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Shedding the Layers
Kimberly and I both grew up inhibited in our expression. I've been so afraid of how others would see me that I've kept my mouth shut for much of my life. Kimberly still knows the physical sensations of inhibition in her body.

When we decided to partner in leading (along with Tenya Lee) the next Unconditional Love Workshop, we knew that our personal journeys through inhibition would be a powerful starting point.

This month, we're sharing our journeys to shed the layers, and what's helped us along the way.
Inhibition on Unconditional Love video channel

The newest Unconditional Love video shares a meditation practice that's helped me move through inhibition.

A dear friend and great support along my journey has been Shannon Hernandez, who you'll meet below as this month's resource.

You'll also find an introduction to your inner child - an important player in unconditional love healing work.

We'll be going live at the end of the month on Facebook and Instagram to give you a taste of the workshop and a chance to ask us questions. See Upcoming at the bottom of the newsletter for details.

We hope to see you on December 8 at the workshop!

With love,
Megumi Burr-Tolliver
Overseer • Practitioner • Teacher

Unlocking Inhibition
by Kimberly Ky

Hello all, I'm Kim. My passion is to teach from my path. Here I will explore the intersection of my spiritual practice with motherhood.

Even as I type these first few words, I feel a locking in my jaw, a tightness in my face, and a stalling in my heartbeat. What is more uncomfortable than these sensations is the experiences that first triggered these physical responses.

Breathing deeply into my roots, I sense my inner child and her interactions with Mom and Grandma. I see jagged looks and clenched lungs. And most sadly, withheld love.

Why did my mother withhold love? The simplified realization, void of blame, was that she did not approve of herself. Since this was HER process, MY process began with noticing when she was not in approval of herself, and accepting her as she was in that moment. Although this was not and is still not easy, it helped me create space from that sense of blockage.

After this realization, I began to consciously approve of myself in my most insecure moments: sharing art, communicating vulnerable emotions, dancing, or any movement. In this breath-ful practice of approving myself, I became less and less inhibited. I became less and less concerned about external responses to my authenticity.

It became less of what other people would approve of, and became an ongoing, endless practice of being joyful in my own experience. This looks like living fully and allowing myself to be bright and grow. This looks sharing more of myself in new situations and healing more in old situations. This looks like me doing ME!

Now, I am a mother and a partner. Being inhibited no longer feels like an option. When I’m faced with a new challenge in caring for my son, staying inhibited means I may not provide him with what he needs. In new challenges with my partner, it could mean that we stay in a smaller experience of love - an experience that still harbors pain and fear.

So, being a mother and partner who is uninhibited looks like constantly approving of myself FIRST. And even more deeply, approving of my own mother, and her mother, and so on. By doing this work, I am able to make more space for expansive experiences that bring me joy and wisdom.

Actually, nothing is in my way.

What is the Inner Child?

Most of us sometimes feel unable to express what we're truly feeling or wanting in the moment. Or we find we're repeating a pattern that we think we should be done with already, but it shows up yet again.

We can find more freedom in these situations by bringing awareness to the inner child, the part of us carrying the foundational imprints from our early years. Unresolved emotions from early childhood get carried around in us as emotional charge, and get triggered by events in our current life. We then respond according to the story or strategy created by our child self - which may have been the best we could do at that time, but is usually not the most effective for us now.

We can repattern ourselves by cultivating a new habit: witnessing the inner child's emotion, allowing it to just be felt, and loving the inner child no matter what. This is how we can dis-charge the emotional charge, creating more freedom to be and express ourselves now.
Shannon Hernandez

Shannon Hernandez, our resource of the month, is a longtime friend and peer on this path. She has a natural gift for nurturing and being present with others. When her clients lay on her table, they are in for a deep journey where they can address their inhibitions and blockages, and create flow. Shannon intuitively brings awareness to physical and spiritual blockages in the body. Her holistic and grounded approach allows clients to feel seen, heard, validated, and encouraged. They walk away with a deeper understanding of Self and with healing practices to move forward intentionally.

Shannon's specialties:
- Intuitive Energy and Body Work can open up space in the physical body, increase or correct energy flow, and identify the source of chronic issues/behaviors, and can include memory retrieval, emotional release and re-patterning, Language of Healing including personalized affirmations, sound healing and chakra clearing and balancing.
- Past Life Healing Journey sessions help to heal one's past to bring ease and clarity to the present.
- #metoo Healing sessions support women to address and heal sexually-related abuse or trauma and reclaim their space.

Visit for more info and a link to online booking.

Mention this newsletter feature when booking your first healing session with Shannon and receive 10% off your session.

Unconditional Love Workshop
Connect from within to unblock expression.

The Unconditional Love Workshop guides compassionate awareness of what blocks expression, and guides loving connection from within.

You'll uncover the inner child and cultivate new ways of relating within and with others in a safe environment. Included are yoga for deep connection, guided meditation, games, and group discussion.

You'll come away empowered to stoke the love within, and radiant as this love naturally flows out into your surroundings.

Purna PCA is partnering with Intimacy through Yoga to bring you three teachers in one workshop: Kimberly Ky, Tenya Lee, & Megumi Burr-Tolliver.

Saturday, December 8, 1 - 5 pm
Union City, California
$50 donation

Learn more & Sign up

We're going live!

Meet us, get a taste of our Unconditional Love workshop, and ask questions.

Thursday 11/29, 7 - 7:30 pm PST
Join us live on either:
- Facebook: Purna PCA
- Instagram: @intimacythroughyoga

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