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Recently the elevators in the building where I live went on the fritz for several days. Getting home meant climbing three flights of stairs. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the feeling of keeping my legs strong, and have continued the habit even though the elevators are back in service.

Is there an activity you once enjoyed, but no longer do? Even small amounts of exertion count toward the recommended level of movement for longevity and optimal health. Not only that, the practice of working in small amounts of movement has a name. Exercise snack!

Aiming for 150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity lowers the risk of premature death and diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Better yet, that block of time can be broken into 30-minute sessions of any activity that elevates your heart rate.

Bite-sized chunks of shorter duration count too! A one- or two-minute walk between work tasks can lower risks for Type 2 diabetes and many types of cancer. Plus you’ll release stress and relieve anxiety.

So burst into fast walking, climb stairs, swing those grocery bags or try my Nia class! 

Happy snacking!


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Until we meet again, Live Vibrantly!

-- Yvonne



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