April 20, 2021

Special Edition

A Letter from Dean Kelly Smith

April 20, 2021

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Today’s verdict in the George Floyd case brought to the forefront the continual struggle of race relations and inequities in our country. At the UGA College of Pharmacy, we reemphasize our commitment to social justice as well as equity and inclusion for all people, regardless of race, nationality, gender identification, economic status, or religious beliefs. As I shared in the March 16, 2021 PharmDawg Script, our Pharmacy family stands with the greater community in rejecting anti-Black sentiment and ALL forms of racism. View our previous social justice statements here

Our shared hopes, values, visions, and aspirations are far greater than that which divide us at the College of Pharmacy. Our multiple voices and perspectives will ensure rigorous discussions and enrich our thinking as problem-solvers who endeavor to face society’s most complex concerns and challenges, including diversity, equity, and inclusion, head-on. 

May we continue to be resolute in a spirit of respect and solidarity for all humankind.


Kelly Smith, Dean
UGA College of Pharmacy


Should you choose to exercise your constitutional right to protest the verdict in the George Floyd case, we urge you to do so in a safe and peaceful manner. Please review the UGA Freedom of Expression Policy, As you process the emotions from the trial and verdict, you may wish to contact Dr. Vivia Hill-Silcott (706-542-6466) or the staff of UGA Student Care and Outreach.

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