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Anns an eagran seo... | In this edition...

Naidheachd | News
1) Call for Gaelic Language Instructor Submissions
2) Taigh Sgoile na Drochaide Documentary Interviews 

3) Gaelic College Online Conversation Classes 
4) Mabou School of Cape Breton Dance
5) Taigh Sgoile na Drochaide Enrolment
6) Na Gaisgich Òga enrolment 

Céilidhean Beò | Live Céilidhs
1) West Mabou Square Dances
2) Mabou Tuesday Night Ceilidhs 
3) Irish pop up Gaeltacht
4) Wednesday Night Ceilidh's 

5) Gaelic Conversation Group
6) Gaelic Events From Féis an Eilein
7) 24th Annual Gaelic Concert Series 
8) Campa Sheumais | Gaelic Children’s camp
9) Stòras a’ Bhaile - Gaelic Folklife School
10) Gaelic Tea and Social 
11) Johnstown Milling Frolic

Céilidhean Air Loidhne | Online Céilidhs
1) Pop-up Gàidhealtachd - The Highland Village

Clasaichean Air Loidhne
1) Gaelic Online

Gàidhlig air an Rèidio | Gaelic on the Radio
1) Gaelic on CBFM 
2) Gaelic Nova Scotia Station
3) Aiseirigh nan Gàidheal

Naidheachd | News

Call for Gaelic Language Instructor Submissions

Gairm airson Iarrtasan-Taoiteir na Gàidhlig airson seiseanan na Gàidhlig do Luchd-obrach Riaghaltas na h Albann Nuaidhe! Am Foghar 2022 / An Geamhradh is An t-Earrach 2023

Tha Oifis Iomairtean na Gàidhlig airson taoitearan ’fhastadh gus seiseanan Gàidhlig aig Baile a lìbhrigeadh air loidhne do luchd-obrach Riaghaltas na h-Albann Nuaidhe as t-fhoghar 2022 agus ’s a’ gheamhradh is as t-earrach 2023. A’ tòiseachadh ’s an t-Sultuin 2022, bidh na seiseanan ’gan lìbhrigeadh air loidhne thro Zoom is iad a bhios a’ ruith fad 27 seachdainnean: ’S e luchd-ionnsachaidh, luchd-ionnsachaidh meadhonach is luchd-ionnsachaidh adhartaich na h-ìrean a bhios gach taoitear a’ teagasgBidh trì seiseanan na Gàidhlig fa leth ann dà thriop ’s an t-seachdain is iad a bhios a’ dol bho 12:00 – 1:00 f air na làthaichean a leanas:
Di-luain is Di-màirt / Di-màirt is Di-ciadain / Di-ciadain is Di-ardaoin’

’S e $2,160.00 (54 uairean @ $40.00/an uair) airson teagasg is $1,080.00 (27 uairean @ $40.00/an uair) airson ullachadh air neo $3,240.00 gu h-iomlan an tuarasdal a gheobh taoitear airson seisean a lìbhrigeadh.

Bidh an Oifis a’ toirt taic a thaobh an teicneòlais a bhios a dhìth gus na seiseanan a lìbhrigeadh.
Suim aig neach sam bith anns a’ chothrom a tha seo, nach cuir sibh na leanas gu Ceallaigh Shleidheach air an 12na là dhen Lùnasdal, 2022 air a’ char as anmoiche:
- geàrr-chunntas dhen teasgasg thro Ghàidhlig aig Baile a rinn sibh
- eiseimplear do leasan a dhèanadh sibh leis an luchd-ionnsachaidh
- litir-teisteanais bho ball air neo bhuidheann na coimhearsnachd Ghàidhealaich

Call for Gaelic Language Instructor Submissions for Gaelic language sessions for Public Service Employees, Government of Nova Scotia!
Fall 2022 / Winter and Spring 2023

The Office of Gaelic Affairs is seeking to hire Gaelic Language instructors to deliver online Gàidhlig aig Baile | Gaelic in Community sessions to Government of Nova Scotia employees, Fall 2022 and Winter and Spring 2023. Commencing in September 2022, the sessions will be delivered online via Zoom and will run 27 weeks. Tutors will be instructing beginner to advanced beginner levels. There will be three separate Gaelic language sessions delivered twice per week, from 12:00 – 1:00 pm on the following days:
Monday and Tuesday / Tuesday and Wednesday / Wednesday and Thursday

Gaelic instructor will receive $2,160.00 (54 hrs @ $40.00 per hr) for instruction and $1,080.00 (27 hrs @ $40.00 per hr) for preparation or $3,240.00 in total remuneration.

