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It's been a while since you've heard from us last. Happily, for good reasons.
We've been busy developing new areas of our company and working on the expansion of our business. As well we've undergone additional training and education to better serve our clients and the world as a whole, in many diverse ways. We are happy to connect with you again and are committed to maintaining our engagement with you as we have so much to offer to the world beyond our 'Magic Salve'. Though it's a great gift we share with you, we also love to add more value in as many ways possible. Please enjoy this newsletter and we wish you all the best.

-Prairie Sun Healing Team

*P.S. We've updated our website and are now able to accept orders online! Check out our secure new and improved page and experience how simple it is to get your hands on some of our salve. Please Enjoy <3
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The cold is here but have no fear.

Now that November is upon us, the months are getting colder. Our mind and body experience elevated stress levels from having to adjust to this new temperature of life. Many of us are used to it, especially mentally. We remember and expect this to come each year but our body on the other hand, is a different story.

Our body never really adapts in this same way, over time, it simply tolerates. We'd love to encourage you to do something great for your body, and mind of course. Providing a solution for those achy, sore and stiff joints that are induced by these winter months is something your body will thank you for. 

Also the dryness that comes with the cold may require some serious game planning. We've made it simple and with our amazing moisturizing and skin repairing formula, your skin won't suffer the harsh chapped and damaged burdens that normally come along with these cold fronts.

To sum it up, with the right planning and our salve you'll watch as the stiffness and pain melt away like the snowbanks in the spring time and your skin begins to feel more alive and healthy. So gain some peace of mind, and peace of body as you ready yourself for the season of shovelling. Did you forget about the shovelling? :P

Stock up before it's too late so you can be prepared before the pain and the damage sets in. And if it's already an issue, it's never too late to reverse what has already occurred and enjoy the rest of these snowy nights, pain-free and healthy.
The Season of Giving
The season of giving is upon us. Personally I think it's one of the best times of the year. Not for the extreme consumerism this holiday brings, but more so about the heart that is behind it all. This is a time to gather and show our loved ones how much they really mean in so many different ways. Whether it be through gifts, cards, laughs, get togethers, or just a phone call it's a time to connect.

An idea shared by many of our clients is that our salve really works. There's a multitude of ways to utilize our product and truly find benefits year round.  

If there's one thing we know it's that giving the gift of pain-free living is something very fulfilling and truly connects us all as humans. We love to see the people we love be better and feel better.

Our product truly is a small gift to give but comes with a massive impact to those we love. So bless your loved ones and yourself this season with the gift of pain relief and skin repair and truly begin to connect with each other. You may be getting phone calls each week thanking you for how much you've helped them!

From our heart to yours, thank you for being a part of this journey. We hope you can feel the love that we infuse into each jar.
Thank you.

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Featured Testimonial
After 2 weeks
Here is some real time results from one of our many happy clients.
Only 2 weeks of applying the salve daily for a condition that has been persistent for years. Wow... the results are amazing. We strive for truly miraculous results for our clients and their loved ones. If you are interested sharing your story please reach out to us on our website.
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Our Latest Youtube Video
Our latest video where Nicholas Kohuch, Founder of Prairie Sun Healing, is featured on The Wildflower Project Podcast. Enjoy this informative, authentic and inspiring interview. Thank you
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