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Anns an eagran seo... | In this edition...

Naidheachd | News
1) Beinn Mhàbu Scholarship
2) Gaelic Business Initiative 
3) Halifax Celtic Festival Save the Date
4) The Gaelic Society of Toronto Poetry Contest
5) Call For Research Participants
6) Job Opportunity with the Highland 
Village Museum

Céilidhean Beò | Live Céilidhs
1) Port no Dhà | A Tune or Two
2) Pop-up Gàidhealtachd ann an Sanndraigh
3) Féis Fuar Winter Fest Mabou
4) Taigh Céilidh na Bealltuinne 

Clasaichean Beò | Live Clases
1) Gaelic College March Break Youth Sessions
2) An Cúrsa Bogaidh 
3) March Break Celtic Camp in Pictou
4) Milling Song Workshop in Àite nan Gàidheal
5) Seinn O Seinn

Céilidhean Air Loidhne | Online Céilidhs
1) Pop-up Gàidhealtachd - The Highland Village
2) Seall agus Innis | Show and Tell
3) Air Céilidh: The Gaelic Narrative Project  
Storas air Astar
5) Angus MacLeod's gaelic Graphic Novel Webinar
6) Live Reading of Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge

Gàidhlig air an Rèidio | Gaelic on the Radio
1) Gaelic on CBFM 
2) Gaelic Nova Scotia Station
3) Aiseirigh nan Gàidheal

Naidheachd | News

Beinn Mhàbu Entrance Scholarships and Virtual Open House

Did you hear the news last Friday? Beinn Mhàbu has our first scholarship on offer in memory of the late Fr. Angus Morris, longtime parish priest at nearby St. Mary's Parish and tradition bearer. Time is of the essence with the application deadline of March 1 quickly approaching. Click over to our site for full criteria and apply soon!

Thinking about joining us this fall? Take the next step! Join Kenneth on Zoom, Fridays from 10-11am to learn all about Beinn Mhàbu.
Halifax Celtic Festival 2023

Halifax Celtic Festival 2023

Save the date, April 19th-23rd.

The Gaelic Society of Toronto Poetry Contest 
The Gaelic Society of Toronto is happy to present our first Gaelic Poetry Contest
Contest Details:

  • The contest welcomes international entrants
  • There are 2 categories: Intermediate and Advanced - Advanced category welcomes both learners and native/fluent speakers
  • There is no fee for the first entry. Additional entries are $10 CAD each, a maximum of 3 entries per person 
  • The contest closes on World Poetry Day, March 21, 2023
  • First prize in each category: $150 CAD
  • Runner-up prize in each category: a copy of two Canadian poetry books, Òr a Mhaireas / Lasting Gold and Ràithean airson Sireadh / Seasons for Seeking.
  • First-place and runner-up winning entries will be featured in our newsletters with the winning entries read at our virtual Ceilidh on April 21.

Find out more here.


To help aspiring poets with our Gaelic Poetry Contest, we are hosting a virtual Gaelic poetry writing class with Gillebrìde MacMillan on Saturday, February 4, 2023, at 9 a.m. EST. The class is free for CGT members and $10 for non-members. Registration is mandatory for all attendees.

Register at


A chàirdean,

I am a Ph.D. student in Anthropology at the Université de Montréal, currently making her thesis on the link between the music and songs performed in Scottish Gaelic and the preservation of said language in Nova Scotia. Some of you might have already heard of me or met me during my visit last Fall.

I aspire to deepen my understanding of said link between language preservation and music in that context to complete my Ph.D., but I also wish to help the revitalization movement already in place in Nova Scotia. By sharing the results of my research and thesis, I hope to give this movement new tools and insights on the situation.

If you are a musician or a Gàidhlig speaker or learner and would like to take part in this research, I invite you to answer the survey, available on the project’s Facebook page, or to take part in an interview with me. I’m also open to any invitation to virtual events that I could take part of and take notes on. Rest assured that all my notes, be it during my observation, my interviews or the survey, are anonymous. Every voice and event is welcome.

