March 3, 2022

News & Announcements

SNPhA Hosts Regional Conference

This past weekend, the University of Georgia SNPhA Chapter had the privilege of serving as the host chapter for the Regions I&II Conference. This conference took two years of planning and a lot of hard work from our conference team. The conference was originally supposed to take place in Spring 2021, but due to the pandemic, it was pushed off an entire year till this past weekend. This was the first in-person pharmacy conference since the pandemic started. This was noted as one of the strongest conferences that SNPhA has ever had according to the SNPhA National Board. Great job, SNPhA!

During the conference, SNPhA held the Clinical Skills Competition, sponsored by Kroger. During this competition, teams of two students go through a complicated patient case and counsel a patient on medications. This competition tests our student's skills in evaluating drug information, reviewing patient profiles, and communicating with patients. This year, 34 teams participated, with three teams from UGA placing. Natalie Keohane (P2) and Bhavi Patel (P2) received an honorable mention for their presentation. Jessie Edgar (P2) and Angelle Newman (P2) placed 3rd overall for their exceptional performance. Kelly Nguyen (P2) and Sarah Rehman (P2) placed 1st overall for their fantastic presentation!

UGA was the only school to have more than one team place! We are so proud of these hard-working students.

View a full album of photos from the conference here.

CPFI Honors Custodians

Kudos to members of CPFI, who hosted an appreciation dinner in recognition of the custodian staff at the College of Pharmacy. Members and their honored guests enjoyed dinner from the Olive Garden, which was funded through various fund raisers held by CPFI throughout the year. A good time was had by all! View photos here. Great job, CPFI!

Dr. Brown Discusses LGBTQ+ Representation in Healthcare

Dr. Tim Brown was invited to be a guest on the Red & Black's Athens Frontline podcast to talk about LGBTQ+ representation in healthcare and healthcare disparities amongst LGBTQ+ individuals. During the episode, Dr. Brown discusses:
  • Why does the healthcare field need to focus on the specification of sexual orientation amongst patients? What is it that healthcare professionals should keep an eye out for when treating LGBTQIA+ patients that they do not have to do as much for amongst straight and/or cisgender patients?
  • What are some health disparities the LGBTQIA+ community is facing?
  • Youth mental health is a huge focus on the intersection between the LGBTQIA+ community and healthcare. Why is this so?
  • What can healthcare providers do better when treating LGBTQIA+ identifying patients?
  • How can we increase LGBTQIA+ representation within the healthcare field since it is not always clear whether someone identifies as they are part of the community or not?
  • What are some efforts you have been working on personally?
Listen to the podcast here!
Dissertation Defenses

SOAP Pillympics

SOAP is hosting the 3rd annual Pillympics competition on March 23rd, 2022, raising money for Winship Cancer Institute at Emory in Atlanta! We are excited to bring it back this year after being cancelled the past two years due to COVID. Pillympics consists of student teams competing against faculty teams in super fun relay events/trivia. There will also be PRIZES for winning teams as well as door prizes for other participants. This year, we are holding it in Pharmacy South from 5:00-6:30 pm.It’s only $5 for the team to participate. It’s $2 to watch and $4 if you want food while at the event, but feel free to donate more as all the money goes towards a great cause. 

Teams of students and faculty will compete in 4 events for points. Whichever team finishes with the most points at the end will win some pretty cool prizes. Our tentative line-up of events are below: 

  1. Pill Counting Competition – Each student team member will count 30 Vit D3 capsules, pour it into a vial, and pass it onto the next team member who will count the next 30 and so on until 90 capsules are counted. An event director will then “verify” the bottle and count all 90. The team with the fastest collective counting and accuracy wins the round.
  2. Perfect Pour – Each team will draw a number out of a hat and will then have to do a "perfect pour"of tablets onto the tray without counting. The closest team to the actual number will receive points. 
  3. Gown, garb, and shoot – Each team member will have to gown up correctly and shoot pills into a vial from a certain distance. First team with each member making a shot wins the round.
  1. Pharmacy Trivia – First team to buzz in and answer the question wins a point. There will be a total of 10 questions and a bonus question in the event of a tie. The team with the most points at the end wins.

If you don’t want to compete, come out and watch these teams battle for the title of Pillympics Champions! We will have door prizes between the event rounds. The deadline to sign-up your team (you & 2 others) is March 18th at midnight.

Sign up HERE.

COLT - COVID-19 Information

Stay Safe this Spring Break - COVID-19 Testing

As we head into a much-deserved Spring Break, we encourage you to take advantage of this time to reset, rejuvenate and return to campus ready for a great finish to the end of the semester. 

Whether you are traveling, going home for a few days or staying in Athens, we all have an important part to play in keeping our families and home communities safe, as well as our campus and University community when we return.

