a carbon price is not included in the reconciliation bill, we will have to fall back on passing a stand-alone bill with Republican help.
4. Republican support will help keep carbon pricing legislation in place across administrations. 

Ideas for Customizing your messages! Choose one or two reasons why you like carbon pricing. 

Type it in just after the or /House scripts. Keeping it brief is just fine 

Republican messages (These may appeal to Tester, too)

1. Our manufacturers will suffer in 2023 when the E.U. imposes a border carbon tariff on our carbon intensive exports to them if we don't have an equivalent carbon price. Canada and the U.K. will probably follow suit. The cure would be to institute a U.S. carbon price and keep the revenue in our country,

2. Our border carbon adjustment will influence other countries to institute a carbon price, i.e. China, lowering international emissions. A uniform lower price 'floor' for developing countries could help them participate. 

3. It's a free market solution, spurring energy innovation in the private, public, personal, community, and national levels.. 

4. It lowers emissions cheaply (See EPIC's Michael Greenstone's talk mins. 4:30 - 12:30)

5. It's good for the economy and creates jobs

6. Some or all of the revenue could help folks on fixed and low incomes during the transition, and those in fossil fuel dependent jobs and communities

7. It's predictable, essential for business

8. It's not regulation or subsidies and does not require government intervention to pick winners and losers

9. It could phase in slowly and phase out when the targets are met

10. It enhances personal responsibility and accountability for our own carbon footprints

11. If the revenue is returned in a monthly check, the policy would be transparent, popular, and durable

Democratic messages

1. Carbon pricing  lowers emissions rapidly 

    -    it's easy to implement (There are less than 2500 taxable fossil fuel producers. British Columbia instituted a carbon fee program in 6 mos.)

   -    it's economy wide (it would effect transportation, industry, buildings, consumers, not just the power sector)

   -    it motivates decision-making towards efficiency and renewables immediately

2. It lowers emissions cheaply (See EPIC's Michael Greenstone's talk mins. 4:30 - 12:30)

3. It lowers emissions effectively, reaching net zero by 2050 and saving millions of lives.

4. We could use the trillions in revenue to: (See the Save Our Future Act for examples) 

     - Protect fossil fuel dependent workers and communities

     - Help low income or environmentally disadvantaged people and communities transition

     - Help everyone transition by returning most or all of the revenue as a carbon cashback dividend. This makes it popular and durable!

    - Offset the cost of programs in the Reconciliation bill

5. The Border Carbon Adjustment gives it Global reach. See this blog or this deep dive 

6. Can pass through budget reconciliation, with only 51 votes.


CCL Successes
Thank you to new Energy Innovation Act Endorsers!

Read more about these endorsers    

  • Adrenajen (Bozeman, MT):  Get outside and enjoy the environment. Surf the oceans! Paddle the lakes! Ride the mountains! roll the earth! Get that Adrenaline flowing!
  • Arrants Outdoors (Kalispell, MT):  Ecological, environmental and natural history property consultation. Biodiversity surveys and T&E species monitoring and management.
  • MinutePhysics (Missoula, MT): Videos about the universe. Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics -- all in a minute!
  • MMW Architects (Missoula, MT):  Committed to contributing positively to the built environment, while working in harmony with the natural environment. We create places that enrich life’s daily rituals and activities through beauty and efficiency.
  • Oasis Montana (Stevensville, MT):  Residential Solar Electricity and Renewable Energy Power Systems. We're here to offer our products and design skills for your residential solar power systems or other renewable energy electric systems.

See who else in Montana has endorsed HERE

Know a business or community leader that might endorse?  Contact your chapter leader for tips on making it happen or have them click the button below to endorse!
Print Media Surge about Carbon Pricing!
Our talented Montana Citizens' Climate Lobby writers have been hard at work!  You can join them! It's more fun to write when you have a team of personal "editors" and "reviewers". 
Contact  Mary M..or Mike W. at

Here are 4 recent Guest Opinions: 

Carbon Pricing a powerful tool to lower emissions"
Kristen Walser, BOZEMAN DAILY CHRONICLE (Bozeman, MT), July 15, 2021, Op-Ed  READ HERE