Don’t hesitate also to contact me if you have any questions about this study. 

Thank you for your interest in my research.

Le meas,

Amélie M. - M.Sc. Anthropology


Facebook page: 


Job Opportunity at The Highland Village Museum


Tha Baile nan Gàidheal ’na thaigh-tasgaidh mór-roinneil is ’na ionad do bheatha an t-sluaigh ann an Albainn Nuaidh is e a bhios a’ mìneachadh sgeul nan Gàidheal an Albainn Nuaidh. Tha e ’na mhiar do Thaigh-tasgaidh na h-Albann Nuaidhe, air a riaghladh gu h-ionadail le Comunn Baile nan Gàidheal an Albainn Nuaidh.

Baile nan Gàidheal | Highland Village is Nova Scotia’s Provincial museum and folk life centre for the Gaelic Nova Scotia story. It is part of the Nova Scotia Museum, operated locally by the Nova Scotia Highland Village Society. Our vision is to be the leading Gaelic folklife centre, recognized in Nova Scotia, nationally and internationally as an essential institution for continuing development and representation of a vital and sustainable Gaelic community. Each year, museum visitors come to Baile nan Gàidheal to experience the language, culture, and history of Nova Scotia Gaels, through first person (role playing) animation, storytelling tours, special programs, workshops, hands-on activities, and outreach. The museum also leads and collaborates with initiatives that advance the Gaelic Nova Scotia community.

For more information about this opportunity click the link below.


Céidhlidhean Beò | Live Céilidhs

Port no Dhà | A Tune or Two

Save the date for upcoming sessions: Jan. 26, Feb. 9, Feb. 23, Mar. 9, Mar. 23

Mabou Gaelic & Historical Society recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians

Pop-Up Gàidhealtachd ann an Sanndraigh

Bidh feadhainn do mhuinntir Gàidhealtachd na h-Albainn Nuaidh' a' tighinn cruinn gus treànadh do Ghàidhlig aig Baile a chur air adhart. Fhad 's a bhios sinn còmhla, bu thoigh leinn cuireadh a thoirt dhuibh a chéilidh oirnn 'son cabadaich 's còmhradh 's a' Ghàidhlig. Theagamh gum biodh naidheachd na òran ann cuideachd. Bidh muinntir na Gàidhlig shuas air a' lobhta eadar 7-9f.
'S ann aig Frolic'n Folk Pub & Grill a thig sinn cruinn. Bidh biadh is deoch ri cheannach ann. Bidh ceòl aca cuideachd eadar 5-8f.
Cha bhi 'ga bruidhinn ach a' Ghàidhlig. Bidh fàilte air a h-uile h-aon a thig.
Some Gaelic Nova Scotia folks will be gathering for Gàidhlig aig Baile | Gaelic in the Community training. While we are together, we would like to invite you to join us for some visiting and conversation in Gaelic. Might be a story or a song as well. The Gaelic crowd will be upstairs between 7-9pm.
We'll be gathering at the Frolic'n Folk Pub & Grill. There will be food and drink for purchase. Also, there will be music from 5-8pm.
Only Gaelic will be spoken at the Pop-up Gàidhealtachd upstairs. All are very welcome to attend.


Féis Fuar Winter Fest Mabou

Fèis Fuar, Mabou’s winter festival, is happening this weekend!! Here’s the full schedule!

Taigh Céilidh na Bealltuinne

Thigibh gu Taigh Chéilidh far an comharraich sinn na Bealltuinne còmhla agus, ionnsaichibh tuilleadh mu dheidhinn Freumh is Fàs!

Tuilleadh fios ri tighinn!

Come out to a Taigh Ceilidh to mark Beltane and learn more about Freumh is Fàs!

More details to come!


Clasaichean Beò | Live Classes

The Gaelic College March Break Youth Sessions

We can't wait for March Break!!

