Exploring our home planet, outer space, the deep ocean, and beyond — plus upcoming events, experts, and open opps.
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November 3, 2020 | Office of the Dean


College of Sciences at Georgia Tech

🔬 News and Notes


Our Research: 4 Reads

🌌 The Next Stage of Evolution for Careers in Astrobiology: ExplOrigins
The Georgia Tech ExplOrigins group shares research, makes connections, and reaches out to early career scientists and others who are interested in work related to how life began on Earth — and where it might also exist in our cosmos. (Image: "Laniakea: Our home supercluster" by Nature)

👩‍🔬 $87 Million for New Bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute
BioIndustrial Manufacturing and Design Ecosystem (BioMADE) will collaborate with public and private entities to advance sustainable and reliable bioindustrial manufacturing technologies. Pamela Peralta-Yahya will serve as Georgia Tech's representative to the Leadership Council; and Stefan France as representative to the Workforce Committee.

🔬 Georgia Tech and PNNL Sign Research Collaboration MOU
Georgia Tech and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have entered into a formal agreement to bolster the interactions, collaborations, and joint scientific output of both institutions.

🌊 Grantham and Ocean Visions Partner for Ocean-climate Solutions
Led by Emanuele Di Lorenzo, the new partnership with Grantham Environmental Trust seeks to develop and deploy ocean-based technologies that can draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and ocean to reverse the impacts of climate change.


Student Spotlight

EAS Students Offer Colorful Deep Ocean Adventures for Younger Generation

In Annalisa Bracco's "EAS 4801: The Deep Ocean" class, undergraduates channel their favorite children's book authors to help teach kindergarten through eighth graders about the deep ocean.


Testing, Testing, 100k

Last week, Georgia Tech passed the 100,000 test mark for the campus coronavirus surveillance program. Our masking, testing, and distancing is working — let’s keep it up! If you're on campus this season, find free campus testing sites here.


Upcoming E-vents

Nov 4    Conversations with Cabrera: Enric Sala
Virtually join President Ángel Cabrera in conversation with conservationist Enric Sala, current National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and author of "The Nature of Nature: Why We Need the Wild", which makes a clear case for why protecting nature is our best health insurance — and why it makes economic sense.

Nov 5     Election 2020: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Nov 5     “Amplified: Race and Reality in STEM”

Nov 11   Understanding the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics
Join us as local experts from Georgia Tech and Emory University help explain the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics — from the pioneering theoretical work on black holes, to observing the galactic center of our Milky Way. Open Q&A will follow this GT School of Physics talk.

Through Nov 6    GT Employee Healthcare: Open Enrollment

Nov 9 to 13     GT Ethics Awareness Week and Annual Compliance

Until Nov 13    2021 GT Staff Council: Voting

Until Nov 13    2021 GT Inclusive Leaders Academy: Nominations

Tues/Fris   GT Outdoor Open Office Hours (in person)

Ongoing    GT Chemistry and Biochemistry: Colloquia

Ongoing    GT Earth & Atmospheric Sciences: Seminars

Ongoing    GT Psychology: Fall Colloquia


ICYMI 🗓 Recaps and Recordings:

GT Virtual Observatory Night
Check out the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars!

Conversations With Cabrera: Charles Isbell

School of Biological Sciences Fall Seminars



Experts in the News

WebMD | We Asked Five Experts for COVID Thanksgiving Advice

HLN | Student Drives from Georgia to Pennsylvania to Vote

WBIR | Tool from Georgia Tech can help families plan safe Thanksgiving dinners

eLife | Model of multicellular evolution overturns classic theory

NASA | NASA’s SOFIA Discovers Water on Sunlit Surface of Moon

IFLS | Water On The Moon Confirmed, And There May Be Much More Than We Thought

The Scientist | Reconsidering Life’s Origin

Nautilus | The Physicist’s New Book of Life 

The New York Times | Have a Creepy, Crawly Halloween

Science News | Here's How Giant Pumpkins Get So Big 

CNN | Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Investigating Virus Spread Linked to Rallies

Metro Atlanta CEO | GT and PNNL Strengthen Research Ties

Savannah CEO | Statewide Climate Solutions Powered by GT Research Debut

Nature | Who are science’s frequent flyers? Climate researchers

GovTech | Mapping Tool Visualizes COVID Risk of Different-Size Events 

Berkeley News | To help diversify STEM faculty, Berkeley-led model goes national

N/UCAR | Susan Lozier among five new trustees elected to UCAR board

C&EN | Who pays when a graduate student gets hurt?

Yahoo Finance | Election 2020: Here's what Gen Z cares about

The Telegraph UK | Rule of six, curfews: likely 'zero effect’ on reducing transmission

One Green Planet | CO’s Record-Breaking Wildfire Season Fueled by Climate Climate

CNBC | Wildfires in CO will grow worse as season lengthens, scientists warn

CNN | The science behind 'the breath of a wok’

Columbia Journalism Review | The Year of Fear, Conclusion: As Election Day Nears 

KSL TV | Interactive Map Shows Risk Of Contracting COVID-19 At Events

HuffPost | Is It Safe To Host Thanksgiving Dinner During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

HPCwire | Supercomputers Assist Galactic Archaeology Efforts

Astrobiology Magazine | The Origin of Life: "Chicken or Egg" or Red Herring?

C&EN | Simple ingredients can approximate metabolic cycle without metals or enzymes

CEEatGT | Covid-19 Response: Monitoring Air Quality


Open Opportunities

The Xylom: #BlackinSciComm Mini Grants
The Xylom has recently received a COMPASS Scicomm grant to provide honoraria for the organization’s brack•ish BIPOC story series, which is also part of the Georgia Tech Library’s Black Lives Matter Reading Room. Learn more and get involved here.

"Psychology and Magic": A 30-Minute Online GT Study (paid or extra credit)
This is a brief online experiment looking at your perception of magic. You will see a real magic demonstration performed by a real magician. You will give responses about your experience. This study will take approximately 30 minutes, and students enrolled in GT classes can receive either $15 per hour or 0.5 credit towards course requirements for completing it. Sign up at or email

2021 GT Scotland Summer Study Abroad
Apply now for the Georgia Tech study abroad Scotland Summer Program! Learn more via the Office of International Education and the Scotland Summer Program website. Feel free to contact program director and professor Richard Catrambone with any questions.

Science for Georgia: Sci Comm Academy
The Sci Comm Academy is a science communications training program made to guide scientists in building bridges across disciplines and out into the greater community. There are two classes this fall, and both are discounted for individuals and groups through year’s end. 

Funding Opportunity: DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program
This Department of Engineering (DOE) program provides doctoral dissertation/thesis research opportunities for graduate students at DOE national laboratories. Apply by November 14.

Funding Opportunity: National GEM Consortium Fellowship
The National GEM Consortium’s mission is to increase the participation of underrepresented groups (e.g., African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans) at the master’s and doctoral levels in engineering and science. Apply by November 13.


Campus and Community