Just as we thought the worst was over, it seems we find ourselves right back at square one. But somehow it feels as if something is different. Maybe it is our attitude, our experience, or just our understanding of it all?

Over four and a bit decades, if life has taught me one lesson, it is that you can't necessarily change your circumstances. You can, however, change your attitude and how you perceive tragedy or hardship.

The upside to this current tragedy is that we are all in the same boat. We are all weathering the same storm. And when you want a ship to sail smoothly and not sink, every person on that ship has a job to do. Sure, some have a much more challenging task than others. That's life. But the only way the ship will make it through a bad storm is if the crew members work as a team. If the team fails, the captain and the crew will drown together. Do your part. Do it well and do it together. If we set aside our differences and issues, we set ourselves up for success rather than failure. As a team, we owe that to one another.

Stress is nothing other than insufficient information. Things that you cannot control will always cause anxiety because the information is random and unpredictable. But stress is actually a very useless waste of time and energy. Why not instead use your energy on the things you can change and let the rest be? Take heed from the famous Serenity Prayer and know the difference. 

It is extremely sad to see how people are suffering due to this pandemic. Financially. Emotionally. Physically. I can stress about it, or I can choose to do what I can. Look after my family, my team, my friends and the people around me. Charity begins at home. But it does not end there.

It is also essential to understand that we all now have to work harder than ever before to rebuild all that broke in the last year (and yes, this sometimes means working harder for less money). There is no place for entitlement in this new world we are trying to build up from what feels like scratch. So let's leave entitlement where it belongs - in the past.

Let us instead make a difference where we see a need. Let us stop worrying and rather spend that energy doing something useful for the people around us. There will come a time where we can all go back to the normal we know and love. That is how time works. However, we will never control this world, and it will drive us insane if we try. Let's face it- this world has enough insanity going around by its usual standards!

The harsh reality is that life is not fair. It never was and never will be. So be kind to people. Believe in yourself and your future. 
As the wise Dr Seuss once said: "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose."  

And will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed).

Eyecare Awareness Week 2020 & Looking ahead

Yes, we totally intended that pun…

After a very successful Eyecare Awareness campaign in 2020, Operation Healing Hands is looking ahead to October 2021 – national Eyecare Awareness Month - to, once again, change lives by providing much-needed eye care to the less fortunate.

On the 17th of October last year, OHH hosted an eyecare day at Triomf Clinic.

With the help of Spectacle Warehouse, TRIOMF Clinic, Caring Daisies, Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital, De Jager Optometrists, The Eye Institute, Atterbury Trust and a whole team of volunteers, 86 patients were helped through eye tests, screening for eye diseases such as cataracts and even screening for high blood pressure and diabetes. Qualifying patients were also fitted with glasses - free of charge.

In 2021, we aim to assist even more patients in this way. Come on, October, we can’t wait to see (another pun, sorry) you!
Why we will never stop believing in miracles!
On 7 October 2020 Martin Bester interviewed Dr Helene Basson on Jacaranda FM. Cornel Breedt (GMA patient) was there with her. The show was full of surprises.
Make sure to watch every Monday at 17h30. And remember - root for #TeamDan&Matthys! That R75 000 will go a long way in changing a life!
‘Ons Koop ‘n Kar’ – OHH on the small screen
After featuring on the radio more than once over the years, Operation Healing Hands makes the jump to television in 2021 as one of the featured charities on KykNET’s new programme ‘Ons Koop ‘n Kar’.

‘Ons Koop ‘n Kar’ tests the mettle of car salespeople and their team members by having them compete to sell cars to customers with certain specifications. Each week a new customer features on the show, with the teams competing to have them pick the car each team has chosen to sell. At the end of the season, the team that has sold the most cars successfully wins money for their chosen charity.

Operation Healing Hands is the chosen charity of We Buy Cares salesman Dan Harber and Matthys Potgieter, a brain profiler. Should Dan and Matthys win the competition, OHH will walk away with R75 000 to change lives with.

‘Ons Koop ‘n Kar’ airs on KykNET at 17:30 on Mondays, with the final taking place on 5 April. Tune in to see the action unfold and keep your fingers crossed for #TeamOHH!
Did You Know?
As of November 2020, the Operation Healing Hands team regularly goes and donates blood together. We know that every drop counts and love to do our share to save lives – even in this small way.

Our next donation drive will be on 20 April 2021. Why not join us in donating? Send us a picture where you or your team from work donate at any SANBS centre and have your pictures posted in our OHH Blood Drive - Hall of Fame! on Facebook.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for our big blood donation challenge coming up closer to Mandela Day later this year!
Magalies Monster MTB
5 June 2021

Start Venue:
ATKV Buffelspoort
Finish Venue:
ATKV Buffelspoort

Full Marathon: +/- 65km
Half Marathon: +/- 33km
Fun Ride: +/- 16km
Kids Ride: +/- 2,5km

This year we will be collaborating with Fedhealth to raise some much-needed funds for OHH.  Ride for a cause! Get your OHH riding jersey and ride as part of the OHH family. 


For more information on getting yourself or your team into OHH jerseys, click the button below.
In a world full of surgeons, nurses and other hospital staff, we sometimes overlook what may seem a small healthcare component, but extremely important in the Operation Healing Hands system: medication.

After surgery, medicine, such as pain medication, can be extremely expensive and, for OHH’s economically challenged patients, simply not affordable. That is where a true team of heroes come in.

Van Heerden Pharmacy.

Since OHH’s inception in 2016, the Van Heerden Pharmacy group of pharmacies has provided our OHH patients with post-operation medications and vouchers to pay for other prescribed medicines after being assisted by us.

Literally, hundreds of people have had their lives made just a little easier by the generosity of Van Heerden Pharmacy.

Thank you for being the hero in so many stories!
Although all the doctors and personnel that are part of Operation Healing Hands give their time for free, we still have costs involved like medicine, consumables used, random medical expenses as well as the daily running of the project. Your donation or monthly pledge will go a long way!

Or maybe you have a service or skill to offer? Contact us now and become part of the OHH family.
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