The three-day program is the perfect addition to March Break for any youth aged 5-18. (Must be of school-age) With opportunities to learn the Gaelic arts in a variety of forms from some of the area’s top instructors and performers, in combination with the ton of fun planned, it’s easy to see why kids want to come back year after year. #LearnWithUs
An Cúrsa Bogaidh

Registration now officially open for An Cùrsa Bogaidh 2023!
May 1 – 26, 2023
March Break Celtic Camp

March Break Celtic Camp is coming! Join our experienced instructors for 2 days of piping, fiddling 🎻, dancing and Gaelic traditions. Registration is limited so sign up soon! Visit our website for more details!

Milling Song Workshop at Àite nan Gàidheal

 Milling Song Workshop at Àite nan Gàidheal (located inside the Highland Mall in New Glasgow) with Robyn Carrigan on Feb 25th from 10-3pm.
Beginners and all levels welcome. Tea/coffee provided. $35/day
E-mail to pre-register or additional information.

Seinn O Seinn

Bidh sinn a cruinneachadh airson òrain is cèilidh againn aig an t-àite Eltuek, A Better Bite Cafe feasgar amàireach. Tha sinn an dòchas gum bi sibh ann còmhla rinnsa.

Tomorrow eve we gather at Eltuek, A Better Bite Cafe for Gaelic Song, stories and visiting. We hope you will be together with us!

Céidhlidhean Air Loidhne | Online Céilidhs

The Pop-Up will be on Hiatus for Friday February 17th but will return after that!

The Highland Village is hosting a weekly pop-up Gàidhealtachd! They will be held at noon on Fridays.

Click here for more information.
Seall & Innis : Show and tell

February 23rd, 2023
Mar phàirt do Sheachdain na Gàidhlig, thig sinn cruinn còmhla aig Seall & Innis - agus tha fàilte oirbh uile dha 'n chearcall chòmhraidh!
Feuch gun toir sibh leibh pìos clò na aodaich sam bith a tha sònraichte dhut - miotagan a rinn do sheanmhair, plaide a bh' agad dar a bha thu 'nad phàisde, pìos clò a fhuair thu turas a bha thu siubhal, a' léine a 's fheàrr leat, rud sam bith! Bidh cothrom aig a h-uile duine tachairt ri feadhainn ùra, beagan do chòmhradh a dheanadh, agus beagan innse mu 'n chlò.
'S i a' Ghàidhlig a bhios 'ga bruidhinn. Bidh fàilte mhór air a h-uile neach aig a bheil suim.
Meeting ID: 813 3804 8830
Passcode: 265170
As part of Seachdain na Gàidhlig | World Gaelic Week, we're coming together for Show & Tell - and you're welcome to our conversation circle!
See that you bring a piece of cloth or clothing that is special to you - mitts your grandmother made, a blanket you had as a child, cloth you got while travelling, your favourite shirt, anything at all! We'll have a chance to meet new people, have some conversation, and share a little bit about our special cloth/clothing.
Gàidhlig will be spoken. Everyone with an interest is very welcome.
Meeting ID: 813 3804 8830
Passcode: 265170
Air Céilidh: The Gaelic Narrative Project
Join us again this Friday! 

In this visit, we’ll delve into the topic of community—the beauty it holds for us and ways we can contribute to its vitality.

What makes a community Gaelic? Is it the language or is it the culture, heritage, and traditions shared over generations? Or both? How do we recover the beautiful elements of Gaelic language and culture that have been eroded or lost, especially when Gaels and their descendants have been scattered around the globe?
Join us this Friday as our guests explore these questions from two very different perspectives.
Stòras air Astar

(English follows)
Airson barrachd fiosrachaidh air neo gus clàradh a dhèanadh, cuir post-d gu Sionainn ni'n Aonghais Iain Pheadair:
Bidh Stòras air Astar 'ga chumail air loidhne (tro Zoom) trì tursan réidh a' gheamhraidh air an darna DiArdaoin dhe 'n mhìos

DiArdaoin an 12a dhe 'n Fhaoilleach 10:00 AST
DiArdaoin an 9mh dhe 'n Ghearran 10:00 AST
DiArdaoin an 9mh dhe 'n Mhàrt 10:00 AST

