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The Light We Share

The new dawn blooms as we free it

For there is always light,

if only we're brave enough to see it.

If only we're brave enough to be it.

-Amanda Gorman from The Hill We Climb Inaguration poem

Today concludes our week of focus on light. I enjoy thinking about this community of readers and the way that in spite of different locations, we have all be focused on observing light in our environments this week. I hope we can continue to grow that sense of connection through sharing images.

Amanda Gorman’s quote above is by now familiar to many of us and continues to be such an important reminder. The second quote below is one I heard this week from another young leader. Daphne Frias is a story teller, youth activist, and champion for the disabled community. She was part of The People’s Inauguration program this week titled “Breathe.” Hear her at this video clip.

“…the light that you give will also be returned to you.

And the earth is holding that, it is the vessel for your light.

When you’re needing to receive that light back into you,

you can sit and ask for it, it is there, it’s waiting for you.”

-Daphne Frias from the People’s Inauguration

Practice - Prayer and Meditation Candles

One of my favorite creative contemplative practices is the creation of prayer candles. These can be made on the outside of the tall candles in jars available in grocery stores or on any glass jar with a mouth wide enough to insert a votive candle inside. The images in this newsletter include candles from workshops I’ve led.

Supplies for this project include a glass jar, colorful translucent paper, a brush and some white glue or mod podge. You will want a shallow container for your glue and a brush. Adding a bit of water to the glue helps it to spread more easily. See the video below for a demonstration.


As we head into the weekend you may want to play with assembling images depicting the hours of the day. Please continue to share photos and stories from your practice.

Below is one more example of a way to assemble images. I created one long strip of paper moving from predawn to night (see above). The paper is rolled into a scroll with a portion at a time revealed through a matchbox crankie. A crankie is a 19th century tool for story telling that includes images on a long paper scroll viewed through an opening in a wooden box.

Inspiration from a Musical Crankie Performance

Anna and Elizabeth are a folk duo who incorporate a crankie as a tool for storytelling in their performances. “The Lost Gander” is a beautiful example of this. It is an instrumental piece with shadow and silhouette images as well as subtle quiet images of people gathering for the performance in darkness by candlelight.

Here’s the link to the video of The Lost Gander by Anna and Elizabeth

Thank you for being a part of this newsletter community.

Please feel free to share anything you are noticing or creating.

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Thanks, Kathryn

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