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What I've Learned This Week...

As a Mama, as a Teacher and as a Human

Happy Sunday!

I am so grateful you are here!

My why this week?

Years ago, after doing my first #kindnesscapes "Take What You Need" wall outside our school with heart art for our community, I received this tweet.

It reminds me still not to underestimate my power to acknowledge and see another human being. 

It is propelling me into the week with love and hope.

Here is what I've learned this week....

As a Mama

This little one of mine celebrated 100 Day at school this week with a Cheerio necklace and this poster for her teachers.

And I could feel my heart swell with pride.
What I have learned this week? I am doing a good job.

Strange right? I have been a Mom for almost 12 years now and most days I still doubt if I am doing a "good enough" job. I feel like that's a pretty universal Mom feeling especially when we have so much skin in the game.

It felt so good to acknowledge the greatness in this kid this week and also to take a moment to honour that this act was influenced by me and her Dad.

Kindness is not something we are innately born with. You need opportunities to practice it. You need a safe place to practice it in. And you need people by your side to show you how it is done.

I think we are going to be ok. 

As a Teacher

A reflection on my Mrs. Mac's Kinders Instagram page this week...
What I have learned this week? Putting extra time into myself each morning is helping me better manage the big emotion of my days.

This list from 'Teachers These Days' is an important part of my morning routine.

I write it like this in the book...

My husband, Cody, and I have three babies of our own. I have been pregnant triple that number. Many of those pregnancies ended during the school year. One miscarriage happened the morning I came in to lead a Mother’s Day Celebration before heading to the hospital. There’s no way I could have just checked my emotions at the door. Not on my first day back, or on an anniversary, or any other day. There’s no “forget about life, walk in that door, and teach those babies with a perma-smile on your face.” But there are some things I could check as I entered the building that helped me cope and find my way:

1. Where is my breath? Try to get one good breath way down past your chest and into your stomach.

2. Where are my shoulders? Drop them. Feel that stretch and hold it for a few seconds.

3. Do I have a prep today? A break? An “out” if I need it? Find your opportunities for rest.

4. Who’s here today? Who can I connect with? Who can help me if and when the grief hits? Find your connections.

5. How will I stay hydrated today? How will I make sure I eat? Will we get a chance for fresh air? Can I find a way to ensure my basic needs are met? Check your own needs.

6. How am I? How will I remind myself that I can do this? If I can’t, can I take a day or more to take care of myself? Do I need to be here? Am I pushing myself too far right now doing what’s expected and not what I need for my own healing and mental health? 

I have added a reel to my Instagram page that incorporates all of these questions into a one minute reflection. Find it, save it, use it and keep up the amazing work.

As a Human

What I have RE-learned this week? None of us are meant to do this alone.
This week...

I am thankful for the coffee...
For the surprise laminating taken off my plate...
For the help with dismissal...
For the pep talks...
For the hugs...
For the FaceTimes...
For my community.

I cannot do this alone. I need help as a Mom, teacher and a human.

The learning, the leaning into joy, the affirmation and the ability to continue to find myself, I need help with them all.

There is no gold medal for not asking for help. 

I am grateful to have been reminded several times this week that I am not meant to do this alone nor should I try to do this alone. 

Thank you community and family and friends for the reminders.
Did you see this activity on my Instagram page this week?

Such a super simple patterning practice that our kids loved! Click the template below, save as a photo and print them off ! These stickers are from Amazon but you can use any stickers, dot markers and even just crayons! ENJOY!

Thank you SO much for being here...

I am grateful to be on this learning journey every day with all of you...

Love, Kindness and Happy Learning to You!

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