Bidh na seiseannan 'ga ruith gach trup eadar 10:00m – 2:00f àm na h-Alba Nuaidhe (òran, seanchas, tàmh, céilidh). Leis gu bheil beagan do dheasachadh ri dheanadh ro 'n àm le stuthan Stòrais, tha clàradh ro-làimh buileach riatanach. As deoghaidh dhuibh clàradh a dheanadh, sgaoilidh sinn fios agus mion-chunntasan Zoom 'ugaibh.
Gu ìre mhóir, tha dualchas nan Gàidheal air a bhith 'ga aisigeadh anuas tro na ginealaichean o bheul gu beul. Bho 2008, tha Stòras a' Bhaile air a bhith air a shònrachadh le gnìomhachas làimheadh, agus fearas-chuideachd, a bhios 'gan libhrigeadh gu léir tro mheadhon na Gàidhlig air feadh làrach a' Bhaile. Tha Stòras 'na iomairt adhartaich a bheir beul-oideachas gu inbhe taobh amuigh air clasaichean àbhaisteach. Am bliadhna, 's ann air loidhne a thig sinn cruinn a sheanchas. Bidh e 'na amas aig Stòras air Astar dualachas beò a chur an céill mar as aithne do Ghàidheil na h-Albann Nuaidh gus an diugh fhéin. 
'S iad a leanas a bhios an ceann Stòrais: Iain Seathach, Oilthaigh Dhùn Éideann; Màiri Sìne NicLaomain, ban-sheinneadair Ghàidhlig; Sionainn ni'n Aonghais Iain Pheadair, Baile nan Gàidheal; còmhla ri caraidean.
Gheobh an fheadhainn a tha gabhail pàirt brosnachadh an cuid sgilean a chur an gnìomh 's a ghabhail fos làimh a bhith 'nan seinneadairean 's 'nan luchd aithris gus an saoghal 's an dìleab a chumail beò is fallain.

Gus seo a thoirt gu buil, bidh na sgilean a leanas 's an amharc: 

*fàs ann an stòras-cuimhne stuth-dùthchais (a 'gabhail astaigh naidheachdan éibhinn ionadail) bho aithris bheòil, clàraidhean agus tar-sgrìobhaidhean;
*comas air tuigsinn is mìneachadh briathrachas an stuth sin;
*cleachdaidhean is modh a' chéilidh; 
*eòlas air eachdraidh ionadail no choimhearsnachail an stuth agus *comas air a mìneachadh; 
*gabhail pàirt ann an còmhraidhean neo-fhoirmeil a' chéilidh.
Tha Stòras a' Bhaile air innleachdadh mar chothrom eadar-gnìomhachail caidreabhach. Feumar tuigsinn nach bi ach a' Ghàidhlig 'ga labhairt 's an àm. 
Gheobhar aithisgean air Stòras a' Bhaile a' seo:

Bidh Stòras air Astar a'faighinn taic-airgid bho Oifis na Gàidhlig, Program Cànain is Cultair na Gàidhlig 's a' Choimhearsnachd (GLIC). 
For more information, or to register, email Shannon MacMullin:
Over the winter, Baile nan Gàidheal will host 3 Stòras air Astar sessions, an online Gaelic Folk Life School on the second Thursday of each month.:

