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You're Invited! 

3 Sessions.
Monday, November 1, Wednesday, November 3, and Friday, November 5. 
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Central. 

Grant writing is a misnomer.

It represents an opportunity to solve problems that are within our sphere of influence.

It's not an opportunity to get free money. 

Together, let's get funded and stay funded. 
Mon, Wed & Friday
November 1, 3, 5

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM CDT

Getting Funded, Staying Funded Course Goal: 

This certificate course will introduce students to evidence-informed standards of the project management discipline that demonstrably grow and sustain direct giving efforts for nonprofit organizations throughout the nation. 

Learning Objective: 
Students will understand how to better leverage innovative tools, techniques, and collaboration in order to generate more value from existing and future direct giving campaigns and efforts. 

Learning Outcomes: 
a. Students will name common types of funding opportunities and describe the key characteristics of each. 
b. Students will identify common sources of funding opportunities and describe the requirements for accessing funding opportunities therein. 
c. Students will be able to ready their organization for strategically aligned funding opportunities. 
d. Students will be able to develop a high-level plan for getting funded and staying funded for their sponsoring organization(s). 

My ancestor is Fannie Lou Hamer. She once said "if I have a pig and a garden, I know that I can live."

Are you a nonprofit leader or nonprofit volunteer?

How to complete your registration and secure your seat for Getting Funded, Staying Funded (virtual):
Register to secure your seat here. 

We look forward to seeing you then and there!
Thursday, November 4th
11:30 AM CDT

Social/impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate rooted, SMART and resilient systemic impact that is attached to a financial return.

During this 30-minutes crash course, La Juana (LJ) Chambers Lawson, Founder & CEO of Tacit Growth Strategies, a global impact investment firm and PMO, explains how to champion and democratize social/impact investing and social/impact entrepreneurship from a F.L.H. paradigm. 

(1) Register here and then (2) secure your spot for this virtual crash course.
Talking all things "The Great Reset" and everything in between 

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Saturday, November 6th

Local to San Antonio, TX, USA?

Join the African American Chamber of Commerce of San Antonio (AACCSA) for a special in-person, outdoor event on Saturday, November 6th at 5 PM CDT at In The Eye of The Beholder Art Gallery and Studio. Register to join us here
The Global Intrapreneur Network
What is the TGS-GIN? The Global Intrapreneur Network powered by Tacit Growth Strategies is a space for the highly-motivated and innovative thinkers behind today's most successful agencies.

The TGS-GIN supports members with monthly events, regular professional development opportunities, mentorship and several other ways. Through this Network, Global Intrapreneurs are getting international support.  

Join the Network & learn how to use your insight to influence your workplace- regardless of where you are on the organizational chart. 

Curious? Click here to join!

What's an Intrapreneur?
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