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October 2, 2020
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Dr. Pegan Receives $1.7M NIH Grant

Dr. Scott Pegan, Interim Associate Head for PBS and Director of UGA’s Center for Drug Discovery, has received an National Institute of Health R01 five-year grant of $1,717,015 to continue his research on nairoviruses. Awarded by the Allergy and Infectious Diseases section of NIH, his application was titled “Origin of Innate Immunity Suppression Caused by Nairovirus’ Protease Activity.”  According to Dr. Pegan, “Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF), Thunderclap headaches, and Nairobi sheep disease, are dangerous emerging human and animal diseases caused by nairoviruses. Beyond some of these viruses causing widespread economic devastation, the often-fatal CCHF recently was included by the World Health Organization on its priority list for diseases in need of vaccine and other therapeutics. Our research, in collaboration with Dr. Eric Bergeron at the CDC and Georgia Research Alliance Distinguished Investigator Dr. Lance Wells of the CCRC, will center around a conserved evasion mechanism these viruses share to hinder the human innate immune response. We will investigate and leverage that mechanism through synergetic molecular, cell-based, and in vivo means in order to provide information for the development of selective and broad-based anti-viral treatments.”  Congratulations, Dr. Pegan!

National Custodian Day

Today is National Custodian Day, and the PharmDawg Phamily is grateful for the hard work and dedication our custodial staff exemplifies each day. Along with their daily activities and responsibilities, our custodial staff has taken on special duties to assure our health and safety in this COVID environment; in fact, our custodians are implementing new and improved cleaning protocols for the College. The UGA Facilities Management Division, in a news release just out today, says that approximately 430 building service employees disinfect more than 650 classrooms and learning spaces every day.   If you see one of these special individuals, be sure to thank them for their contributions to our College.

Pharmtoberfest Week Announced

APhA-ASP is excited to announce that Pharmtoberfest Week will officially be happening October 19-23, 2020. Pharmtoberfest is a college-wide event that engages students, faculty, and the community in honor of American Pharmacists Month. Sponsored by Kroger, Pharmtoberfest Week will highlight the theme for this year- "American Pharmacists Month- What can your pharmacist do for you?
Due to the pandemic guidelines, Pharmtoberfest will look different than it traditionally has in the past, but the key components will still be highlighted. In the form of a hybrid model, Pharmtoberfest will engage the University and the community with patient education information via trifolds, videos, and virtual games created by College of Pharmacy organizations, point of care testing for blood pressure and blood glucose, and a flu clinic at the College of Pharmacy.
To encourage participation, limited volunteer opportunities are offered for the event; details of the various tasks are listed on the sign-up sheet. Volunteers must be members of APhA-ASP- sign up here! Other College of Pharmacy organizations may also engage their members to volunteer for their patient education involvement.

Contact: Aliya Abdulla

Pumpkin Painting Contest

In celebration of American Pharmacists Month, APhA-ASP is hosting their annual Pumpkin Painting Contest! This contest is open to ALL students and faculty on ANY campus.

1. Pumpkins can only be painted and/or decorated - no carving
2. Pumpkins must be pharmacy themed in the spirit of American Pharmacists Month to highlight our theme, "What Can Your Pharmacists Do For You?"
3. Pumpkin photos must be turned in by Thursday, October 15th to

The winner will be announced on Monday, October 26th and will receive a $100 gift card prize (divided among team members) to a place of their choosing.

Sign up here.

NAPLEX Pass Rate

UGA Class of 2020 PharmD Graduates had a 96.85% passing rate for the 127 students who took the exam for the first time this summer. Their average scaled score on the exam was a 99.71 (passing score is a 75). To put this in context, The national average is 91.70 and state average is 89.41; our previous year pass rate was 92%. Considering the challenges involved with taking the exam due to COVID-19, this is a huge accomplishment. In some cases, students drove out of state to find an exam site that was open. Let’s PAWS and give a huge round of applause to these amazing and determined students!

Athens Campus Tornado Shelter Areas
At the Athens campus, in the event of a tornado warning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, please proceed calmly to the nearest shelter area.  While waiting for the all clear, wear your face coverings and practice social distancing.  As shelter areas fill and social distancing is not possible, please remain calm and make room for others.  Below is a list of shelter areas in both RC Wilson and Pharmacy South. A tornado warning should be heeded with as much urgency as you would a fire alarm. Classes are not to continue during tornado warnings, even if the classroom being used is listed as a shelter area, as others may need to move into these rooms to find shelter.
Athens Shelter Areas

NOTE:  1st floor areas, away from windows are safest and you should always go there if time and available space permit.
RC Wilson Building:
  • 1st floor - The room 120 auditorium and all space from the double wooden doors by room 143 down to the hallway outside of rooms 153 and 155. The room 147 Staff breakroom and the 149 and 152 office suites can also be used.
  • 2nd floor - Both restrooms, classroom 238 and the interior hallway between rooms 235 and 271
  • 3rd floor - Classrooms 337, 338 and the interior hallway between room 335 and the double fire doors at the stairwell to the 4th floor. Staying on the 3rd floor should be a last resort, and only done if there is no time to evacuate to the 1st or 2nd floors.
  • 4th floor - No safe space, evacuate to the 3rd floor, using the stairs. 
Pharmacy South:
  • 1st floor – Both restrooms and the interior hallway between room 117 and the doors to the room 135 receiving area. These doors should be closed. Interior rooms in the 115 student affairs suite can also be used.
  • 2nd floor -  Both restrooms, the vending room and the interior hallway between room 213 and the entrance to room 225. Additionally, classrooms 210 and 220 can be used.
  • 3rd and 4th floors -  Given early enough warning, evacuate to the 1st or 2nd  floor. Remember that there is no access to the 1st floor from the south stairwell behind the Kroger center. If there is no time to leave the floor, use the interior hallways between the service elevator and the women’s restroom, but do not use the restrooms as they have exterior walls on these floors. If crowding forces you down the hallway in front of 315 or 415, get as low as possible due to the windows between the hallway and the labs.  

