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Anns an eagran seo... | In this edition...

Naidheachd | News
1) Gàidheil air Adhart Applications are Open *LAST DAY*
2) Gaelic Foundations: Living Cultures

Céilidhean Beò | Live Céilidhs
1) Port no Dhà | A Tune or Two
2) Bòrd na Gàidhlig

Clasaichean Beò | Live Clases
1) A Christmas Gaelic Weekend
2) Lá Gaeilge na Nollag
3) Gaelic in New Glasgow
4) Cape Breton Stepdance Lessons
5) Beginner Youth Fiddle Lessons

Céilidhean Air Loidhne | Online Céilidhs
1) Pop-up Gàidhealtachd - The Highland Village
2) When the Day Arrives, So will the Advice
3) Storas air Astar

Clasaichean air Loidhne | Online Classes
1) The Gaelic College Winter Class Online Series

Gàidhlig air an Rèidio | Gaelic on the Radio
1) Gaelic on CBFM 
2) Gaelic Nova Scotia Station
3) Aiseirigh nan Gàidheal

Naidheachd | News

Gàidheil air Adhart Applications are Open! 
Eligibility: Any individual, group non-profit or organization based in Nova Scotia may apply. Activities, products or projects that support the preservation and development of Gaelic Language and culture throughout Nova Scotia are eligible.
Priority will be placed on specific cultural learning efforts (e.g. individuals studying Gaelic language, music, art, dance, etc., in a recognized program, immersion, or other setting) especially those that will have an impact on the wider community.
The maximum award is $1,500.00.
Funding cannot be used for capital assets.
All awardees of the Gàidheil air Adhart Special Purpose Fund will have their projects publicized on social media.
Please apply using this Google Form at the link below or on our website:
Please download and use this prepared budget spreadsheet by clicking “File” and scrolling to “Download”:
If you have any questions please email us at
Gaelic Foundations: Living Cultures 

Learn about life through a Gaelic lens ~ join our Mabou classroom this fall.

Céidhlidhean Beò | Live Céilidhs

Port no Dhà | A Tune or Two
Port no Dhà | A Tune or Two is back this Thursday, November 24, with guests Leanne Aucoin and Mary Elizabeth MacInnis

Bring your tunes, songs, steps, stories, or even just your tapping toes! Everyone welcome | Thigibh uile! 

Admission $5. Children and participants free. Tea will be served.

Save the date for upcoming sessions: Dec. 8, Jan. 12, Jan. 26

Bòrd na Gàidhlig

Great news: Bòrd na Gàidhlig is back, on Wednesdays from 12:45-1:30! If you want to practice your Gaelic and a song, you can find us in Immaculata Hall 205.

Clasaichean Beò | Live Classes

A Christmas Gaelic Weekend 

Dec 9th at 6pm – Dec 11th at 3pm

Spend the weekend at our beautiful St. Ann’s campus, while learning the Gaelic language in a safe and engaging environment! This weekend explores traditional practices surrounding Christmas and New Year’s. Classes are taught through the Gàidhlig aig Baile (GaB) teaching methodology, which blends immersion and activity-based learning. This weekend is appropriate for ages 7 and up, and a accommodates all levels of ability. Registration deadline: Friday, December 2

For more information and to register click HERE
Lá Gaeilge na Nollag 

December 3rd from 10am - 1:30pm

Featuring a Beginner's and intermediate language session, a traditional Irish music display, a history of the Irish language and culture in Halifax and even a few Christmas Carols!

Please email to reserve a place

Gaelic in New Glasgow

There will be a Gaelic Day with Stacey MacLean at Aite nan Gaidheal, New Glasgow, on Sat November 26th from 10-3pm. 

$30/day, coffee/tea provided, lunch on your own. Come out and support your Gaelic community and learn Gaelic in a fun and safe environment.
No previous knowledge of the language required. 

Email to confirm your spot.
Join us at Aite nan Gaidheal, New Glasgow on December 10th from 10-3pm for a day of  Christmas songs in a seasonal workshop led by renowned Gaelic singer Robyn Carrigan. No need to bring anything but your love of Gaelic music. $30/day, coffee/tea provided, lunch on your own.
Come out and support your local Gaelic community and get into the Christmas spirit through the culture of our ancestors.

Email to confirm your spot.

Cape Breton Stepdance Lessons

Hey HRM folks! Come out and try a class in Cape Breton Stepdance! Lots of fun and great exercise... classes are filling up quickly!

