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A publication for making disciples of the family and friends of
Courthouse Community United Methodist Church in Virginia Beach, VA.

Friday, June 11, 2021
Dear <<First Name>>, 
Do you remember the first time you ever got hurt? 

Maybe you fell down and skinned your knee, or fell out of a tree and broke your arm..... perhaps you were sliding into home base at kickball and you twisted your ankle. 

I don't think I remember the typical bumps and bruises from my childhood, but I know I had plenty. 

I do remember realizing how - we get hurt... and then we heal.  Neosporin, bandaids, and a kiss from Mom and Dad always helped make things heal better.  

I remember realizing the older I got, the longer it seemed for things to heal... or the more patient I had to be with my body as it healed.  

I have prayed for healing.  I have seen God do miraculous things.  I have witnessed healing and experienced it myself. 

How about you?  

What has God healed in your life? 

How have you helped someone in their own healing? 

Here at Courthouse Community UMC we have so many ways we care for one another-- prayer shawls, meals delivered, prayers, caring, and service for each other.  We are part of helping each other to heal.   We may never realize how one small act of caring is part of God's healing work. 

God is working in you and through you to bring about transformation in God's kingdom!  

Not too long ago, Pam Durham broke her legs and fell- her legs just collapsed under her!   She went into the hospital.  I remember Drew Dickinson took her an Advent Bag and had a wonderful visit with her.  The church wrapped her in a prayer shawl. She went to rehab and then home.  People came to help... wash her hair, bring meals, and so much more!   All the people who came to help her grew in relationships and the Body of Christ was strengthened.  One night, my daughter Grace and I came and helped wash her hair, and Grace and Pam talked about K-Dramas (Korean Drama TV shows and they even spoke some Korean phrases together!)    Those who helped may have known Pam, but now they are all much closer through the experience of caring, helping, and this has brought about healing.  Some wonderful servants even came and built a temporary ramp at her home so that Pam could come and go while she was in her wheelchair.  And just this past week, the ramp came down because Pam is now using her walker.  Pam can be glad she has come this far and her HOA can be glad the ramp is gone :) !  

Pam shared that "
If it hadn't been for them-- I don't know what I would have done!"  This ramp and all the people who helped her through this time were part of her healing.  This is what being filled with the Spirit and sent by the Spirit means!  

Pam shared with me that just yesterday she was coming out of the Food Lion near her house in the motorized cart and there was man outside selling t-shirts that praised God and he shared his testimony with Pam.  He had struggled with addiction and was doing this work to celebrate how God was working in his life.  Pam said she felt moved to pray with him.  She said, "This was way outside of my comfort zone, but God was with me.  I just felt moved to do it!"  
The Holy Spirit had filled her and she was sent to pray.  

Pam shared, "You never know how you can be a blessing to someone else and every person who helped me has been a blessing in my healing!"  

And Pam-- was a blessing to this man and the healing work Jesus was doing in him!  

If you look around and you wonder - where is the healing in this world-- you don't have to look far! 

Just last Sunday, many folks from church surprised Vaunda Snyder outside of Virginia Beach General Hospital to sing her Happy Birthday and they joined in to share the joy of God's healing as she recovers!  

Look around, look in your own heart-- God is healing you, healing our community, and the world-- and every one of us is a part of this awesome kingdom work!  

God Loves you and so do I and I thank God for you! 

I hope to see you Sunday for worship either online or in-person! 

My Sermon this Sunday is "Signs of Healing" based on Isaiah 35:1-10 and Acts 3:1-20.

In God's Love,
Pastor Beth
We will have five opportunities to worship this Sunday!  

You can worship ONLINE for the Traditional Service at 8:30 am
(Note this is a change from 9 am) 

You can worship ONLINE for the Contemporary Service at 9:45 am
(Note this is a change from 11 am) 

You can worship IN-PERSON Indoors for the Traditional Service at 8:30 am and those who are Fully Vaccinated may worship without masks. 

You can worship IN-PERSON Indoors for the Contemporary Service at 9:45 am and those who are Fully Vaccinated may worship without masks.  

You can worship IN-PERSON Indoors for worship at 11:15 am.  Those who are Fully Vaccinated may worship without masks. 
You may wonder- How do we know if someone is Fully Vaccinated? 

We will continue to utilize our Health Acknowledgment Screening whereby we ask for an affirmation to the following statements: 
1) I am not experiencing two or more symptoms of COVID-10. 
2) I have not been in contact with anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. 
3) I have not tested positive for COVID-19, nor am I awaiting test results. 
4) If I have tested positive for COVID-19 I have complete resolution of symptoms OR (if asymptomatic) I have completed 10 days of self-isolation. 
5) I will immediately notify the pastor if within 5 days after attending this event I develop 2 or more symptoms of COVID-19. 

We will not be asking people to show proof of vaccination, we will rely on the mutual trust we hold in one another as sisters and brothers in Christ and children of God in this worshiping community to love and care for another.   We ask that if you are not yet fully vaccinated, that you wear a mask for the care and protection of those who are most vulnerable.
Click here to view the bulletin for this Sunday!
Many people wonder-- what about Sunday School? 

You may already know that at every 9:45 am Service we have been offering Children's Sunday School and at the 11:15 am service we have been offering Children's Church. 

Adult Sunday School classes are discerning when they plan to return to in-person Sunday School. 
This may be as soon as next week- please stay tuned!  

As we begin to move into worship allowing those who are Fully Vaccinated to be unmasked in worship we recognize that some parents may not yet be comfortable with their unvaccinated children worshiping in a space that is not fully masked. 

In an effort to accommodate everyone where they feel safe to participate, parents can choose to drop off children for Sunday School at 9:45 am, upon entry to worship.  Children who go to Sunday School at this time will have the chance will experience worship with the Children's Ministry before beginning the Sunday School lesson.

Parents are always welcome to have children with them throughout the whole service.

We will continue to have Children's Ministry Volunteers in worship so that those children who choose to stay in worship for the beginning of worship, may go to Sunday School later. 

What about the Kingdom Kids time? 
Pastor Beth loves Kingdom Kids!  At this time we will have Kingdom Kids by allowing each person to stay in their seats.  Children can go to Sunday School or stay in worship after the Kingdom Kids time. 

Last week we had 145 people worship with us in-person, and 473 people worshiped with us on Facebook Live! The church also received a total of $11,856.71 in giving both electronically and in person.

171 individuals were helped by the Storehouse Food Pantry and Midweek Meals this week. Praise God!

Thank you for joining us and for your continual support - see you on Sunday!

Did you see us? This week, the Courthouse Community UMC Storehouse Food Pantry and Midweek Meals was featured on Channel 3 News! To see the story and read more, click or tap the image above. Thank you, Storehouse and Midweeks, for all the ways you bless the community!
We are excited to honor all our graduating High School Seniors and College Graduates! We will be celebrating our graduates this Sunday during the 9:45 worship service. Congratulations, grads!
As CCUMC has moved to in-person services, it is also time to return to a full counter schedule.   If you have served as a counter previously or are interested in serving as a offertory counter, please contact Brenda Kellogg ( or 757-373-2917) or Donn Lee ( or 757-427-3272).The more we have to share in this service to our church, the longer the rotation schedule.  Do you have an hour you can donate to the church every 6 to 8 weeks?
We are so excited for VBS this year! Click the image on the left to sign up, and the image on the right to volunteer!
During this time when we are physically distant from one another, we are still joined together in prayer.

Click on the image to the left to open our current prayer list!
The deadline for submissions to the E-Circuit Rider is Wednesdays at 10 am. Please send any submissions to Any submissions received after that time will be added to the following week's email.
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