"What? Get Paid to Limit Climate Change?" Tim Holmes, HELENA INDEPENDENT RECORD (Helena, MT), July 30, 2021, Op-Ed  READ HERE

"Tester needs to hear from Montanans about climate" Dave Atkins, MISSOULIAN (Missoula, MT), August 5, 2021, Op-Ed  READ HERE

"A robust price on carbon should be part of infrastructure package" Alex Amonette, Angie Winter and Mark Reynolds, MONTANA STANDARD (Butte, MT), August 6, 2021, Op-Ed  READ HERE
Students Lobby Daines staffer
Five students, an economist, and a veteran CCL notetaker had an hour long meeting with a with a member of Sen. Daines' staff in Bozeman this August.    

In preparation, the 5 students, led by our CCL summer intern Anna Reik, studied major aspects of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in weekly sessions for the month of July. With help of our Daines liaison Alex A. and State Coordinator Kristen Walser, the team planned who would cover possible topics that might arise, chose roles, and practiced their delivery. Anna facilitated the meeting using leader and listening skills she learned from CCL trainings. From all accounts, they did a fantastic job building our relationship with the office! 
Montana Events - (not CCL)
Join us at the MREA Clean Energy Fair Aug. 14 in Butte!

Montana Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate are joining with other MT groups to urge Northwestern Energy to invest in clean energy. Read and sign the petition HERE   


The Richard Springs fire has affected thousands of acres on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation and right now the Lame Deer fire is 3.5 miles from Lame Deer, which is being evacuated! The Tribe has designated  the  Boys and Girls Club of Northern Cheyenne as the distribution center. Many have lost power, water, structures, fences, grasses, and so much more. 

Please donate to the people of the Northern Cheyenne tribe HERE

The Richards Spring and Lame Deer fires have caused major evacuations on the Northern Cheyenne nation. Please consider donating to their Tribe via the Boys and Girls Club.
CCL Montana Events
Statewide Print Media Writing Group
7-8pm Thursday September 2nd meeting;  Link and Information will be on the Montana Media Team page
This statewide group shares ideas for LTE's, helps with editing, and offers support for regular submissions to local media. 
CCL Montana Chapter Meetings
Go to your chapter page on the CCL Community Website to find the event listing

BILLINGS Chapter meeting Wed. Aug 18, 6 pm  
   Contact: Lori or Marya at
   CCL Community Chapter Page:  MT Billings

BOZEMAN Chapter meeting Mon. Aug 16, 7pm  
    Contact:  Kristen or Joe at 
    CCL Community Chapter Page:  MT Bozeman

FLATHEAD VALLEY Action meeting Thurs. Aug 19, 5pm.
and Mix & Master Fri. Aug 27, 4:30pm  
       Contact:  Robin or Angie at
       CCL Community Chapter Page:  MT Flathead Valley

HELENA Chapter meeting Mon. Aug 16, 5:00pm  
      Contact:  Kristen at 
      CCL Community Chapter Page:  MT Helena
MISSOULA  Chapter meeting Mon. Aug 16, 7pm
      Contact:  Mary or Dave at
      CCL Community Chapter Page:  MT Missoula
You're welcome to go to an online meeting in any of the other chapters!
CCL National Events

August Monthly Meeting GUEST is Pamela Benson Owens, Edge of Your Seat Consulting

Each month, Citizens’ Climate Lobby supporters from around the world gather locally for a monthly meeting where we educate ourselves by listening to a guest speaker. 

Whether lobbying a member of Congress or doing grassroots outreach to enroll volunteers, the ability to really listen is a valuable asset. Our guest this month, Pamela Benson Owens, will coach us on constructive listening. Pam is the President and CEO of Edge of Your Seat Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm that is dedicated to helping for-profit, nonprofit and faith-based organizations. Pam leverages humor and honest storytelling to create memorable and applicable strategies that organizations can employ to achieve their goals.

Find the recording on CCL Community HERE.

CCL Community is a website just for volunteers. It has tons of trainings and resources on topics from lobbying, policy, how to approach different groups, to skills like how to write a letter or use twitter. You can also 'Connect with Others' on nationwide Action Teams

You may need to reset your password. If you have problems, contact

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