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Retirement Justice & Compassion

Longtime MCCLV Member, UFMCC Lay Delegate and Retirement Justice & Compassion Committee Member Judy McNally provides an update below on a July 26 special offering.

Greetings, Church Family,

My name is Judy McNally and I am a member of MCCLV's Retirement Justice & Compassion Committee. The Committee affirms that we are all created in the image of God and are to have equal access to food, shelter, health care, a living wage and a liveable retirement. As a Church that advocates for policies that guarantee these rights for all people we must acknowledge that we are not providing a liveable retirement benefit for MCCLV's full time employees.
MCCLV has two FTE long-time employees. Pastor Goudy was hired in 1999. It was not until 2008 that MCCLV began providing funding towards a retirement benefit designated for the local pastor. Music and Worship Director Brian Jones was hired in 2007. While he started part time he has been working full time for a number of years without a retirement benefit, until this year. Neither account is fully funded. It is the belief of the Committee that MCCLV should and will joyfully accept the challenge of adequately funding both of these retirement accounts.

On a personal note, I am retired and know first hand how important it is to have a liveable retirement income. Unless an individual is exceedingly wealthy, Social Security and personal savings will not be adequate to provide for a liveable retirement. Living expenses do not stop when the salary ends and the cost of living continues to increase.

I would like to focus on one recommendation in the Committee Report. To show our appreciation for all of the "holy work" and many blessings we receive from Pastor and Brian, the Committee recommends that once a year on the last Sunday in July the church take a second, special offering for a liveable retirement for MCCLV full time employees. This year the offering will take place on Sunday, July 26. It is important that the church community recognize how blessed we are to have such wonderful spiritual leadership. This has been reinforced for me during the pandemic. We continue to hear the word of God through online worship services, musical offerings, prayer meetings and spiritual formation classes. We also know they are reaching out to people through phone calls and notes during this time of social isolation, providing spiritual counseling and encouragement. Acts of compassion continue, such as ensuring that food cards reach those in need. It is time for the church community to continue our mission of justice and compassion and contribute to a liveable retirement fund for full time employees.

We do understand that there are people who have been adversely affected by COVID-19 and are not able to contribute financially. You are in our prayers and we only ask for your prayers as well for MCCLV. That is the greatest gift.

Thank you and if able, please give a "love offering" on Sunday July 26 in the second collection for a liveable retirement for MCCLV employees. 

To view the full report of MCCLV's Retirement Justice & Compassion Committee, click here:

Online donations to MCCLV's Retirement Justice & Compassion fund may be made at (click on the "Donate via Credit Card" button). If you'd prefer to use PayPal, go to and in the "add a note" option put "Retirement Justice." For those writing a paper check, mail to MCCLV at 1401 Greenview Drive in Bethlehem, PA 18018. Include "Retirement Justice" on the memo line.

Praise God for your generous hearts and your commitment to justice.
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July 16 @ 7pm

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7th Sunday of Pentecost Spiritual Formation
July 19 @ 10am

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July 19 @ 11:30am

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