January 26, 2021
In this issue:

Kudos to PharmDawgs Administering COVID-19 Vaccines

A huge PharmDawg salute to P2 students Brittny Nutt, Akshara Patel, Veli Uzunova, Malay Patel, and Kristina Caldwell who administered COVID-19 vaccines to 770 community members at the Northeast Georgia Physicians Group in Gainesville this past Saturday.  Faculty members Dr. Lori Duke and Kay Brooks were in attendance at the day-long event, and Dr. Alix Schnibben, CoP preceptor and employee of the physicians group, offered her support. Thanks for providing this great community service, PharmDawgs!

60th Anniversary of Desegregation 60 at 60 and Weekly Trivia

In honor of the 60th anniversary of desegregation at the University of Georgia, the College of Pharmacy is spotlighting 60 alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends who have advocated for a more equitable and inclusive society – the College of Pharmacy 60 at 60. Culminating 60 at 60 will be the inaugural William Robie III Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lecture & Award on February 25 at 6pm.

In addition, each week, members of our community are invited to participate in our CoP Trivia. Congratulations to last week's winner, Kavya Balaji! You can find this week's trivia question here.

Learn more about 60 at 60 and view honorees named to date here. 
Submit a nomination for 60 at 60 here.

New Episode of PharmCast for the Community

A new episode of PharmCast for the Community is out now! Join Dr. Tim Brown as he talks with Kay Brooks, a pharmacist and nationally certified Health and Wellness Coach, on how to be successful quitting nicotine. Kay gives some great tips on which medications work best to stop smoking and outlines some common sense tips to keep you from getting frustrated during your journey. It’s a new year – what better time than to focus on ourselves and make good choices for our health? Watch below or listen on Spotify!

2021 State of the University Address

All are invited to watch the 2021 State of the University Address, available for viewing here beginning on January 27 at 3:30pm.

21st Annual Mary Frances Early Lecture

The 21st Annual Mary Frances Early Lecture will be livestreamed on February 2 at 3:00pm. The speaker is poet Nikki Giovanni, whose book, Racism 101, is widely used in college curriculum. View details here.

Statewide Tornado Drill/UGAAlert Test – February 3

A Statewide Tornado Warning Drill and UGAAlert test is scheduled for Wednesday, February 3 at approximately 9:00am. More information can be found here.


The Latest COVID-19 Information from UGA

The following list highlights important COVID-19 information for faculty, staff and students found in the Faculty and Staff Digest sent on January 19 and the Student Digest sent on January 20.  Be sure to read all these important details so that we can maintain a safe and healthy environment.  

  • COVID-19 Saliva Test
  • Surveillance Testing Push – Beat Florida Shirts
  • Required Faculty, Staff and Student COVID-19 Training Modules – complete by January 31
  • Accommodations
  • Use DawgCheck

Dr. Shenoy Invited to Editorial Board, Publishes Articles

Dr. Somanath Shenoy was invited to serve on the Scientific Editorial Board of the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute’s (MDPI) journal Life starting January 1, 2021. His team also recently published the following three articles: 

Dr. Narayanan Awarded VA Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Priya Narayanan, Associate Professor, who received a Department of Veterans Affairs Merit Review Award of $1,037,464 over four years, beginning Summer 2021.

The objective of the proposed research is to understand the mechanisms by which spermine oxidase (a member of the polyamine metabolic pathway) causes retinal neuronal damage and visual dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The study will facilitate the development of novel therapeutic strategies for preventing vision loss in MS patients. The funding will support student training in the Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Graduate Program and the Research enterprise in the Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy Department.

Dr. Bland Named to JACCP Editorial Board

Dr. Chris Bland was named to the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (JACCP) for a 3-year term effective January 1, 2021. JACCP is an official journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), devoted to publication of papers across the spectrum of clinical pharmacy practice, whose readership is composed of pharmacists, clinical pharmacologists, and health care professionals working with clinical pharmacists.

Aliya Abdulla Awarded APhA Foundation Student Scholarship

Congratulations to Aliya Abdulla, who was selected as a recipient for the APhA Foundation Student Scholarship and awarded the Paul Pumpian Scholarship. We are PharmDawg Proud!


Student Organization Fundraisers

Don't miss out on all of the great fundraisers happening now - many for UGA Miracle! Check them out! View the latest fundraisers here.


Free Live CE for GSHP Members

Join GSHP for free CE this Thursday at 12pm ($20 for non-members), presented by recent CoP grad and PGY1 resident Behren Ketchum. View more information here.


View this week's student events in the latest issue of DSAC's Events Weekly. For a full list of student events, visit the DSAC Calendar.


PBS Seminar Series: Dr. Mark Eiteman – UGA Engineering - 9am, Zoom