IowaBio Bill Tracker - March 8, 2019

Funnel week saw a great deal of committee action, as legislators push to advance bills out of a committee in at least one chamber, to render them viable going forward. Ways and Means, Appropriations and Oversight bills are funnel proof. Highlights of action this week on IowaBio supported bills are below. See the tracker for other live and dead bills. 

IowaBio supported bills, SF347 and HF489, PBM transparency bills that push rebates to the consumer and increase rebate transparency advanced past the funnel in both chambers.  The Attorney General testified at a second subcommittee held this week on the bill, stating that certain provisions would be difficult to legally defend. The Senate then amended the bill to remove sections 3 and 4 of the legislation, which respectively would have made formularies public and set up a committee to review formularies.

SF60, a bill IowaBio supports to ensure the state adopts federally recommended infant testing was amended and advanced out of the Senate Human Resources Committee. The amendment stripped the requirement that the state adopt the recommended infant tests and instead. The House did not move its version of the bill out of committee.

The Senate Human Resources Committee also significantly amended the non-medical switching legislation, SF489, that IowaBio supports to cover epilepsy drugs only, and advanced it through the committee. The House did not advance its version of the bill.

A bill IowaBio supports to give IEDA additional flexibility to increase the amount of angel investor tax credits advanced out of a Senate Ways and Means subcommittee Wednesday. 

Governor Reynolds’ Empower Rural Iowa bill, HSB204, which incents rural broadband development and revamps the workforce housing tax credit program and allocates more of the tax credits to small cities passed out of a house Ways and Means subcommittee. 


PBM Transparency -- For

Infant Testing (Amended)--For

Non-Medical Switching (Amended)--For

Innovation Corporation Restructure--For

Angel Investor Credits Flexibility--For

Future Ready Iowa Funding--For

Empower Rural Iowa—For


Anti-Vaccination Bills--Against

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