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What's keeping you from loving yourself unconditionally?

There are probably lots of workshops filling up your email inbox and social media feeds.

Knowing the value of a workshop for you can help you make intentional choices.

A workshop is a retreat from everyday life, set aside for a deep lesson. The shared group experience can allow you to know you're not alone and to explore in a safe community. An Unconditional Love workshop participant loved "
the opportunity to be in a container of people being their truest selves," and found "strength in the shared vulnerability."

A workshop can be an opportunity to gain insight and practices that help you to live with more clarity and choice, and to feel more yourself. Takeaways from previous Unconditional Love workshops included:
- "I need to listen to me, increase my awareness about my experiences in this life."
- "acknowledging what is obscuring love from me"
- "got tools to grow and maintain good mental health"
(We share about a couple of those tools below.)

What makes an experience valuable to you, worthy of setting aside time and money?

And why would you want to take a workshop from us? If you're reading this far, it's likely that you feel connected to what we say and our presence, you find us relatable, and our essence evokes something from you.

In the Unconditional Love workshop, you get to expand that.

We invite you to consider what's keeping you from loving yourself unconditionally. How would our Unconditional Love teachings support you?

Here are three ways to explore unconditional love with us:
  • A taste now: In this mini-newsletter, we share two tools we'll be guiding you in at the workshop.
  • Talk with us this Thursday evening: We'll be going live on Facebook and Instagram to discuss our personal relationships with Unconditional Love and teaching this work, and to give you a chance to ask questions and share. Join the three of us - Kimberly, Megumi and Tenya - Thursday at 7 pm via Facebook (Purna PCA) or Instagram (@intimacythroughyoga).
  • Get the connection, insight and tools on December 8: Unconditional Love workshop in Union City, 1-5 pm.

We look forward to sharing with you.

With love,
Megumi and Kimberly
Creative movement
by Kimberly Ky

Creative movement is one of the tools that has helped me to overcome fears and concerns about others and love myself as I am. It is also one of the tools that we will be sharing at our upcoming Unconditional Love workshop.

I’ll start by sharing that, to me, creative movement is and gives me freedom. It is so important to me that I also named my son Freedom.

Movement is telling, even more than words. Movement shows where we are stuck. Stuck due to what? Due to limiting thoughts, socialization, and past traumas.

Free movement was difficult for me until a couple years ago, when I began exploring creative movement. In 2014, I attended a creative dance teacher training in Tucson, Arizona, an exploration of movement pioneered by Barabara Mettler. There, I learned to be in tune with my body and the environment around me. There was no choreography or music, just simple prompts to contain our creativity. It was a profound experience that taught me how to LET GO. I was guided to simply move to how I felt rather than what I thought, and this changed everything. With so much space, I could explore new ways of being, free of the judgments of form.

These judgments of form came out strongly while I was pregnant with my son. I am not married and I’m partnering with a man outside of my “race.” There was so much negativity surrounding me and so many expectations were shattered - expectations my family had of me to uphold family honor and become a prestigious individual, and expectations I had of them to simply love me unconditionally. These expectations led to disappointment.

I felt like I had to hold it altogether during that period of disappointment. If people were not going to support me, I was going to stand tall and show them all! Although empowering at first, I soon became exhausted. That is when I began to consciously make room for creative movement to explore what I wasn’t saying, even to myself.

Each morning on my yoga mat, after some basic stretches, I would feel the unexpressed emotions on the surface of my muscles. As I circled, swayed, elongated, sighed, and groaned, the depth of those emotions began to safely show themselves. Spending time in this depth, taking it slow, letting go of what I looked like to anyone else (and most importantly, to myself), I overcame fears. These fears were mainly stories of how I should look, act, and achieve in this lifetime.

When I inspected these stories, I saw that they did not come from truth or love. They came from generations of survival. I am living for more than survival. I am living to thrive! I am living for the magic of life! And that magic only surprises me when I give myself space to move creatively.

We can all live creatively and move authentically. That is freedom. Explore this spaciousness with us at the Unconditional Love workshop. I hope to move with you there.

Breath of Acceptance
by Megumi Burr-Tolliver

James, my husband who passed, and cofounder of Purna, created the Breath of Acceptance exercise for a workshop in 2015.

His insight into self-acceptance transformed many, both before and after he became a healer by profession. He patiently guided friends, family, clients and me to find love for who we are, as we are right now.

Even as his body became weaker as he journeyed through cancer, he continued his personal spiritual work, discerning where he was not accepting himself, and bringing unconditional love to the most difficult aspects of his being.

He taught, counter to our conditioning, to allow the resistance, the judging thoughts, the uncomfortable and deeply painful emotions. He created the safety to be with these as the pain or discomfort moved through and then let go.

The Breath of Acceptance has become integrated into both my healing sessions and my being. When I started teaching Unconditional Love workshops, I knew this powerful tool would be a key teaching, as it was when James taught it.

I strive to create the safe container James provided, and that has been reflected in the depth participants are able to go to, to acknowledge the painful and uncomfortable "stuff" they've been holding. Practicing this deep acceptance can be scary at first, and we practice unconditional listening to hold the space for each other to feel safe within the uncomfortable.

When that acceptance clicks in, a new depth of love can flow through - for ourselves, for others and for our surroundings. The safe container of the workshop community holding unconditional love allows a gentle openness to more love.

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