Game Day Building Security
The Dawgs play Auburn tomorrow, with kickoff scheduled at 7:30 pm. As usual on Saturdays, both buildings will be closed and locked all day. There will be no security or custodial personnel in the buildings.  
Please observe the following building security precautions:
  • Please be certain that all doors for which you are responsible are locked before you leave this evening.
  • Unless you have an essential, work related need to be in our buildings prior to kickoff tomorrow evening, please do not enter the buildings.  Football fans may attempt to enter the building as you enter or exit. Some may be very aggressive in attempting to do so.
  • If you feel you must come in Saturday, it is your responsibility to see that the door is locked behind you and that unauthorized persons have not been given an opportunity to enter.  Likewise, when leaving, be certain that the door locks before you walk away.  If you observe unauthorized persons in either building, or find an exterior door that cannot be secured, please call the UGA Police non-emergency line: 706-542-2200.
Contact: Brad Brown

Cheering on the Dawgs Against the Tigers - Safely!
Rise Up Bulldog Nation! It’s going to be a Dawg and Cat fight this Saturday on Dooley Field in Sanford Stadium, when the Georgia Bulldogs tee it up against the Auburn Tigers at 7:30 pm.  Whether you’re cheering on the dawgs between the hedges or watching it on ESPN from the comfort of another locale, please cheer SAFELY!  Avoid large gatherings. Stay socially distant from others. Wear your mask – properly.  Wash your hands frequently, and carry/use hand sanitizer wherever you go. Stay home if you’re not feeling well.  While COVID-19 numbers are dropping, we cannot relax and become complacent!  Let’s stay diligent, safe and healthy.  AND GO DAWGS!

Free Access to Daily Mental Wellness Support

President Morehead provided full UGA support during the State of the University address early this year to Student Affairs and the University Health Center to lead new mental health initiatives on campus. TAO - Therapy Assistance Online, among other resources, has been identified as a tremendous resource to provide all UGA students, faculty and staff ongoing, daily mental wellness support. TAO is Free to the UGA Community and can be accessed anywhere, anytime! Click here for more information and how to access this free resource tool.

Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion Fall Courses

The Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) engages UGA faculty and staff in building capacity to contribute to and sustain a diverse and inclusive campus environment. The CDI is offered in partnership with the Human Resources Training and Development Department and other diversity-related office and programs across the institution. As part of the Office of Institutional Diversity mission to enhance and maintain a diverse and inclusive environment for learning, teaching, research and service at University of Georgia, the CDI focuses on four objectives:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of diversity as an institutional imperative.
  • Expand access to and participation in diversity-based professional learning and development opportunities.
  • Promote interdisciplinary and inter-professional engagement of faculty and staff in institutional diversity efforts.
  • Identify and support resource sharing, collaboration, and the cultivation of strategic partnerships to enhance institutional capacity to achieve inclusive excellence.

Enrollment in the courses listed for the Certificate for Diversity and Inclusion is open to all UGA faculty and staff. Successful completion of the CDI requires completion of Diversity at UGA: Beyond the Numbers (core course) and five elective courses.There is no cost to enroll. Faculty and staff may take courses in pursuit of the earning the certificate or may take individual courses based on needs and interests.

View a full list of fall semester course offerings here.

Dr. Rekhi Appointed to USP Chemical Medicines Committee

Dr. Gurvinder Singh Rekhi has been selected to be a USP Chemical Medicines expert Committee Member for 5 years (2020-2025). In this role, he will participate and contribute to modernization, revisions, and new additions of monographs. He just completed a 5 year term from 2015-2020. In 2014, Dr. Rekhi was appointed by former Dean Øie to serve as a Voting Delegate for the UGA COP to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) – a position he still holds. USP is a non-profit organization recognized by the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act to work closely with government agencies, and regulatory authorities around the world to help provide standards of identity, strength, quality, and purity that can help safeguard the global supply of medicines, dietary supplements, and food ingredients.
Happy Birthday to our October PharmDawgs!

October 3 - Audie Roberts
October 7 - Ed Stanley
October 9 - Kim McKenzie
October 10 - Brian Cummings
October 14 - Duska Franic
October 15 - Kelly Smith
October 17 - Robin Southwood
October 21 - Crystal Harrison
October 22 - Henry Young
October 24 - Eugene Douglass
October 24 - Shane Pruitt
October 24 - Monica Williams
October 24 - Joy Wilson
October 27 - Autumn Tobin
October 31- Mickey Montevideo
For a full list of student events, view the DSAC Calendar.
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