For more information and to register: HERE
Youth Fiddle Lessons

I’m starting group beginner fiddle lessons for those ages 16 and under this January. you can email me at to reserve a seat. #capebretonfiddle#fiddlelessons

Céidhlidhean Air Loidhne | Online Céilidhs

The Highland Village is hosting a weekly pop-up Gàidhealtachd! They will be held at noon on Fridays.

Click here for more information.
When The Day Arrives, So Will The Advice

‘When the Day Arrives, So Will the Advice’: Gaelic, Community and the Wider World
Community Lecture with Dr John Shaw, Honorary Fellow, Celtic and Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh
The proverb ‘Nuair Thig an Latha, Thig a’ Chomhairle’ | ‘When the Day Arrives, So Will the Advice’ is one of the large number of sayings expressing thought and experience gained and shared over generations in the region’s Gaelic communities. It is also a realistic view for planning the future for Gaelic language and culture. Over the past decades we have seen remarkable progress here, particularly among our younger generations, in regaining community skills and the access to the Gaelic world that they provide. The key to the small but important recent successes has been social learning drawing on community resources, with the pride and sense of shared ownership that it engenders. This lecture will discuss the present and future uses of the significant resources already present in communities; how present circumstances may be best turned to advantage; some needs and priorities; and the importance of contacting and learning from other endangered cultures within the global context.
This community lecture, hosted online, is free. All are very welcome to attend. Please share this invitation with friends and colleagues.
Zoom Details:
​​Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 880 3768 9327
Passcode: 654321
If there are any questions, please reach out to or call 902-725-2272.
We are very grateful to the Office of Gaelic Affairs for their support.

Facebook Post: HERE
Stòras air Astar

(English follows)
Airson barrachd fiosrachaidh air neo gus clàradh a dhèanadh, cuir post-d gu Sionainn ni'n Aonghais Iain Pheadair:
Bidh Stòras air Astar 'ga chumail air loidhne (tro Zoom) trì tursan réidh a' gheamhraidh air an darna DiArdaoin dhe 'n mhìos

DiArdaoin an 12a dhe 'n Fhaoilleach 10:00 AST
DiArdaoin an 9mh dhe 'n Ghearran 10:00 AST
DiArdaoin an 9mh dhe 'n Mhàrt 10:00 AST

Bidh na seiseannan 'ga ruith gach trup eadar 10:00m – 2:00f àm na h-Alba Nuaidhe (òran, seanchas, tàmh, céilidh). Leis gu bheil beagan do dheasachadh ri dheanadh ro 'n àm le stuthan Stòrais, tha clàradh ro-làimh buileach riatanach. As deoghaidh dhuibh clàradh a dheanadh, sgaoilidh sinn fios agus mion-chunntasan Zoom 'ugaibh.
Gu ìre mhóir, tha dualchas nan Gàidheal air a bhith 'ga aisigeadh anuas tro na ginealaichean o bheul gu beul. Bho 2008, tha Stòras a' Bhaile air a bhith air a shònrachadh le gnìomhachas làimheadh, agus fearas-chuideachd, a bhios 'gan libhrigeadh gu léir tro mheadhon na Gàidhlig air feadh làrach a' Bhaile. Tha Stòras 'na iomairt adhartaich a bheir beul-oideachas gu inbhe taobh amuigh air clasaichean àbhaisteach. Am bliadhna, 's ann air loidhne a thig sinn cruinn a sheanchas. Bidh e 'na amas aig Stòras air Astar dualachas beò a chur an céill mar as aithne do Ghàidheil na h-Albann Nuaidh gus an diugh fhéin. 
'S iad a leanas a bhios an ceann Stòrais: Iain Seathach, Oilthaigh Dhùn Éideann; Màiri Sìne NicLaomain, ban-sheinneadair Ghàidhlig; Sionainn ni'n Aonghais Iain Pheadair, Baile nan Gàidheal; còmhla ri caraidean.
Gheobh an fheadhainn a tha gabhail pàirt brosnachadh an cuid sgilean a chur an gnìomh 's a ghabhail fos làimh a bhith 'nan seinneadairean 's 'nan luchd aithris gus an saoghal 's an dìleab a chumail beò is fallain.