In addition to the basic steps that help us prevent illness (hand hygiene, distancing, face-coverings, etc.), we also encourage you to consider approaches for safe activity and travel. The CDC offers specific guidelines and FAQs on travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, as does the Georgia Department of Public Health

As an additional resource for you, pop-up saliva testing will be done the weeks before and after Spring Break, March 3 and March 15 & 17, in the Tate Student Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Research, Accolades, & Media

Remi Fagbamiye Presents at SNPhA Conference

From Remi Fagbamiye:

During the Region 1 and 2 SNPhA conference this past weekend, I had the pleasure of presenting a poster on a project I recently completed - Assessment of sulfonylurea use in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and established cardiovascular disease or cardiovascular risk factors - and I was one of two student pharmacist presenters. From August to December of 2021, I completed a medication use evaluation, as part of the AU Medical Center medication use evaluation and improvement program, in collaboration with Kate O’Connor, an ambulatory care pharmacist at Augusta University Medical Center who is also my preceptor/mentor. She decided to assess whether older patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease or risk factors who use sulfonylureas are eligible for a GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) agonist and/or SGLT-2 (sodium-glucose cotransporter-2) inhibitor. It was of interest because sulfonylureas are commonly used for diabetes and are associated with hypoglycemia, falls, and cognitive impairment in older adults. Also, GLP-1 agonists and SGLT-2 inhibitors have shown benefit in reducing cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and/or risk factors.  

I conducted a retrospective chart review of older adults (60 years of age and older) who were seen in the internal medicine clinic at AU Medical Center from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 and met the following criteria: had type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and/or cardiovascular risk factors, and used a sulfonylurea as part of their diabetes management. 50 patients were included in data analysis, and I found that majority of the patients were female with multiple ASCVD risk factors (hypertension and dyslipidemia were the main risk factors seen). Very few patients had established cardiovascular disease, and most of the patients were eligible for a GLP-1 agonist and/or an SGLT-2 inhibitor. We concluded that GLP-1 agonists or SGLT-2 inhibitors are safer alternatives to sulfonylureas and should be considered in older patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, or risk factors, for the following reasons: to provide additional A1c lowering and cardiovascular event reduction and decrease the occurrence of cognitive impairment, falls, and hypoglycemia. 

Dr. Timothy Brown Awarded Clinical Skills/Community Health Teaching/Simulation Award
The Peer-Nominated Clinical Skills/Community Health Teaching/Simulation Award for 2020-21 goes to Dr. Tim Brown

According to the nomination, "The recipient of this award has been integral to our interprofessional efforts in the last few years. The nominee succeeds in making learning events truly experiential. He is always responsive, highly organized, and in constant communication with faculty, staff and students to ensure that these well-planned events are amazing learning experiences for students.'"

Congratulations on this honor, Dr. Brown!


College of Pharmacy Online Scholarship Application is Now Open

All UGA College of Pharmacy students (undergraduate, graduate and PharmD) will use SurveyMonkey Apply to submit applications for scholarship consideration and funding at

Questions or Issues: 

  • Pharm.D, Ph.D, M.S. and other Graduate Students: Contact Ms. Gloria Strait, Scholarships and Special Events Professional, Office of Student Affairs,, or 706.542.8166.
  • BS Students: Contact Ms. Leslie Standridge, Academic Advisor at, 706-542-9755, or Dr. Gurvinder Singh Rekhi, Director, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Program,, 706-542-5343.
February Mentor-Mentee Spotlight

The February mentor-mentee pair is Michelle Rao, P2 (pictured left) and Ananya Mehta, P1 (pictured right). Ananya has enjoyed the mentoring program because she has been able to get advice from someone who has recently gone through the experiences she is going through now. She has learned a lot about how to tackle the stress that comes with pharmacy school. She highlighted that even though both her and her mentor are busy, her mentor still takes the time to check on her, even during breaks and weekends. Ananya has been so thankful to have Michelle to guide her through this year!

Student Well-Being Resources is a comprehensive website that provides convenient, efficient, and affordable access to a broad range of clinical and nonclinical resources that support students’ mental health and well-being.

You can view the recent UGA News story to learn more about new and ongoing efforts to help UGA students become more active, healthy and successful.

Student Fundraising News

Don't miss out on the latest student fundraisers! Check out all the newest UGA Pharmacy merchandise for sale in this week's DSAC Fundraising Weekly.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Lavender to Present at the ASHP Advantage Virtual Symposia

Dr. Devin Lavender
, Clinical Assistant Professor, is presenting, along with James Kalus, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan, on Shining a Light on Undiagnosed Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation.

The need for awareness of nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) in patients with risk factors and the lack of awareness of nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) as a potential diagnosis in patients with comorbidities and in underserved communities will be discussed. 

