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What I've Learned This Week...

As a Mama, as a Teacher and as a Human

You did it.

Another week. 
You keep showing up in whatever way you can and this is your reminder that:

1. You are more than enough.
2. Your community is lucky to have you.

I have spent the week trying to slow down and be more present in conversation, in our classroom, in my home, with my husband...

And I was reminded about an important part of "Teachers These Days". On "success" in the classroom and how we define it Dr. Jody and I say this...

"What if instead of expecting greatness every moment of every day (and being disappointed when that impossibility is not achieved), we focused on what is right in front of us today? Instead of being all things to all people at all times, what if our only job is to be the best we can be this year, for these students? Whatever you have to give to them as you remember your why and show up with passion in your heart, that is enough".

Focusing on what is right in front of us today and being the best we can today. 

I can breathe a little easier just allowing myself to sink into this mindset.

I hope you can too.

Here is what I have learned this week...

As a Mama

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In many of the PD sessions I offer, we talk about what fills our cup. This is usually the time I put up a super cute picture of the McIntosh 5 where I say these words...

I love what I do but I live for them.

And it is true. To the core of me. I live for them.

As with all things in life, it is something I can lose sight of when I am not focused on the right things and when I have my priorities out of line.

I could feel the imbalance this week when I was barely lifting my head to acknowledge my family as they entered the room. I am tired. And I know that it shows. But unfortunately, I also know that even amidst the pain and the hurt and the tired, I need to connect with them.

When I saw this quote from Morgan Harper Nichols it was a little bit of a wake up call. It indeed reminded me that when I try and burn too brightly for the things that are NOT for me and this little family of mine, they really aren't right for me in the first place.

What I have learned this week? I need to burn brightly for myself, the people and projects I love and for these ones I live for.

I would rather take from other areas of my life to have the energy to light up for my own bottom hands then to have nothing for them.

"Lighting up is all about the joy you have in connection to another human being. It doesn't have to be big or loud; it can be subtle and quiet..." (Dr. Jody Carrington, Teachers These Days)

Lighting up for them. Not burning too brightly for the stuff not meant for me. That's the name of the game this week.

As a Teacher

A reflection on my Mrs. Mac's Kinders Instagram page this week...
Was this in the plans today?

No. No it was not.

In fact, I swore to myself this morning on my car ride to work that I would NOT add one more project to our day because we already had so much to finish up/start/get ready for/blah/blah/blah…

And THAT is exactly why this project was so important today.

After reading “Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch” this student created banner was all we could think about today.

The stickers. The words. The paint sticks. The hearts. The sneaking into the staff room. The four lookout kids purposely planted at the doors that were instructed to yell “CAW-CAW!” if a staff member near. The running away squealing when we were caught by our favourite cheerleader. Yep. It was all necessary.

And it was all pure joy.

Did we problem solve? Yes.
Did we have a “helpers high”? Yes.
Did we create and express ourselves? Yes.
Did we make memories? Yes.

Did we learn? Also yes.

This was not the “learning” I had in mind as I drove to school this morning but I’ll tell you what…

This is better than anything I had planned that would have worked on many of the same objectives.

Some days? Well, actually, MOST days? They teach me more than I teach them.

As a Human


Do you have a physical reaction to this question like I do?

Like I want to throw up?
Or flee?
Or giggle?
Or deflect?
Or clam up?
Or cry?

When we asked this question in 'Teachers These Days' I remember smiling. I loved the fact that we were going to challenge you all to reflect on such an important topic. And I knew the growth it would bring. And I knew I could answer it for so many of you before you could even answer it yourself!

But when we read it for the Audible? Blaurgh (that's my gagging sound...)

To have to answer it about myself? WITH Dr. Jody? Sweet mother.

Why is this such a hard question to answer?

What I have learned this week? I still don't want to answer this question.
Seriously! That is what I have learned! It makes me too damn uncomfortable to think about the impact I might be having on a community around me. Especially the good stuff! I would much rather tell you what I need to work on...

And I guess self compassion and love are two of those things.

I am taking some time this week to not only thank those in the community around me for all they do and to remind THEM of why I am lucky to have them, I am going to mindfully and purposefully spend time with MYSELF this week reflecting on this same question. 

I think it is like gratitude.

Gratitude must be practiced especially for it to become and mindset or a habit.

So, that is what I will do. As I doze off every night, I am committing to telling myself one reason my community is lucky to have me. (Hello accountability! Now that it is written in this email I have to go all in....)

Feel free to try it with me. I would love to hear what you come up with about you and your community.
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Thank you SO much for being here...

I am grateful to be on this learning journey every day with all of you...

Love, Kindness and Happy Learning to You!

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