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Building the Unconditional Love Community with Conversation

Hi! We're sending a quick mini-newsletter to let you know about our Unconditional Love live online conversation series. Our intention with these conversations is to build a community of people engaging with the practice of Unconditional Love, creating the opportunity for more people to join us in exploring this topic.

We'll be conversing live this Thursday evening on the Inner Child*, and on Thursday 1/3 on Holding New Year's Intentions Lovingly. Join us 7-8 pm both days on Facebook: Purna PCA or Instagram: @intimacythroughyoga.

We loved how our first Unconditional Love live online conversation (at the end of November) engaged our community. So when we found that the number of participants signed up for our December 8 workshop wouldn't create the community experience we wanted to give, we shifted to a series of live online conversations on Unconditional Love.

The first in the series focused on Unconditional Listening. The conversation evoked deep insights both during and after. One participant, who joined with two family members, told us:

"[We] have been having nice follow-up conversations about the session yesterday! Unconditional listening is such a fabulous topic. Asking ourselves what's our blocks are to unconditional listening was a great question to get us thinking deeper. I also really enjoyed your guided meditation!"

This conversation is now available on the Unconditional Love video channel. (Apologies for the quiet sound. It was quite a day of challenges!)

Unconditional Listening video - Unconditional Love live community conversation series

Join us for our next Unconditional Love live online community conversations:

The Inner Child*
This Thursday 12/20, 7-8 pm

Honoring our emotional responses and nourishing our child self with Unconditional Love

Holding New Year's Intentions Lovingly
Thursday 1/3, 7-8 pm

Taking an Unconditional Love approach to our New Year's Resolutions

Join us on:
- Facebook:
Purna PCA or
- Instagram:

*Not sure what the inner child is? We've included an adaptation of Megumi's quick explanation from our November newsletter. You'll also find a reflection on applying awareness of the inner child to move out of stress and back to center.

We'll be announcing our next in-person Unconditional Love workshop in early 2019 - stay tuned for this opportunity to explore your own relationship with Unconditional Love with interactive activities and tools in community.

With love,
Megumi and Kimberly
What is the Inner Child?
By Megumi Burr-Tolliver

This is a light adaptation from our November newsletter. We've brought it back in case you are not yet familiar with the inner child. 
Most of us sometimes feel we're repeating a pattern that we think we should be done with already, but it shows up yet again.

We can find more freedom in these situations by bringing awareness to the inner child, the part of us carrying the foundational imprints from our early years. Unresolved emotions from early childhood get carried around in us as emotional charge, and get triggered by events in our current life. We then respond according to the story or strategy created by our child self - which may have been the best we could do at that time, but is usually not the most effective for us now.

We can repattern ourselves by cultivating a new habit: witnessing the inner child's emotion, allowing it to just be felt, and loving the inner child no matter what. This is how we can dis-charge the emotional charge, creating more freedom to be and express ourselves now.

Join us in conversation this Thursday to explore how awareness of the Inner Child shows up in and transforms our lives.
Nourishing the Inner Child
By Megumi Burr-Tolliver
We're almost at the winter holiday and solstice, a time often reflected to be energetically about quiet retreat and inward reflection. This season can also be very lively and full with family (of origin or choice), friends, and gatherings. Even among all the activity, for many it is time away from the regular schedule to recenter before beginning a new year.

I see this time of retreat coming, but in the past few days, I haven't been there yet. I have been in busy, sometimes chaotic mode, with lots of responsibilities on my mind.

To bring myself out of stress, tiredness and the physical and emotional experiences that come with them, and come back to center, focus, and the flow that allows me to be effective in meeting my responsibilities, several times in the last few days I've consciously chosen to nourish the inner child.

I share some of my choices so they might inspire your own nourishment, whether you're challenged by busy-ness, holiday family interactions, or uncomfortable emotions that come up in the stillness.

- stopping when I'm not being effective, and shifting to what my inner child is excited about in the moment
- allowing time to just enjoy
- speaking what's real for me in the moment, with people who can hear me without judgement

How do you nourish your inner child?
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