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News from Luminate

In the era of big data and AI, people can suffer because of how the sum of individual data is analysed and sorted into groups by algorithms. In a new paper, The Data Delusion: Protecting Individual Data is Not Enough When the Harm is Collective published by Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center, Martin Tisné raised the mismatch between individual privacy law and the value of collective data processing. He argued that regulation must catch up to protect the public interest and counter collective data-driven harms.

Call for proposals: Luminate is seeking to fund audit reform projects
Earlier this year, Luminate funded the Auditing with Accountability report, a research project which explored the major systemic weaknesses in audit. As Andrew Clarke wrote, we believe there is a clear window of opportunity for reform, and that’s why we launched a call for proposals tackling audit failure. Learn more about the open call, and submit expressions of interest by 31 July.
Introducing Partner Support at Luminate

Above and beyond grants and investments, Luminate provides both non-financial and financial support to our portfolio organisations to help them be more resilient and effective through our Partner Support programme. Laura Bacon, who leads the programme, shared more about our approach and strategy, and future plans for partner support in a Q&A.

Countering misinformation and keeping journalism afloat during COVID-19
As COVID-19 reshapes our world, two concerning issues have emerged around how people access trusted information. First, we’re seeing credible voices drowned out amidst a growing amount of misinformation. Nishant Lalwani wrote about our recent funding to Verified, which was created in response to these challenges. Second, we need public interest media more than ever to provide accurate reporting on these issues, but the pandemic’s economic fallout has hit journalism hard. We also recently supported three initiatives which are providing important and immediate help to the sector.
New Media Ventures: To build back better, we need civic innovation
New Media Ventures has demonstrated its ability to shift power and build movements that influence policy and ultimately build more equitable and just societies by supporting diverse founders at the intersection of technology, media, and civic engagement. McKenzie Smith talked with its new President, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, about how they’re adapting in the current moment. Whether you’re a funder or a founder working on racial, gender, economic, or environmental justice; engaging voters during social distancing; or elevating the voices of Black, Indigenous, or other people of color, we hope you’ll join them as they advance their mission.
AWO: A new data rights agency
In the aftermath of revelations about the Cambridge Analytica data breaches, we began speaking to what's now the AWO team about what it would take to create a data-focused law firm and consultancy. Kitty von Bertele wrote about the new agency and our shared vision for a richer data rights ecosystem.
Examining the risks of contact tracing apps
We all want to stop the spread of COVID-19, but at what cost? Swee Leng Harris looked into the UK’s contact tracing app and raised important questions of legal safeguards for rights and freedoms. Hear more of her perspective on a recent episode of The Economist's Babbage podcast.
News from our partners

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Just days after its public launch, AWO secured a series of major concessions from the UK's Department of Health and Social Care about the Test and Trace system.

Define American’s Noelle S. Lindsay-Stewart argued in Variety that Hollywood must examine the racial diversity of writers’ rooms and the stories they’re telling.

FastCompany highlighted Ballot Scout, a tool from Democracy Works that brings transparency and accountability to the vote-by-mail process in the US.

Follow the Money is tracking coronavirus related aid across Africa to ensure funds are getting to the intended recipient for the intended use.  

Know Your Trolls, a recently launched online course from the International Women’s Media Foundation, helps journalists identify online abuse, understand who’s behind it, and prepare for attacks. 

Open Secrets launched their new Corporate and Economic Crime Report on the role of auditors in corruption and economic crime, and investigated why they have not been held responsible. Watch a recording of their virtual launch event to learn more.

Grantees of Velocidad, an initiative to accelerate the growth of news media in Latin America, shared what they’ve learned through the programme.

Where you can find us
RightsCon (27-31 July)
RightsCon is a must for anyone concerned about human rights in the digital age, and we’re pleased to sponsor the virtual event next week. Martin Tisné will join a panel on data ownership, and Nishant Lalwani will be speaking about the International Fund for Public Interest Media.
ISOJ (20-24 July)
Our team has enjoyed this week's virtual ISOJ sessions. Nishant Lalwani will participate in a workshop tomorrow on new ideas to fund public interest media in the U.S. and globally.
Splice Beta (September) 

We’re looking forward to sponsoring and participating in Splice Beta, now a month-long online media festival. Register to join Melanie Hui, Dinita Putri, and Myo Zin in celebrating Asia’s media startup ecosystem.

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