Propeller 2 Important Updates - December 2019


90-990 Units/Customer with Purchase Order

Many customers have expressed concern about waiting until September 2020 to obtain P2X8C4M64P-ES silicon chips from Parallax. We now have a way to help production-minded customers and mitigate the impact of waiting.
Parallax may purchase up to 10,000 fully packaged engineering sample chips in a single order for April 2020 delivery. This is considered a "risk" purchase by Parallax. These chips will be marked P2X8C4M64PES as with previous engineering samples, with a new lot code, and include the A/D improvement (Rev C).
If you are interested in booking your order for the expected April in-stock date, these are the terms:
  • Parallax will take responsibility that these parts meet the published specifications for the P2. Your purchase order is conditionally accepted pending our validation of the silicon. If we introduced an error in the design you are not responsible for taking delivery.
  • Receipt of your purchase order will be by email to no later than December 17, 2019. I will review and confirm the PO by reply to you. Payment will be booked by credit card or by check cleared prior to shipment, arranged around March (when you would pay).
  • Your order is in tray unit increments (90 chips). Stock code to order is P2X8C4M64P-ES-T. Additionally, the minimum order quantity is 1 (90 chips) and the maximum order quantity is 11 (990 chips).
  • Pricing is according to this price schedule: P2X8C4M64P-ES-T: $1,080.00 ea. ($12 ea)
If you need fewer than 90 units, you will also likely be able to buy them from our regular inventory, but possibly at a higher per-chip price. We will attempt to order enough to support customers and tool development efforts until the production chips arrive (currently projected as September 2020). We will at least order 3,000 units, but the additional quantities depend on purchase orders we receive as a result of this notification. Placing a purchase order now guarantees delivery.
You may be interested in the tentative price schedule we will have in place after April, in order to see how your pricing of a preordered P2X8C4M64P-ES-T by tray compares to our future pricing. While it is not yet formalized, we are considering the following.
1-10        10+        100+        1000+
$14.95   $13.46   $12.71    $11.96
The Spin2 compiler has not yet been released by Chip but he's working diligently to make a release. Please reply to this e-mail with questions or orders - and join our webinar (below) to talk with us personally on Wednesday. 


It's not too late to register for our informal webinar this week. The registration link is here:

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