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Holding New Year's Intentions Lovingly

New Year's blessings! As we step into the New Year, when collective awareness is on what we want to create in the next year, we'd like to open conversation with you about how we use intention and vision.

I sometimes doubt my vision for Purna because I can't see how I'll get there from here. Sometimes it feels easier for me to play small. As I've been in conversation and reflection about intention and vision, I've been reminded that intention and vision help us to stretch. They give us guidance as we move one step at a time toward a vision that may seem out of reach. From this perspective, the dichotomy of success and failure becomes irrelevant, and I get to explore the stretch into what I most want.

This Thursday, we'll be in live conversation about our vision for Purna and how we hold our intentions lovingly (individually and together). Join us to hear what we're envisioning for Purna and for an interactive practice to clarify our visions and intentions for the new year.

This Thursday 1/3, 7-8 pm
Unconditional Love live online community conversation:

Purna's most recent Unconditional Love Live conversation
Holding New Year's Intentions Lovingly
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Below, we share our approach to New Year's intentions and visions. How do you use intention to move toward your visions for the new year?

With love,
Intention & Vision
by Kimberly Ky

We use the words intention and vision throughout this newsletter. We’d like to set a common understanding of these terms as a foundation for this discussion.

Intention is what we set out to do. It is the decisive quality of our actions. The power of intention lies in the audacity and power behind it. To consciously focus our energy onto something creates the reality we live in. Making conscious intentions serves our highest purpose and our deepest joy.

Vision is what we see ahead. It is the reality that is not yet realized. Sometimes visions can be negative and fueled by paranoia or negativity (often unconsciously). Speaking visions of worry into existence does no one any good. To maximize the power of vision, we must focus on what would most serve us and everyone around us.

By consciously working with intention and vision, we create the life we want to live.
Choosing Intentions Consciously
by Kimberly Ky
Many popular New Year’s resolutions imply that we are not okay right now, in this moment - for example, losing weight, or simply changing something with which we've been displeased. To challenge this notion, I've been asking myself, “what is the deeper intention or desire? And how can I shift my intention to go straight there, now?

My own new year's intention started as "lose the baby weight." Then I realized how small and sad I felt when I said this. I asked myself, "what is this really about?" I reflected back on what exercising means to me. It is my me-time that gives me vitality, energy, and confidence. So what I really want is to feel that vitality, energy, and confidence NOW, and to CONTINUE to cultivate these in my life. What it is we want is already here in some form. When we recognize what we are needing on a deeper level, we can consciously choose our intentions.

When I’m clear about what I intend to cultivate in my life, I can express gratitude for how it is already here, and thus increase it.

I am grateful for my body because it is able to help me perform all of my daily activities. This gives me vitality.

I am grateful for my baby's smiles because they bring me lots of fulfillment. This gives me energy.

I am grateful for my path because it gives me warrior spirit. This gives me confidence.

As you set and work with your New Year’s resolutions or intentions, look deeper into what they are truly about, and notice how that lives in your life RIGHT NOW.
Angelic Heart Healing
by Megumi Burr-Tolliver

Angelic Heart is one of my favorite energy healing tools because of its power to bring clarity and open up new possibilities. It's a go-to for when I or someone else is feeling stuck in a life situation, or in anxiety, confusion, or hopelessness. When I've been disbelieving my vision and lacking the confidence to speak it, a short Angelic Heart session has helped me reconnect to clarity and shift my perspective.

Angelic Heart is a modality in the lineage of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing that brings in angelic consciousness and energy to help the recipient gain clarity, find comfort and a sense of safety, and see new possibilities.

I offer Angelic Heart sessions in person and by distance. Sessions start with a conversation to identify the focus of the energy healing, and end with a conversation about what showed up and support for integrating and moving forward. During the energy healing, you'll sit or rest while receiving - in your own comfortable space if by distance, or in our shared session space.

If you're needing support making a change for the new year, Angelic Heart can provide a powerful and quick shift. Let me know if you're interested in hearing more or would like to receive a session.

®”VortexHealing” is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information on VortexHealing visit


This Thursday 1/3, 7-8 pm
Unconditional Love live online community conversation:
Purna's most recent Unconditional Love Live conversation

Holding New Year's Intentions Lovingly
Taking an Unconditional Love approach to our New Year's Resolutions

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