The next opportunity to attend the presentation is March 9th at 12pm. For more information or to register, click here!
CTL Upcoming Events

Please take a moment to check out the upcoming events calendar and registration at the UGA Center for Teaching and Learning. Upcoming events include:
  • Friday, March 4th — Book Club: What Inclusive Instructors Do: Principles & Practices for Excellence in College Teaching”
TRS Virtual Pre-Retirement Counseling Sessions

TRS is pleased to offer its members individual counseling sessions to prepare for retirement! The 50-minute counseling session will allow you to:
  • Receive individual benefit estimates.
  • Receive detailed information about TRS retirement options.
  • Receive more in-depth information about purchasing service.
  • Ask very specific questions about your individual situation.
  • Bring a guest with you to listen and ask questions
The upcoming counseling sessions are now open to all TRS members within 5 years of retirement: Tuesday, March 8th through Thursday, March 10th.

Click here to attend the workshops or book a session. 

OneUSG Connect Unavailable March 11th – 15th

The OneUSG Connect system is being upgraded and will be unavailable from Friday, March 11 at 11:15 p.m. until Tuesday, March 15 at 7:00 a.m. Please note that this downtime includes a Monday, so be sure to plan accordingly, and please share this message with faculty and staff in your units.

During this timeframe:

  • Kaba Clock: Employees can still clock in/out as normal. The punches will be stored in the clock and will flow into OneUSG Connect as soon as the system is available. The Kaba Clock may show “offline,” but employees will still be able to record their hours.
  • Web Clock: Employees will need to record hours on a paper timesheet. Supervisors will need to enter the hours for their employees once the system is back online.
  • Pay from Schedule/Manual Time Entry: Employees can enter their own time once the system is available.
  • Leave: Will need to be entered outside of these times.
  • Employee & Manager Self-Service: Updates to direct deposit, tax information, addresses, view paystubs, download W-2's, etc. will need to occur outside upgrade times. All Employee & Manager Self-Service functions will be unavailable during this outage.
  • UGAJobs: Will be available. Position updates made on March 11 will be reflected in OneUSG Connect on March 15.
  • Reports:  On Monday and Tuesday, March 14th and 15th, data warehouse reports will reflect OneUSG Connect data as of Thursday, March 10 instead of Friday, March 11. All data will sync back up on March 16.  

New features and additional information:

  • Release Notes: Here is a short summary of new features with a link to detailed release notes.

You can view the above information and any subsequent updates on OneSource website here. If you have any questions, please contact

Introduction to Sponsored Projects - March 2022 Offering

The Introduction to Sponsored Projects is coming up in soon. It is a four, half day offering which provides insight into: What Sponsored Projects are?  When does the process begin?  Where are the needed resources?  How are budgets developed?  Why expenses are sometimes allowable and sometimes not allowable?  All of these questions are components of the sponsored project life cycle.  This offering focuses on the foundational rules/regulations which govern sponsored projects and include essential information to ensuring appropriate acquisition and management of sponsored funding. This offering is recommended for those new to sponsored projects management or for those who want to better understand the full life cycle.  

These classes have been spread out four half days over a two-week period to make it easier for you and your team members to attend. A detailed schedule is below. Please register through PEP ( as soon as possible.

Day 1 - Monday, March 21st from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Day 2 - Thursday, March 24th from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Day 3 - Monday, March 28th from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Day 4 - Wednesday, March 30th from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm

Spring 2022 Research Live Events

The Office of Research, in collaboration with other units, offers a series of live Zoom presentations around timely topics for UGA researchers. Research Live builds off our monthly newsletter, Research Insights, which is dedicated to funding opportunities and other research announcements. Below are upcoming event:
  • Friday, March 11th at 11 a.m: What’s New in Research Integrity & Safety
  • Friday, April 8th at 11 a.m: The Latest in Research Commercialization @ UGA
For more information or to register for these events, please visit the Research Live website.

Position Postings

Current job openings within the College of Pharmacy are listed below. Click the job title for more information.

Administrative Associate II
Pharmacy-Clin & Admin Pharmacy

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor
Pharmacy-Clin & Admin Pharmacy

Assistant Professor
Pharmacy-Pharm & Biomed Sci

Business Manager II
Pharmacy-Finance & Admin

Clinical Assistant/Associate/Full Professor
Pharmacy-Clin & Admin Pharmacy

Data Management Specialist II
Pharmacy-Clin & Admin Pharmacy

Postdoctoral Associate
Pharmacy-Pharm & Biomed Sci

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Pharmacy-Pharm & Biomed Sci

Research Assistant
Pharmacy-Clin & Admin Pharmacy

Research Technician
Pharmacy-Pharm & Biomed Sci

Research Technician
Pharmacy-Pharm & Biomed Sci

Standardized Patient
Pharmacy-Experiential Programs


For a full list of student events, view the DSAC Calendar.
Career Development Office Hours 
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Spring Break - Stay safe, PharmDawgs!
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