December 18, 2020

Happy Holidays, PharmDawg Phamily!

WOW!  What a semester… what a year!  Together, we have made it through one challenge after another. For your efforts, I am eternally grateful and incredibly proud. As you approach the holiday break, please remain diligent in protecting yourselves and others from the spread of COVID-19. Please take the time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate for the hope that lies ahead in 2021. And, please take the time to find the peace, joy, love, and laughter that come with the holiday season.  

May your New Year be filled with promise and great expectations.

Kelly M. Smith
Dean, UGA College of Pharmacy

In this issue:

Congratulations, PharmDawg Graduates!

Congratulations to all the PharmDawgs graduating today! The University's undergraduate Commencement ceremony is scheduled to premiere at 9:30am and the graduate ceremony will premiere at 2:30pm at Graduating PharmDawgs are listed below. We are proud!

Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics

Summer 2020 Graduates:

Mohammed A. Sayed, MS, PhD: Hypertension and the development of post-stroke cognitive impairment: Mechanisms and therapeutic implications
Rana Kadry, B Pharm, MS: Cisatracurium-Induced Effects On Microvascular Endothelial And Lung Epithelial Cells 
Abdulkarim Alshammari, PharmD, MS: Angiotensin II Type 2 Receptor Agonist Prevents The Pro-Inflammatory Response In LPS Treated Human Macrophages 

Fall 2020 Graduates:

Amritha Anand Candadai, B. Pharm, MS: Neuroprotective Properties Of Fingolimod In An Experimental Model of Multiple Sclerosis-Induced Optic Neuritis  

PhD in Pharmacy – Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

James Michael Sutton: Oligonucleotide Development and Evaluation of Mobile Phase Additives for Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Analysis – Dr.. Bartlett
Charnel Byrnes: Lysophosphatidic acid receptor-3 enhances the anti-cancerous effects of miR-122 in melanoma – Dr. Cummings

MS in Pharmacy – Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Madhura Spandana Tummalapally: Suicide Gene Therapy for Cancer – Dr. Liu
Tulsi Patel: A Review of Bioequivalence Assessment Techniques for Topical Drug Products – Dr. White

PharmDawgs in Athens Open Hearts for Custodians

PharmDawg Nation – your generosity knows no bounds!  The Pharmacy Staff Resource Group and PBSO, the PBS graduate student organization, collaborated to raise funds for holiday gifts for the six custodians in Athens. Like the Grinch, our hearts grew three size when we realized that enough money was donated by faculty, staff, and students to provide almost $400 in gifts and funds for these important members of the PharmDawg family.  Thank you for contributing to this important mission.

Project organizers Guilherme Guimaraes (PBSO President) and Meagan Watkins (PSRG Chair) with Sheila Adams, Day Shift Custodian and Supervisor. Photo taken by Mickey Montevideo, also a project organizer.

Sneak Peak: NEW Double Dawgs Biochemical Engineering BSBchE/Pharmacy MS

Applications are now open for a NEW Double Dawgs Biochemical Engineering BSBchE/Pharmacy MS offering! You can see all our undergraduate dual degree options on the program’s newest flyer. More information about this exciting new program to come in the near future!


Schedule a Surveillance Test Through December 23

The University is urging all members of the community to remain vigilant: wear your face coverings, maintain social distancing, avoid large gatherings, use our testing sites, and maintain a period of quarantine where appropriate. We are continuing to offer free surveillance testing at the Legion Field site through December 23 and recommend that you get tested on or prior to December 21 to ensure that you will have your results before December 25 (Christmas). Please remember, members of the UGA community are required to report results of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis through DawgCheck, even while not on campus.

Required COVID-19 Training for Students

The Spring 2021 COVID-19 training module is now live in eLC. Returning students will complete a condensed “Refresher” module, while new students will complete the full version. Over the next few weeks, students should log into eLC and complete the training before returning to campus. Returning to campus safely is everyone’s responsibility, and we know you will do what you can to ensure you, your fellow students and all members of the University community have a safe, healthy and successful spring semester.

Remember to use DawgCheck While Away from Campus

The University remains open after the break and will continue providing regular campus operations and student life services—such as housing, dining, health/wellness centers and campus transit—until the end of the Fall semester. If you receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis at any point, you are required to report those results through DawgCheck, even while not on campus.


