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February 3 - Light and Water - Evening and Reflections

Today we explore the interaction of light and water. I originally drafted this email thinking about reflections, particularly those we find in puddles and larger bodies of still water. Given the current wintry weather, the idea can also expand to think about how light interacts with snow and ice.

Continuing with our theme of depicting light at different hours of the day, I also think how often we seek bodies of water to view the sunset; the colors in the sky expand and transform through mirroring in the water below.

As I went through my photos on my phone, there were so many related to colors of sunset and the evening sky; it was hard to choose. I noticed that the colors of the sky were similar in the morning and evening but I could tell which was which after a time by looking for which trees were in the photo. The direction of the brightest color in the sky changes from dawn to evening. It reminded me of looking for shadows yesterday and realizing the best shadows are in my bedroom in the morning light but are in my living room in late afternoon. I invite you today to reflect on colors of the evening near your home and to explore some photographs of reflections.

Practice - Noticing Evening Light and Seeking Reflections

Continue with your images for hours of the day with a depiction, photograph, poem or phrase for evening light.

Below are two collage examples for evening…

Look around for interesting interactions of water and light in your environment. If you are having wintry weather, this might be through snow and ice. Also explore puddles, bodies of water or try seeing light through water in a glass.

Sharing inspiration from my practice…

Reflections have been a consistent theme in my creative practice.

I work in a combination of collage and photo transfers. Huntley Meadows Park wetland is a favorite subject. Here are a couple of the kinds of photos that inspire my collages - I love the deep reflections of trees in shallow pools and the reflections of dried reeds that look like doodled drawings on the surface of the water.

Below are a couple examples of collages inspired by reflected light at Huntley Meadows. You can see more from this series on my website.

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Please feel free to share anything you are noticing or creating.

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Thanks, Kathryn

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