Instructional Support:
The Office of Gaelic Affairs will provide support vis-à-vis technology required to deliver sessions.
Anyone interested in this opportunity, please send the following to Kelly Schlay at by August 12th, 2022:
- a summary of instruction done through the Gàidhlig aig Baile | Gaelic in Community methodology
- an example of a lesson done with learners
- a reference letter from a Gaelic community member or organization
Taigh Sgoile Na Drochaide Documentary Interviews

Gaelic community member and filmmaker Iain MacLeod (An t-Inneal Espresso, Na Tuinichean Mì-thoilichte) is making a short documentary film about Taigh Sgoile na Drochaide in Mabou. As part of the film he is interviewing older community members about their experiences with Gaelic and its exclusion from Nova Scotia schools during their childhoods. If you are interested in being interviewed, or perhaps a parent or grandparent would be, please email Iain:  

Gaelic College Online Conversation Classes

Our upcoming online conversation classes are happening over the summer. They begin Wednesday, July 13th and run for 8 weeks. They’re bundled with instrument and dance classes, which you can tag on for no additional fee. Classes are recorded and available for students to watch for one week.

There are two levels: beginner/advanced beginner (Thursday) and intermediate/advanced class (Wednesday). 3:30-4:30 PM Atlantic Time.  $125 for the 8 weeks. 
Classes start soon so jump in if you’d like to participate!
More info here:
Registration here:
Mabou School of Cape Breton Dance
From August 1st-5th, the Mabou School of Cape Breton Dance is hosting a week of dance and music. This week of instruction in Cape Breton step dance will be led by Melody Cameron, a Mabou-based fiddler and dancer with over 40 years of experience.  It will also feature some of the island's finest dancers as guest instructors. In addition, there will be a series of afternoon presentations with guest speakers covering dance form and technique, connections between Gaelic language, music and dance and historical links to Scotland.

Please click HERE for more information. 
Taigh Sgoile na Drochaide Enrolment
Taigh Sgoile na Drochaide is starting enrolment for its second year! If you have any questions or wish to enrol your child please contact
Na Gaisgich Òga

It's that time of year again! We are gearing up for our 10th run of the program consisting of 8 overnight sessions at The Gaelic College with field trips to local Gaelic community events. The program will begin August 1st – 4th and is open to all Nova Scotians age 10 to 16. With only 20 spots available, be sure to apply right away. Deadline: August 15th.

Céidhlidhean Beò | Live Céilidhs

Wednesday night West Mabou Square Dance 

Head over to the West Mabou Hall every Saturday for a weekly square dance from 9:00 pm - 12:00 am. Admission is $10 for 10 and over. Bring your dancing shoes and we'll see you there!
Mabou Tuesday Night Ceilidhs

Come join us on Tuesday nights over at the Mabou Parish Hall for a Ceilidh! Every week there's some more amazing musicians with some great tunes, see you there!
Pop up Gaeltacht!

Pop up Gaeltacht for Irish speakers at Dirty Nellys Irish on Friday, July 29th at 5:00pm. Hope to see you there!
Wednesday Night Ceilidh's

Starting next week, we're taking our Wednesday Night Ceilidhs outside to our big stage! We don't get to use it nearly as much these days, so we thought why not go big this summer. Join us as we welcome in this incredible roster of instructors each week for a jam-packed show of fiddle, piano, guitar, pipes, Gaelic language and song, step and highland dance, harp, and more. Same great price, just $10 at the door and youth under 12 are free. And don't worry, we plan to keep the online streaming going too! And! Next week, we'll have our neighbours STAND & STUFF YOUR FACE on-site serving up some grub! We can't wait! Bring a chair, bring a blanket, and join us this summer! 
Gaelic Conversation Group 
Scottish Gaelic conversation group hosted by Emily McEwan. Meeting weekly at 6:30 pm at The Cottage Café - An Teachín, Paddler's Cove, 300 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth, NS. Drinks & snacks can be purchased at the café. (If you don't see us outside on the patio, knock on the door!)