Thursday, January 12, 2023 10:00 AST
Thursday, February 9, 2023 10:00 AST
Thursday, March 9, 2023 10:00 AST
Sessions will run online (via Zoom) from 10:00 am to 2pm Nova Scotia time (song, oral tradition, a break for lunch, céilidh). As some preparation is required (materials will be provided), pre-registration is absolutely necessary. After registration, session and Zoom details will be sent.
Over generations, living Gaelic language and culture has been largely passed down o bheul gu beul | from mouth to mouth through everyday interactions between people and their environment. Since 2008, Stòras a' Bhaile has distinguished itself by hands-on language activities and social time conducted entirely through the Gaelic language on Baile nan Gàidheal's historic site. An innovative approach to transmitting Gaelic culture and language outside the classroom, this year's online immersion sessions will focus on the Nova Scotia's storytelling and song traditions, music, dance and the historical environment.
Guest leaders and facilitators for Stòras a' Bhaile will be Dr. John Shaw, University of Edinburgh, Gaelic singer Mary Jane Lamond, and Shannon MacMullin, Baile nan Gàidheal, along with Gaelic speaking friends.
Stòras a' Bhaile participants will be encouraged to become active tradition bearers in order to ensure the survival of the region's living Gaelic tradition in the long-term. In previous years, Stòras a' Bhaile has provided a firm foundation of oral tradition to build on. A wide variety of songs are already in the active repertoires of participants, and stories ranging from short anecdotes to longer traditional tales from community storytellers have been performed in the informal style of the region's Gaelic communities. Developing transmission and performance skills for future active tradition bearers in the workshops will include:  
*acquiring an increased repertoire of traditional materials (including humorous local stories) from oral performance, recordings and transcriptions; 
*understanding and explaining the vocabulary encountered in the oral tradition;
*céilidh practice and etiquette; 
*explaining the community or historical background of an item sung or recited; 
*and participating in informal discussions.
Stòras air Astar is designed for social interaction through language immersion. Please note that this Gaelic only event. 
Stòras a' Bhaile reports from previous years are available here:

Stòras air Astar is supported by the Nova Scotia Office of Gaelic Affairs Gaelic Language and Culture in Community Program (GLIC).

Facebook Post: HERE

Angus MacLeod's Gaelic Graphic Novel Webinar

For Seachdain na Gàidhlig 2023, Gaelic author-artist Angus MacLeod of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia will offer a free Zoom webinar. In the hour-long session, Angus will lead participants through one of the stories from Dorsan, his second Gaelic graphic novel. Featuring fifteen short stories of eldritch horror and fantasy, Dorsan was published in October 2022 by Bradan Press.

Angus will read the story aloud line by line, translate the Gaelic, and finish by discussing the inspirations and influences that led to the creation of the story. Attendees present on the Zoom will also have the opportunity to ask questions on topics including Gaelic grammar and vocabulary.

Those who register for the free webinar will receive an email with the Zoom link and a link to download the story as a PDF.

EDIT: Can’t attend the live event due to a time conflict? Please feel free to register anyway! Bradan Press will make a recording available to everyone who registered. It will be available until the end of Seachdain na Gàidhlig (midnight Sun Feb 26, 2023).

Please register in advance here:


Live Reading of Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge on Zoom

Come hear the story of the Salmon of Knowledge on the Nova Scotia Gaelic flag...also known as the tale of the great Gaelic hero Fionn MacCool and why he sucks his thumb!
Author Terri M. Roberts and Bradan Press publisher Emily McEwan will read this tale aloud, first in English and then in Gaelic. This ancient tale has been reimagined as a participation story, with actions corresponding to nine different words in the story. As the story is read aloud, everyone can listen for these special words and do the matching gestures together! 

Terri and Emily will also share from the book about Nova Scotia's Gaelic flag, and show Halifax artist Kyla Williams' new black-and-white illustrations for the 2nd edition.
This is an all-ages event. All levels of Gaelic are welcome.

*** Register in advance at Eventbrite to get the Zoom link: ***

Teachers, please visit to download a free teaching resource for the book. Fionn MacCool cover artwork by Etta Moffatt. All rights reserved.


Gàidhlig air an Rèidio | Gaelic on the Radio

CBFM has Feasgar còmhla ri Cailean Dòmhnullach! The show will be in Gaelic and will run Monday-Friday evenings from 7-9! Colin is the Director of Gaelic at Colaisde na Gàidhlig and the show starts Monday evening!

Listen in HERE 


Gaelic Nova Scotia Station

The Gaelic Nova Scotia Station will be on Saturday mornings at 8:00 am

97.5 Community Radio in Kwipew

Listen live at to hear conversations, music, and the voices and views of Nova Scotia's Gaelic community.

Aiseirigh Nan Gàidheal 

Listen in to this long running bilingual (Gaelic and English) radio program live at 6pm-7pm on Saturdays!

listen live at this LINK!

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