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February 24 - Labyrinths as a Metaphor for Cycles and Journeys

A labyrinth is a single path, winding to the center and back out again. It is not a maze. It can be a tool for meditation or a metaphor for our life journeys. The labyrinths found in churches were also a symbol for pilgrimage. When people were unable to travel to make a pilgrimage, they might walk the labyrinth as a symbolic act of pilgrimage.

The circles of the various labyrinth paths are what interest me most today.

I recently read a book of practices published by Emergence Magazine. One practice that stood out to me was “Arriving with Every Step" written by Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder. She offers a practice for being present to your journey. This could be a walk to a nearby park or a further expedition to see something new; in either case she encourages an approach to walking as if to a holy site. She writes, “A common pilgrimage practice is circumambulation: to move in a circle around something so that it becomes a sacred center, an axis Mundi.”

This feels similar to advice I heard in an interview recently. The speaker recommended approaching something new as a kind of courtship. They described this practice as a slow circling to get to know something from all sides but also from a respectful distance. This involves not only getting to know a subject but seeing it in relationships to materials, spaces, people, and practices. I find it helpful to remember this in this time of physical distancing. While I may be unable to pursue some of my goals directly, there are related paths and interests I might investigate.

Today, I invite you to explore spirals and labyrinths as a map for another way of getting to know something, a symbol for the journey of exploration and return. As Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder writes, “The journey is a practice, a prayer, a seeking. Arriving back home from a quest to a holy site is really only another beginning.”

Practice - Finger Labyrinths

Finger labyrinths are a great tool for meditation. You can print the image below or find a great variety of labyrinth designs on-line through a web search. This site offers several different labyrinth patterns for download.

I invite you to trace the labyrinth with your finger or to use it as a coloring page. For the image below you could color the rocks of the labyrinth as well as choosing colors for the path.

Walking a labyrinth is a beautiful form of meditation; churches, parks and schools often feature labyrinths on their grounds. You can use the world labyrinth locator to find one near you.

Inspiration from Kathy Swaar: Fine Lines: Walking the Labyrinth of Grief and Loss

This month I have the honor of being a small part of a beautiful new book written by my friend Kathy Swaar; I created the labyrinth block print on the cover.

As a nation we marked the loss of half a million Americans on Monday. Whether you are mourning a specific person, accompanying someone who is grieving or feeling the collective of loss of life, this book offers wisdom, prayers and guidance.

Each chapter centers on a fine line between seeming opposites such as “the fine line between faith and doubt.” Each pair of fine lines is accompanied by an invitation; for the example above, the invitation is “befriend unknowing.” Kathy closes each chapter with a prayer she has written related to the invitation.

You can learn more about the book on Kathy Swaar’s website.

Here’s an image of the printing block for the book cover.

A fun fact about the creation of this image is that the heart in the center was a happy accident.

I was working on carving the flower shape and divided it into parts to make it easier. When I saw the heart, I decided to leave it and try printing, knowing I could always carve that part away later if I didn’t like it. I’m glad I kept it as it became central to the image.

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