We've set this up as a weekly event, but please double-check the listing HERE each week before coming! We might have to cancel a few here & there.
Gaelic Events From Féis an Eilein
Well, that's a wrap on our Winter and Spring line up of Gaelic classes and song sessions. Now, onto our SUMMER FESTIVITIES!
We are back to in person Tuesday concerts, daycamps, lessons (fiddle, guitar, step & highland, piano, fiddle and drumming for piping) and of course, Feis an Eilein week August 16-20th!

Lessons: Monday & Fridays (starting July 8th)
Day Camps: Wednesday & Thursdays (starting July 13th)
Concerts: every Tuesday at 7:30pm (starting July 12)

Our WEBSITE is being updated; information will be posted there asap.
"Bu Deònach Leam Tilleadh" - 24th Annual Concert Series 

Join Feis An Eilein for their 24th Annual concert series to hear some of the best Gaelic music from fiddles to pipers, to guitar players! 

The dates are July 12, 19, 26 and August 2, 9, 16 at 7:30pm in the Christmas Island church, NS.

Campa Sheumais - Children's Gaelic Camp

Campa Sheamais is opening its enrolment for the season! 
The dates are: July 18th - July 22nd from 8:00am - 12:30 PM 

Please find more information

Stòras a' Bhaile - Gaelic Folklife School

Thig luchd-labhairt na Gàidhlig agus luchd-ionnsachaidh na Gàidhlig cruinn còmhla aig Stòras a' Bhaile 's an Lùnasdal.  Mar phrògram air a dhealbhadh timcheall air eadar-obrachadh sòisealta mar mheadhan ionnsachaidh, chan eil Stòras a' Bhaile stéidhichte air neo 'ga chumail mar chlas foirmeil.  Gabhaidh Stòras ri neach sam bith aig a bheil ùidh, ge bith dé na sgilean Gàidhlig a th' aca.  Gheobhar bogadh 's a' Ghàidhlig ann an àrainneachd shòisealta.  Cha bhi 'ga bruidhinn ach a' Ghàidhlig 's na seiseanan.


Bidh Stòras 'ga chumail air feadh 5 latha am bliadhna, an 8mh gu 12a dhe 'n Lùnasdal bho 10:00m - 4:00f aig Baile nan Gàidheal.


Bidh na sgilean a leanas 's an amharc: 

  • fàs ann an stòras-cuimhne stuth-dùthchais (a' gabhail a-staigh naidheachdan éibhinn ionadail) bho aithris bheòil, clàraidhean agus tar-sgrìobhaidhean;

  • comas air tuigsinn is mìneachadh briathrachas an stuth sin;

  • cleachdaidhean is modh a' chéilidh; 

  • eòlas air eachdraidh ionadail no choimhearsnachail an stuth agus comas air a mìneachadh; 

  • gabhail pàirt ann an còmhraidhean neo-fhoirmeil a' chéilidh; agus

  • togail choimhearsnachd.

Airson barrachd fhiosrachaidh, tadhalaibh air Làrach nan Aodann.

Tha cosgais na seachdaine cumte aig $75.  An lùib na prìseadh sin, gheobhar srùbagan agus dìnnear.  'S ann aig Stòr a' Bhaile a ghabhas ticeadan fhaighinn.


Ma tha ceist sam bith agad, sgrìobh 'ugainn aig


Tha Baile nan Gàidheal gu math fada an comain Oifis Iomairtean na Gàidhlig.




Stòras a' Bhaile | Gaelic Folklife School will bring together Gaelic speakers and learners, and ambassadors of Nova Scotia Gaelic culture in August.  As a program designed around social interaction as a medium for learning, Stòras a' Bhaile is not structured or delivered as a formal class. Its format accepts all learners – regardless of Gaelic skills – who wish to have an immersion experience by way of cultural transmission in a social environment, keeping in mind that only Gaelic will be spoken during the sessions. 


