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Happy Holidays to you and your family, my friend! 

For Black Friday only, Tacit Growth Strategies is offering a special rate on our
PMP Exam Prep course for people who have experience managing projects and want to add another comma after their name.

Becoming an international Project Management Professional (PMP) is not easy and having a trusted team with many years of experience with the project management lexicon is augustly important.

Tacit Growth Strategies prepares you for global competitiveness by packaging your experiences into a tool for delivering value, no matter the industry or geographic location.

Have questions? Give us a call at 210-904-0457.

In prosperity, 
Your Trusted Team at Tacit Growth Strategies and The Global Intrapreneur Network

***Black Friday Sale***
Become an international Project Management Professional (PMP).
Tacit Growth Strategies prepares you for global competitiveness by packaging your experiences into a tool for organizational problem solving.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep Training / 35 Contact Hours

Classes are live (virtual) via BlueJeans
Twice per week, 3 hours per day
January 4, 2022 - February 10, 2022

Let's get you certified:

Continuous education yields endless possibilities.

Original Script Written By: Amanda Onochie
Video Creator: Taylor Massiatte @taylormassiatte
Canva Graphic Creator: La Juana (LJ) Chambers Lawson

Talking all things "The Great Reset" and everything in between 

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The Global Intrapreneur Network
What is the TGS-GIN? The Global Intrapreneur Network powered by Tacit Growth Strategies is a space for the highly-motivated and innovative thinkers behind today's most successful agencies.

The TGS-GIN supports members with monthly events, regular professional development opportunities, mentorship and several other ways. Through this Network, Global Intrapreneurs are getting international support.  

Join the Network & learn how to use your insight to influence your workplace- regardless of where you are on the organizational chart. 

Curious? Click here to join!

What's an Intrapreneur?
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