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The Happiest Month   

Hi <<First Name>>,

Here we find ourselves in the month of March, soon to be the beginning of spring. March reminds us to take action on our thoughts and inspiration, and because of its association with spring and flowers, it’s considered one of the happiest months of the year. 

But what if stress and anxiety are holding you back from feeling happy and moving forward? Is your foundation strong enough to withstand life’s challenges? If you doubt, let’s get to the root of the matter and take some positive action! This month we will find ways to expose sources of anxiety so you can break through into living and feeling more vibrantly! Join us for our Friday Fresh Insights and check out the opportunities you find below.

Squash Misbehavior in the Workplace

Do you ever worry about how to handle misbehavior in the workplace? Or how to advise your adult children if they are caught in an uncomfortable workplace situation? Workplace drama is often a source of stress and anxiety. Well stress out no more! Join my friend Lisa Gillette to learn how to be clearly understood while gracefully and forcefully shutting down outrageous behaviors resulting from subtle or blatant unconscious actions, gender bias, and outright misogyny. 

Lisa is an executive career coach with years of experience working in the male dominated field of sports television. She’ll share her steps and strategies for employing humor and diplomacy to redirect “mansplaining,” “idea theft,” and “discourteous interruptions.” Her tips can be adapted for nearly every situation, workplace or otherwise.

Tap into Lisa's free webinar "Male Pattern Misbehavior in the Workplace,” Monday, March 8th, at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time / 9 PM Central Standard Time. Contact Lisa for details and to join the webinar at


Set Sail with your Own Online Biz! 

Do you ever feel adrift on your life path? Every year hundreds of women solo-preneurs, coaches, healers, authors, and practitioners gather for a life-changing, strategy-rich entrepreneurial women’s summit. I’m inviting you to come along for this transformative virtual workshop for entrepreneurial women to help you find your clients online, hosted by my mentor and business coach Sage Lavine and her amazing team at Women Rocking Business. 

Thanks to Sage and her women-centered, women’s way approach, I took the leap and created Vibrantly Living You. Over the past few years I have connected with hundreds of you, launched insightful masterclasses, trainings and group programs. My journey continues, and I’m just getting started! 

The doors are OPEN to this 100% VIRTUAL event coming up—I invite you grab one of these tickets so we can share this experience together:

Rock Your Online Sales
April 13-15, 2021
Virtual Workshop

This event is packed solidly with the hacks, resources and proven recipes you need to FILL your pipeline with paying clients, CRAFT your 90-day launch plan and MASTER the art of feminine sales. You can save 90% on your event ticket right now during the pre-event SALE.

>>Sign me up! <<

You’ll learn all about crafting your message and marketing and building a following to rock your sales. 

P.S. Women across the world are using these PROVEN Rock Your Online Sales Recipes to learn love-based launch plans so you can grow your database full of clients who love you, and master a collaborative approach that just works for women… we thrive when we do it together!


Calling All Angels

Are you feeling a bit pushed to the edge, stressed and more anxious than usual trying to navigate these challenging and unpredictable times? You're not alone! In unprecedented times like these you might be doing everything you can do to be resilient. But what if there's another source to turn to for support? Tune March 12 for my Friday Fresh Insight on Facebook to learn about coping with anxiety and stress with your Angel allies, featuring my special guest Rachel Cooley. This will be a wonderful opportunity to discover ways to thrive when calling on the unseen support available to us all. 

At Vibrantly Living You, we love to explore the many aspects of health of body, mind, spirit and emotions whether by conquering stress and anxiety, achieving personal empowerment and confidence, embracing positive habits for nutrition, moving our bodies joyfully or practicing mindfulness and meditation. Gain a fresh insight during our Friday sessions aired on Facebook Live, most Fridays at 11 a.m. CST. See you Friday and come meet Rachel!


Well done, Detox-ers! 

Last month we offered and concluded the Rise & Reset Sugar Detox program. Congratulations to our detox-ers, Bryan, Stella, and Jane for completing the 15-day program, including 5 days of avoiding sugar and quick-acting carbohydrates!  Here's what they had to say: 

"The Rise and Reset 5 Day Sugar Detox was a success.  I lost 3 pounds without trying and reduced my sugar cravings. The detox also made me aware of all the hidden sugar that was in my diet. Thanks Yvonne!" -- Stella

"I feel lighter and more healthy!" -- Bryan

Well everyone, next time around, these could be your results. Stay tuned for more about our  summer detox and your chance to Rise & Reset with other members of the Vibrantly Yours community!


Be Health Curious

Want to dive deeper into your health journey? Sign up for a complimentary breakthrough session with Yvonne to pinpoint where you are and where you'd like to be with your health. Hopefully on a path of vibrancy and longevity! During a Vibrant For Life Breakthrough session, I am committed to helping you find at least one tip that will take you closer to a more vibrant you. Let's chat!

Stay Tuned for More  

If you're interested in nurturing a respectful relationship with your body, brimming with health, then let's stay connected. You can find us on our website, follow us on social media at Vibrantly Living You on Facebook, join our Facebook group, Vibrantly Yours, and/or catch us on Instagram @VibrantlyLivingYou. Tune in to our live stream Fresh Friday Insights with new topics and interesting guests most Fridays, on Facebook. If there's some wellness-related topic or issue you'd like us to cover, let us know! You put the YOU in Vibrantly Living You and that's what why we are here. I've got an exciting year ahead, and I want you to be part of it as much as you wish. 


Until we meet again, Live Vibrantly!

-- Yvonne



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