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The women going to Jesus’ grave had no earthly reason to hope. Are there any areas in your life where you have given up hope?

Today’s Image: The Rubber Band
Take a moment to find a rubber band or another elastic of some kind. Today this simple rubber band symbolizes for us the tension of waiting for God in the unknown as we partake in today’s devotional reading. 

READ: Matthew 28:1-10

The women in today’s passage were in mourning. They did not yet know of the miracle that was coming. Their grief over Jesus’ death was just taking hold, and they were trying to express their sorrow and love for Jesus in the best ways they knew how. Then a few confusing, unexpected events turn their sadness into anticipation as the angel declares that Jesus has indeed risen, just as he said he would. The passage says they were “afraid, yet filled with joy.” You can imagine them asking themselves “Is it true? Could the impossible have happened? Or will our hopes be dashed, and the sharp pain of loss cut even deeper than before?” It probably felt as if they were holding their breath - their lungs burning, needing to release the breath but afraid as well. Would this exhale release into a mourners wail, or into shouts of relief and joy?

We too face moments in our lives of pain, loss and confusion. We often are unaware if the next moment will provide hope and relief, or a deeper plunge into the darkness we have already been facing. 

Though the women did not know that God’s power was at work in and through their anguish, God knew. In the same way, when we find ourselves fearing that our dark moments are the final word or that death has won the day, we can remember that God’s resurrection power is at work in and through every moment of our lives. Though we may feel the tension of waiting and not knowing, we can trust in God, who is able to bring what was dead back to life once again. 

On this Holy Saturday, holding the space between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, let us remember Jesus, who endured death on the cross and the darkness of death so that His light could rise on everyone. Stretch your rubber band and notice the tension it creates as it is forced farther apart. Then as you let it go, feel the release of that tension.

Lord, hear our prayers and have mercy.
Lead us into deeper trust in You, even if in the moment your ways are hidden from us. Thank you for the hope we find in Christ, our crucified and risen Saviour. Amen.

Written by
Jessica Rietema
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