All Parallax servos 30-50% OFF (it's your move!)


Dear Community,

When it comes to servos, we keep it very simple at Parallax: only four (4) different types for specific uses. Our servos are custom-made to our own specifications. This month, we've got a surplus and would like to reduce our inventory. Therefore, our servos are on a massive sale ending February 24th (or earlier if you are buying too many)! Free shipping included to domestic USA addresses. 

Take your pick:

You can upgrade your Shield-Bot, Boe-Bot or cyber:bot with #900-00025. We also offer robot wheels in our standard design and SumoBot style if you're building your own robot or doing a fleet upgrade. Tutorials for servos are available on  
Did I also mention that we have extra XBee RF Modules on the shelf? Look for all XBee products at 10-20% off next week! 


Ken Gracey and the Parallax Team    


SumoBot WX Prototype Sneak Peek

Through social media, we've shared a few progress pictures of the new SumoBot WX. In two weeks we're manufacturing what we hope to be our final prototype. The development process has been lengthy, focusing on the power supply, grippy molded tires, and PCB layout to accommodate more infrared emitters/detectors and sensors. Not to mention the Propeller FLiP on board! The final design is shaping up to be clean and effective for the intended use of classroom competition and corporate activities.

A quick look at what's new with the SumoBot WX:

  • BlocklyProp programming!
  • FLiP Multicore Module socket
  • (4) pairs infrared emitters and receivers for detecting an opponent
  • (4) QTI sensors for black/white wrestling ring perimeter detection
  • New grippy tires
  • Memsic 2125 Accelerometer (optional) socket 
  • WX Module (optional) for wireless programming 
  • Ping))) Ultrasonic and Ping Rangefinder (both optional) socket
  • Made in Rocklin, California

It's quite possible some of these specifications will change; we're just providing you an advance look at what they are today! SumoBot WX robots will be sold in pairs. The release date isn't known, but we're working to introduce this robot in Q2/Q3, 2020. We're enjoying reading the messages about your interest in the SumoBot WX. You've inspired us to get this important project finished!    

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