Spoke too soon with that last email, didn’t I? Yes, sadly in light of the PM’s announcement on Monday night, the Bishop has asked his clergy to close the doors of all the churches.

But with a quarter of the world’s population in lockdown, Masses are still being offered all over the world. And here in Weston, you are being remembered at Mass, every single day.

This email focusses on the Rededication of England as the ‘Dowry of Mary’, this coming Sunday. Scroll down to find out more.
Visit the Rededication Website
Our seminarian, Joseph Meigh, discusses what ‘Mary’s dowry’ means, why it’s connected to Walsingham, and what it means to dedicate ourselves to Mary. He also shares his favourite Marian poem!
This coming Sunday, 29th March, was going to mark a big gathering at our National Shrine in Walsingham, to rededicate England as the ‘Dowry of Mary’. Sadly that can’t happen now, but (as far as I know) the prayer will still be said during 12 noon Mass on Sunday.
View the Live Stream from Walsingham
But the more important way we can participate is by joining in the prayer ourselves – making that prayer of rededication to Our Lady individually, as part of the church community, and on behalf of the whole nation. At the Behold2020 website, you can download those prayers, and register as a participant so that you’re ‘dot’ will appear on the map of all those taking part.
Download the Prayers to take part
Finally, Joseph Meigh has made use of his one permitted daily walk to make a video discussing what it means to call England ‘Mary’s Dowry’, why it’s so connected with Walsingham, and whether it’s OK to talk about ‘dedicating ourselves to Mary’. He also shares his favourite Marian poem!
VIDEO: Why is England called ‘Mary’s Dowry’?

As a result of the decision to keep the churches closed for the time being, it is obviously impossible to hold Adoration as we had hoped. Thank you to all who signed up.

We’re still waiting for a microphone to get our live stream working properly, but Fr Wiesław at St Joseph’s has got his up and running!
9am Daily Mass (in Polish)
10-11am Adoration (in the international language of silence!)
6-7pm Adoration
St Joseph’s Church Live Stream

Sent in by a parishioner: If you get told to stay at home... Think about Noah and his family.  About 1 year in the ark without being able to leave, in the middle of nowhere, in a vast ocean, in an unprecedented construction that had never been done, only the sound of rain falling, and the constant motion of the ark, no windows, no balconies, no terraces, no internet, no phone, no video calls. But you know what? Our Lord took care of them. So let us not doubt that our Father will also take care of us, because He is always, always with us.  Genesis chapter 7 is very encouraging for all who are quarantined.
We'll be in touch in a couple of days with an updated newsletter. In the meantime, do let us know how you're doing... you can reply to this email, or ring the Presbytery if you'd like a chat!
With our prayers,
Canon Tom Gunning (Parish Priest)
and Joseph Meigh (seminarian)
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