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February 17 - Remembering Summer

On a cold, snowy day last week, I created a color wheel of shells and sea glass. These objects were a reminder of sun, sand and warmer days.

For me, the beach is a reminder of summer as it is a place I most often visit in July or August. Friends who live near the ocean may feel more familiar with this landscape in all seasons. I’ve loved recently seeing snow on the sand from a friend’s photos from the New Jersey shore.

As you reflect on summer, I invite you to imagine images of growth, sunshine and play. Summer is a time when of creativity can move outside. My back porch and carport become valuable extensions of my studio workspace.

There is an openness and expansiveness to the long summer days. Today I invite you to think of playful images of summer.

Practice - Summer Sensations and Images

I invite you to call on memories of summer - the feel, taste, touch, smell and sights of the season. Many of us live in places where we can enjoy the foods of warmer climates year round. Are there particular foods that give you a sensory experience of summer and sunnier days? For me, it’s citrus fruits.

Photos of summer may be good reminders too. I find that by this time of winter, I am so used to bare branches that I almost forget what it is like to see the trees in full green foliage. That time is coming and photos of summer can be a reminder of the wonder of trees’ transformation.

Continue your seasonal series, creating images for summer, these can be representational or abstract; focus on colors, shapes and textures the season evokes for you.

Inspiration from Art - Colorful Kite Tails by Jackie Matisse

Artist, Jackie Matisse, the granddaughter of Henri Matisse, worked playfully with color, creating kites and kite tails. The colors of her creations play across the canvas of the sky and in the depths of the sea.

Read more about her work here or see a video of her kite tails below. The video is 25 minutes and includes interviews and views of a gallery installation. The footage of kite tails in the sky and sea is minutes 15-20.

ART THAT SOARS — Kites and Tails by Jackie Matisse

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