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What I've Learned This Week...

As a Mama, as a Teacher and as a Human

Thank you for being here! 

There is a theme to this week's learning. And it all revolves around THIS...
This week has been one of leaning into this idea that none of us are meant to do this alone. Not you. Not me. None of us.

Here is who I have leaned into this week AND what I have learned...

As a Mama

This week, I leaned into an old friend.

My dear pal Crystal embraced me as an educational assistant years ago when she joined our school staff as a teacher. She has always inspired me with her energy, her passion for lifelong learning and her ability to cheerlead those around her wherever they may be on their journey.

Crystal has visited my classroom and affirmed me every step of the way on my own teaching path and I am so incredibly grateful that although we have not visited in person for years, she is someone I know is always there. Always watching and listening and valuing and supporting...

So, when I started showing my Molly some of Crystal's videos of her new rock tumbling hobby, Molly was hooked. I know literally Nothing (with a capital N) about this process so I reached out to Crystal knowing, undoubtedly, that she would be willing to help.

Not only did she offer some words of wisdom, she also sent us this...
(That printing though, right?!?)

This little package arrived AND a video explaining each rock and what made it special was sent to us.

What I have learned this week? I am not in this alone.

To be able to reach out, ask for help without judgement AND have someone go BEYOND what you were hoping for feels incredible. It allows me to feel less weight on my heavy shoulders. It allows me to breathe a little easier. It allows me the courage to reach out for help again.

Our rock tumbling journey is just beginning. But it is all because of a 20 year old connection from someone I know I have in my corner. And whose corner I will always be in. Thank you for this beautiful reminder Crystal.

Is there an old friend that you can reach out to this month to remind you that you are not alone?

As a Teacher

Community is key in all that I do in our classroom.

I L O V E for our learners and their families to make connections to amazing humans in our community. It is why I have brought in pie bakers to teach us to bake pies and country music artists to inspire our writing and home builders and their designers to help us create art and give back to the community and restaurant owners to teach us the ultimate lessons about what it means to make a difference in your community and not waiting until you are an adult to change the world (you can read more about that here).

And to be honest? It somehow takes the pressure off me. For them to know there are more people out there who care about the future and the youngest leaders in our community.

And it is why I connected our kids to a beautiful independent bookstore in our community through our dramatic play area this month.

Penny and Scott of Analog Books Inc here in Lethbridge have been the most gracious, generous and kind humans since I called them a month ago explaining what I would like to do. I told them all about the fact that connection in our community was essential to what I do as a Kindergarten teacher and how lost I felt in the midst of this pandemic that this was not possible anymore. But they helped me to see that all I needed was to rethink my version of connection and they helped make my vision a reality.

Our little kindergarten version of Analog Books has been a hit.

And not only did Scott and Penny donate a tote bag, book, bookmarks and stickers to our classroom (which was not requested but done through their own generosity and kindness...) they also agreed to give us a virtual bookstore tour AND the opportunity to meet their bookstore cat Hugo!

What I have learned this week? I am not alone in this.

I am incredibly grateful for these amazing business owners and community members. They reminded me that there are scores of other humans who care deeply about our learners and their place in this community.

Is there a community member, group or business that you can reach out to this month to create memories with your classroom community?

And in case I had any doubts at all about the value of connection in our classroom, check out what one little one wrote in their gratitude journal this week. Mission accomplished...

As a Human

I got vaccinated on Friday.

I was emotional and anxious and grateful all at once...

What I have learned this week? I am not alone in this.

Thank you heroes.

Thank you for your tireless work in keeping us safe. 

This t shirt I wore is just a tiny little way to remind you just how grateful this human is to have you.

Thank you.

Is there a hero in your life that you can thank this week?

So not only was this a week of being reminded that I am not alone in this, it was also a week where I leaned into this quote posted by Viola Davis....
We are not meant to do this alone.
I've got you.
If you get a chance this week, check out Dr. Jody Carrington's Mamas for Mamas Silent Auction!
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I have started a new journey on my Mrs. Mac's Kinders Instagram page that I am hella excited for...

#FifteenOnAFriday is a new conversation I am hosting on Instagram Live every Friday at 4:00 MST.

It’s purpose is to focus on kindness, community and connection and to send our teachers into the weekend feeling inspired, ready to rest and hopeful for the coming week.

I was so blessed to chat with Dr. Jody Carrington last week! Check it out on IGTV here

In my weekly email, I will giving you a sneak peek of who will be coming up the following Friday before I announce it in my Instagram stories on Wednesdays. Just a little something from me to you to thank you for being here and supporting my journey.

With that being said, THIS Friday, April 30th I am SO  blessed to welcome the kind and hope filled... ROMAN NOWAK!
I am excited to chat with Roman about his high school teaching experiences in Ontario this year, his new book that will be released AND his hope for education. We would love for you to join us!

I am grateful to be on this learning journey every day with all of you...

Love, Kindness and Happy Learning to You!

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