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On 8 January, rioters stormed the Brazilian Congress, presidential palace, and Supreme Court. It was an attack that we strongly condemn, as it threatened the democratic foundations that are essential to building more just societies.

A key problem was the widespread presence of mis- and disinformation on social media regarding the 2022 election, an issue that continues to this day. As we covered in our previous analysis, mis- and disinformation led to sustained aggressions against Black, LGBTQIA+, and women candidates, and perpetuated narratives that placed doubt on the legitimacy of the elections. You can read our analysis of the events that led to the attacks and how we're working with our partners to find solutions below.
Gabriel Plata
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From our perspective
It's time to build a democracy that works for all in Brazil

The recent appointment of diverse leaders like Anielle Franco and Sonia Guajajara in Brazil marks a shift in the balance of power. Felipe Estefan and Rafael Georges write how even after the 8 January attacks, this is a reminder that a better, more inclusive democracy that works for everyone is possible. 

Op-ed: Reimagine support for African media
Amid financial woes and technological advancements, how can media in Africa maintain its role as a pillar of democracy? In a new op-ed for Daily NationAbdul Noormohamed shares his perspective on reimagining support for media in the continent ahead of this month's Africa Media Festival
Luminate welcomes Maria Ressa acquittal
While there are still several spurious legal cases pending against Maria Ressa aimed at curtailing her voice, we welcomed the decision by the Philippines’ Court of Tax Appeals to acquit Ressa of four politically motivated tax charges. 
Shifting power through narrative change
We can’t create a world we can’t imagine. Narrative change and storytelling are powerful tools in creating inclusive societies and modelling a better future.

At its core, our narrative change work is about shifting power. In this blog, Kristel Muciño explains the three pillars of our Narrative Change strategy.
Call for consultants who support social change organisations
In an effort to diversify and expand our pool of consultants, we’re looking for individuals and organisations in different areas of expertise who are ideally (but not necessarily) located in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Nigeria, or South Africa.

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Worth your attention
We recommend reading this recent research by our partner SumOfUs, which found that the January 8 attacks in Brazil were openly planned and widely shared on social media and messaging apps. They found that instead of preventing the spread of this violent content, Meta and Google enabled and profited from it.
Last year, we shared that we are supporting a landmark case against Meta in Europe. In this article from The Markup, the plaintiff Tanya O’Carroll explains why this lawsuit is so necessary to protect citizens' rights under GDPR.
Our team is following closely Indonesia’s new criminal code that would penalise criticisms of the government, among other restrictions to citizens' rights.
In recent years there has been a worrying trend of SLAPP suits being used to silence journalists and activists around the world. The Center for International Media Assistance produced a guide for journalists, funders, and lawyers on how to effectively respond to them.
In January, the Colombian Congress introduced a protocol to combat sexual violence amid a recent scandal. Civil society organisations, including several of our partners, were invited to help draft the document. However, they exited the process and will continue working in parallel to advocate for stronger measures. Read their full statement here (In Spanish)
Where you can find us
Africa Media Festival (14-15 February)
Register to join us this month at the Africa Media Festival in Nairobi, which will bring together some of the leading voices in the African media ecosystem.

A number of our team members will be in attendance, including Abdul Noormohamed giving a keynote speech, Nkirote Koome and Stan Getui speaking on panels, and Stephen King in conversation with investigative journalist John-Allan Namu.

Ahead of the event,
read a new op-ed from Abdul on reimagining support for African media.


Analyst, Partner Support | São Paulo, Nairobi, London, or Washington DC 

We're hiring for an Analyst to support our Partner Support team's administrative and project management capabilities. In this operational role, the Analyst will implement and support initiatives to help our partners become more impactful. 

Our partners are hiring! 

There are currently over 650 available roles at more than 135 organisations all over the world.
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