Welcome to the fourth installment of the RedwoodJS newsletter. October (rather, Hacktober) was a busy month for us as we accrued 27 new contributors who made Redwood even more awesome (and got a T-shirt to show for it).

We may not be 1.0 yet, but we did hit an important milestone: 🌟5k stars on GitHub! Who said trees couldn't be a little vain? We were agonizingly watching the count creep up to 4k, 4.5k, stall, 4.7k... Thanks to all for getting the word out there, it means a lot to us.

Here's one way to celebrate: round out the year with us at our December RedwoodJS Meetup!

  • Thursday, December 3rd
  • 17:30 - 18:45 UTC (10:30-11:45am PDT)
  • FREE: Includes Presentations, Discussion, and Q&A
  • 👉 Learn more and register here
You can watch the previous meetups on our YouTube channel. We've got all the videos timestamped so you can see exactly what you're in for and skip to exactly what you want.

Now let's get into this installment!


Dom and the entire RedwoodJS Team.


The Jammies —

Did you know RedwoodJS is an award-winning framework? Earlier in October at the Jamstack Conf, Redwood took home the Jammie in Disruptive Product or Service. Live the moment again below:
RedwoodJS wins in Disruptive Product or Service!

RedwoodJS v0.21.0 —

We just shipped v0.21.0! The highlights from this version include @redwoodjs/auth (firebase gets multiproviders), Prisma (native database types and setting foreign keys directly!), TypeScript (@redwoodjs/forms), and a whole lot more! Check out the (very detailed) release notes for all the details. And as always, upgrading is as simple as "yarn redwood upgrade".

RedwoodJS IDE —

Supercharge your RedwoodJS development with the RedwoodJS IDE! Aldo Bucchi (@aldonline) has been working very hard on this for a long time and it's nothing short of amazing. With this VSCode extension, you can explore your project with a Redwood-aware outline that provides convenient access to routes, pages, cells, services, generators, and more. It's Redwood's conventions codified.
There's a lot more to come, and you can be a part of it: grab our attention by filing an issue in the @redwoodjs/redwood repo mentioning the IDE (there's a specific vs-code IDE label with associated issues). And, if you want to contribute to it, it's a great introduction to abstract syntax trees (not to mention a chance to use TypeScript).

Firebase auth gets multiproviders —

Auth just keeps getting easier: now, with firebase auth, you can optionally specify which provider(s!) you want to sign up and log in with: 
Daniel Choudhury (@dac09), who championed this wonderful feature (check out the PR), demoed it in at our last public drop-in meetup. You can check out the replay here. You'll be amazed at how little code is involved.

Prisma: set foreign keys directly —

As of Prisma v2.11.0, you can set foreign keys directly! What are foreign keys (a.k.a. relation scalars)? The Prisma team provided a great example in their release notes. Consider the User and Post models below:
Normally, to create a new Post that's wired up to a User, you have connect the author via one of it's fields:
But now there's another way: just set the foreign key directly!
What do you think? We know we're fans (Rob was the one who originally opened the issue). Many thanks to the amazing people at Prisma for giving us this one; feel free to give them your feedback here.


FSJam —

Want to listen to conversations about the emerging world of Fullstack Jamstack applications? The Redwood community's very own Anthony Campolo (@ajcwebdev) and Christopher Burns (@burnsy) teamed up to bring you the Fullstack Jamstack podcast! Tune in as they explore the development practices of the frameworks, libraries, and services enabling this new paradigm. The latest episode featured Redwood's Chief 🚀 Officer David Price, a must-listen for all those interested in building online communities.

Adventures in the Jamstack Forest: Discovering Redwood —

In her talk at the Live Coders Conference, Kim-Adeline Miguel (@kimadeline) gives one of the best high-level overviews of Redwood to date while shining a spotlight on contributing and being a part of its thriving community. Kim-Adeline helped with the TypeScript effort by converting many of our generators to TypeScript. Thanks Kim-Adeline!

Made with Redwood

Pyplyn —

Can you build a data ingestion pipeline on the Jamstack? According to David Thyresson (@dthyresson), the answer is: yes? Pyplyn is pushing the Jamstack to the limit. Check out David's presentation at our last meetup (slides available here).

Apex Tournament Viewer —

Did you know the best way to watch Apex Legends is made with RedwoodJS? Kris Coulson (@KrisCoulson) built and had a blast doing so. Read up on his experience on the forum.

UserVitals —

Stop guessing what customers think with UserVitals. UserVitals lets you collect issues, ideas and feedback from your customers with a simple widget. Tharshan Muthulingam (@viperfx) built this MVP in under two weeks! Keep up on his inquiry into subdomains and custom domains.


RedwoodJS Meetup —

Join us Thursday, December 3rd, from 17:30-18:45 UTC (10:30-11:45 am Pacific) for another of our public drop-in meetups (details on the forum)! Anyone and everyone are welcome to attend—registration is free on As always, you can see our previous meetups at the official RedwoodJS YouTube channel.
Want to present? Get in touch with David Price (@thedavid) on the community forum.

Learn with Jason —

Save the date: Tuesday, December 1, 10:30 AM PST Anthony Campolo (@ajcwebdev) will be on Learn With Jason to teach us all about how RedwoodJS can help us build things and not waste all your energy configuring them!
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