Dr. Lavender, Dr. Cobran Selected for Rural Engagement Workshop

Congratulations to Dr. Devin Lavender and Dr. Ewan Cobran, Clinical Assistant Professors, for their acceptance into UGA’s inaugural Rural Engagement Workshop for Academic Faculty. Designed to help build momentum for high quality, community-engaged research in rural Georgia communities, the five-series workshop will allow participants to gain a greater understanding of the state’s rural demographics and trends, obtain key information on developing sustained relationships with communities, and enhance their ability to engage in rural research. At the end of the workshop series, 10 proposals from participants will be selected to receive a $5,000 seed grant to pilot a rural engagement research initiative in FY22Sponsored by UGA’s Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach and the Archway Partnership, the program will begin in January.

BTW:  Dr. Cobran is the lead story in today’s Georgia CTSA newsletter!  Check out the feature here

Dr. Zhang, Dr. Shenoy, and Almuntashiri Publish in Journal of Clinical Medicine

Congratulations to Dr. Duo ZhangDr. Somanath Shenoy, and second year masters student Sultan Almuntashiri on publishing a new review article in the Journal of Clinical Medicine titled "Club Cell Secreted Protein CC16: Potential Applications in Prognosis and Therapy for Pulmonary Diseases."


UGA Needs YOU To Conserve Energy During Holiday Break

Typically during the UGA holiday break, the Facilities Management Division shuts off all non-essential heating and cooling equipment to conserve energy and water resources. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, FMD will continue to operate campus heating and cooling equipment to enhance indoor air quality as part of our commitment to maintaining the health and safety of UGA students, faculty, and staff. 

In place of the campus-wide heating and cooling shutdowns, we ask that each department  ascertain what other departmental equipment (copiers, computers, appliances, lab equipment, etc.) could be shut off and unplugged during the break. FMD has posted two energy conservation checklists: one for laboratory spaces and one for offices, classrooms, and other areas. You can find these at the link here. Examples include turning off lighting in any unoccupied areas where safety and security are not an immediate concern, and turning off/unplugging computers, monitors, printers, copier machines, and other non-essential equipment not in use. Researchers also are encouraged to turn off and unplug scientific equipment in unoccupied laboratories to improve the safety of those spaces and protect this vital equipment.

FMD will continue to turn off classroom and common area lighting and to implement additional conservation strategies where appropriate. Also during the break, FMD will periodically flush water lines to avoid potential stagnation and will also conduct regular building tours to look for leaks and equipment failures to maintain safety and to prevent impacts to critical University functions.  Working together, we can reduce energy use and avoid costs, enabling the University to direct funds to more pressing needs.

For questions regarding these energy conservation measures, contact Tyler Alsen, Energy Engineer; Kevin Kirsche, Director of Sustainability; Jason Perry, Sustainability Specialist; or Star Scott, Green Lab Program Coordinator.

Deck Your Door Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated in the Deck Your Door Contest! We received so many phantastic entries from around the College. Out of all of these doors, two reigned surpreme! Congratulations to first place winner, Dr. William Huang, CAP Clinical Instructor, and second place winner, Kathi Hardwick, Administrative Associate in Augusta. Check out their handiwork below - William's photos pictured at the top and Kathi's photos below! Special thanks to our judge, Dr. Mike Fulford.

Holiday Spirit Week

Today's the last day of Holiday Spirit Week! Do you have your cozy flannel and jeans on today? Join in at 3pm for our last hurrah with a special game of PharmDawg Trivia! Join the Zoom here. (Passcode: J7f1Bi)

View pictures below of some of the PHUN from earlier in the week, featuring special guest appearances from PharmDawg Precious Angels Samantha Jewel, the 3.5-month-old daughter of Andrew Wilson, IIT., and Jasmeen Singh, the 8-year-old daughter of Arvinder Makkar, Program Coordinator for International and Biomedical Regulatory Sciences program on our extended campus in Gwinnett.

And don't miss these special holiday greetings from Student Affairs and PBS! Happy Holidays!

To provide a bit of holiday cheer, PharmDawg Phriends is BACK! We love seeing your phestive phurry phriends!

The top photo features Ashley Ray's kitty, Sophia, who's been enjoying time under the tree! In the bottom photo is Kayleigh Greene's pup, Harry (now 9 months) and his "big" sister Nora.