Stòras a' Bhaile will be hosted over 5 days this year, August 8th - 12th from 10:00am - 4:00pm at Baile nan Gàidheal | Highland Village.  


Some of the components and objectives of the Stòras a' Bhaile program include:

  • acquiring an increased repertoire of traditional materials (including humorous local stories) from oral performance, recordings and transcriptions; 

  • understanding and explaining the vocabulary encountered in the oral tradition;

  • céilidh practice and etiquette; 

  • explaining the community or historical background of an item sung or recited; 

  • and participating in informal discussions; and

  • building community.

For more information, visit the Facebook Event.


Admission for Stòras a' Bhaile is $75 for the week.  Tea and lunch included.  Tickets are available at the Village Store.  


If you have any questions, please reach out by email to


Baile nan Gàidheal | Highland Village is very grateful for support from Gaelic Affairs.



Gaelic Tea and Social

Tha sibh air ur cuireadh gu Caidreabh na Tì. Tadhalaibh oirnn uair sam bith eadar 2f is 4f. Gheobhar ann srùbag, còmhradh, òrain, naidheachdan agus seanchas do gach seòrsa. Bidh fàilte mhór air a h-uile duine aig a bheil suim. Cha bhi 'ga bruidhinn ach a' Ghàidhlig. An-asgaidh.

You are invited to join us for Caidreabh na Tì | Gaelic Tea & Social. Drop in anytime between 2 and 4 on July 21st and August 8th for tea, Gaelic conversation, and perhaps a song or story. Everyone with an interest is very welcome join. Only Gaelic will be spoken. Free.

Johnstown Milling Frolic

You are all warmly invited to the 87th Johnstown Milling Frolic! It it will be so nice to welcome everyone back after a 2 year hiatus.
This may be THE LAST ONE in the old hall, so let's make it a doozy! 🥳
The Johnstown Milling Frolic is the longest-running milling frolic on CB Island & all of Canada! It's the only annual Gaelic event of its kind in Richmond County. This is a homecoming for many in our community & a time to celebrate our Gaelic roots.
Bingo, tea, snacks, community crafts & bake sale.
On August 19th join us at 7pm for some Gaelic Songs. We welcome native speakers & learners of all levels to come & share songs around the milling table. If you don't have a song, come sing the choruses. 🎵
Dance begins at 9pm with Shelly Campbell, Allan Dewar & friends.

Céidhlidhean Air Loidhne | Online Céilidhs

Highland Village is hosting upcoming pop-up Gàidhealtachd, the dates are June 24th, July 8th, August 5th, September 16th, October 21st, and are resuming their weekly pop-ups in November.

Click here for more information.

Clasaichean Air Loidhne | Online Classes

Join our growing online classroom this fall with Gaelic Online! It is a Scottish Gaelic language program dedicated to teaching its students to read, write, and speak the language. Its goal is to provide a fun and effective pathway to Gaelic fluency wherever you live.

And new for 2022, we're thrilled to be able to offer level 1 for university credit in partnership with Cape Breton University! It is offered in two, 12-week, 3 credit courses (Gaelic Online Level 1a and Level 1b) over the Fall and Winter semester, respectively.
This course runs in 2 sessions per week, Mondays and Wednesdays, 3-4:30PM Atlantic Time.

Find out all the details HERE!

Gàidhlig air an Rèidio | Gaelic on the Radio

CBFM has Feasgar còmhla ri Cailean Dòmhnullach! The show will be in Gaelic and will run Monday-Friday evenings from 7-9! Colin is the Director of Gaelic at Colaisde na Gàidhlig and the show starts Monday evening!

Listen in HERE 


Gaelic Nova Scotia Station

The Gaelic Nova Scotia Station will be on Saturday mornings at 8:00 am

97.5 Community Radio in Kwipew

Listen live at to hear conversations, music, and the voices and views of Nova Scotia's Gaelic community.

Aiseirigh Nan Gàidheal 

Listen in to this long running bilingual (Gaelic and English) radio program live at 6pm-7pm on Saturdays!

listen live at this LINK!

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