Gus seo a thoirt gu buil, bidh na sgilean a leanas 's an amharc: 

*fàs ann an stòras-cuimhne stuth-dùthchais (a 'gabhail astaigh naidheachdan éibhinn ionadail) bho aithris bheòil, clàraidhean agus tar-sgrìobhaidhean;
*comas air tuigsinn is mìneachadh briathrachas an stuth sin;
*cleachdaidhean is modh a' chéilidh; 
*eòlas air eachdraidh ionadail no choimhearsnachail an stuth agus *comas air a mìneachadh; 
*gabhail pàirt ann an còmhraidhean neo-fhoirmeil a' chéilidh.
Tha Stòras a' Bhaile air innleachdadh mar chothrom eadar-gnìomhachail caidreabhach. Feumar tuigsinn nach bi ach a' Ghàidhlig 'ga labhairt 's an àm. 
Gheobhar aithisgean air Stòras a' Bhaile a' seo:

Bidh Stòras air Astar a'faighinn taic-airgid bho Oifis na Gàidhlig, Program Cànain is Cultair na Gàidhlig 's a' Choimhearsnachd (GLIC). 
For more information, or to register, email Shannon MacMullin:
Over the winter, Baile nan Gàidheal will host 3 Stòras air Astar sessions, an online Gaelic Folk Life School on the second Thursday of each month.:

Thursday, January 12, 2023 10:00 AST
Thursday, February 9, 2023 10:00 AST
Thursday, March 9, 2023 10:00 AST
Sessions will run online (via Zoom) from 10:00 am to 2pm Nova Scotia time (song, oral tradition, a break for lunch, céilidh). As some preparation is required (materials will be provided), pre-registration is absolutely necessary. After registration, session and Zoom details will be sent.
Over generations, living Gaelic language and culture has been largely passed down o bheul gu beul | from mouth to mouth through everyday interactions between people and their environment. Since 2008, Stòras a' Bhaile has distinguished itself by hands-on language activities and social time conducted entirely through the Gaelic language on Baile nan Gàidheal's historic site. An innovative approach to transmitting Gaelic culture and language outside the classroom, this year's online immersion sessions will focus on the Nova Scotia's storytelling and song traditions, music, dance and the historical environment.
Guest leaders and facilitators for Stòras a' Bhaile will be Dr. John Shaw, University of Edinburgh, Gaelic singer Mary Jane Lamond, and Shannon MacMullin, Baile nan Gàidheal, along with Gaelic speaking friends.
Stòras a' Bhaile participants will be encouraged to become active tradition bearers in order to ensure the survival of the region's living Gaelic tradition in the long-term. In previous years, Stòras a' Bhaile has provided a firm foundation of oral tradition to build on. A wide variety of songs are already in the active repertoires of participants, and stories ranging from short anecdotes to longer traditional tales from community storytellers have been performed in the informal style of the region's Gaelic communities. Developing transmission and performance skills for future active tradition bearers in the workshops will include:  
*acquiring an increased repertoire of traditional materials (including humorous local stories) from oral performance, recordings and transcriptions; 
*understanding and explaining the vocabulary encountered in the oral tradition;
*céilidh practice and etiquette; 
*explaining the community or historical background of an item sung or recited; 
*and participating in informal discussions.
Stòras air Astar is designed for social interaction through language immersion. Please note that this Gaelic only event. 
Stòras a' Bhaile reports from previous years are available here:

Stòras air Astar is supported by the Nova Scotia Office of Gaelic Affairs Gaelic Language and Culture in Community Program (GLIC).

Facebook Post: HERE

Clasaichean Air Loidhne | Online Classes

The opportunity to learn continues all year as Colaisde na Gàidhlig presents the Seasonal Series, an online bundle of live instructional lessons from some of the tradition’s finest. Our winter session runs January 16 – March 10, 2023.
❄️ 🎻 ❄️ 🎹 ❄️ 💃❄️

For one flat rate of $135CAD, students can access any and all available classes over the 8 week schedule. Classes run from 3:30pm-4:30pm ADT. Classes will range from Gaelic language, fiddle, piping, guitar and piano accompaniment, highland dance and step dance. Classes will be offered via Zoom and will be recorded and available to registered students for 7 days after each class takes place.
❄️ 🎻 ❄️ 🎹 ❄️ 💃❄️

Check it out and register here ➡️

Makes a really cool Christmas gift! 😃

Gàidhlig air an Rèidio | Gaelic on the Radio

CBFM has Feasgar còmhla ri Cailean Dòmhnullach! The show will be in Gaelic and will run Monday-Friday evenings from 7-9! Colin is the Director of Gaelic at Colaisde na Gàidhlig and the show starts Monday evening!

Listen in HERE 


Gaelic Nova Scotia Station

The Gaelic Nova Scotia Station will be on Saturday mornings at 8:00 am

97.5 Community Radio in Kwipew

Listen live at to hear conversations, music, and the voices and views of Nova Scotia's Gaelic community.

Aiseirigh Nan Gàidheal 

Listen in to this long running bilingual (Gaelic and English) radio program live at 6pm-7pm on Saturdays!

listen live at this LINK!

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