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Our new strategy: A future where everyone has power to shape society
A message from CEO Stephen King:
At Luminate, we believe the participation of everyone in civic life is critical. Online and offline spaces that enable participation and dissent need to be protected. And the information that fuels and informs discussion and debate must be accurate and trustworthy.

We’re focusing our efforts toward our vision of a future where everyone has power to shape society. Our recently published five-year strategy will help us move in this direction, and I’m especially proud that we’re placing a greater emphasis on ensuring that everyone – especially those who are underrepresented – has the information, rights, and power to influence the decisions that affect us all.

This strategy kick-starts an important new phase for Luminate, and we’re excited about the opportunities for impact it presents. I hope you'll read on to learn more about how our teams are putting our mission into action.
Luminate's Model of Philanthropy outlines how we pursue our mission. We put impact first, meaning that our teams have the flexibility to work in a range of ways depending on what is most appropriate for the organisation or initiative we are supporting and the places where we are working, as well as the agility to take advantage of opportunities to quickly pursue change.
Our work in Africa focuses on people most affected by discriminatory laws, policies, and practices. This includes underrepresented groups, including women, youth, and religious, ethnic, and other minorities. We recognise the structural barriers they face in having the agency, voice, and freedom to participate in civic life. We work to help them challenge and build power.
In Asia, Luminate supports activism and social movements, with a focus on helping to build more inclusive and less polarised societies, where civic space and dissent are protected and supported. We work to increase inclusion and representation, protect civic space, strengthen civil society, and tackle misinformation and disinformation.
In Latin America, we work alongside activists and journalists, particularly those from underrepresented groups, to help challenge power and ensure they can shape society. These groups are defending human rights, changing narratives, producing quality journalism, advocating for freedom of expression, and pushing for better political representation and participation.
The Global Programmes team tackles our two themes, Information Ecosystems and Participation & Dissent, at a transregional level, carrying out work that complements and enables efforts in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This includes transregional grants and operational initiatives, as well as best practice or knowledge building. The team also works to change the ‘rules of the game’, such as international norms, funding flows, and global governance mechanisms.
Luminate Strategic Initiatives conducts our global work to tackle digital threats to democracy through policy change, campaigns, partnerships, and litigation. The team, whose work is primarily focused on Europe and the US, aims to foster a healthier information ecosystem and strengthen the integrity of digital media. We recently supported an action plan led by Nobel Peace Prize laureates Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov to address the threat Big Tech poses to democracy.
Sharing our strategy in Kenya and Nigeria
In June and July, CEO Stephen King and Vice President of Africa Abdul Noormohamed had the opportunity to gather with partners, community leaders, and funders in Nairobi and Abuja to share more about our strategy in Africa.
Strategy launch in Brazil
We also had the opportunity to meet with our partners and other stakeholders in São Paulo in August. Stephen King joined Vice President of Latin America Felipe Estefan to discuss our work in Brazil and across Latin America.

Join the Luminate team

Partnerships Lead, Luminate Strategic Initiatives | Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, The Hague, London, or Paris
Build relationships with other foundations, funders, and high-net-worth individuals to grow the funding needed to build a better internet for all.

IT Support Analyst | Nairobi
Provide in-person and remote technical support assistance to Luminate staff and consultants, and perform the ongoing day-to-day maintenance and support of our computer, networking, and communications systems.


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