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September 4, 2020
Dear PharmDawg Family:
Normally, this weekend would be filled with friends and family; great food at fun outings; perhaps a final visit to the pool; or cheering on your favorite sports team at Sanford Stadium or Truist Field. But then, there’s nothing normal about the fall of 2020, is there?

The facts are simple.  If we are going to beat this COVID-19 pandemic, we all have to do our part by doing the right things. Mask up. Stay socially distant. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Check your health daily via DawgCheck. And…
Don’t get into crowds of people!

Don’t put yourself in a position to get infected. Avoid crowded areas. If you must travel, opt for less risky destinations and activities. Don’t travel with anyone who is sick or has been exposed. Dine outside if you are in a public restaurant. Minimize contact with those not in your immediate family or close friend/social group. This video, shared with pharmacy students yesterday, gets right to that point. 
Disregarding these warnings about Labor Day has some serious consequences, according to UGA officials. An increase in the number of off-campus, crowded events in Athens lately coincides with the rise of positive COVID tests on campus. If these trends continue, activities will be restricted and even cancelled, and we will have to return to a fully remote teaching and learning environment, which affects all missions of the college and university.  
If it’s the right thing to do while on campus, it’s the right thing to do wherever you are, ALWAYS. Do the right things not only for your own health, but for the health of your family, friends, and fellow PharmDawgs.  
Stay Georgia Strong….Dawg Strong….PharmDawg Strong,

Kelly M. Smith, Dean
UGA College of Pharmacy
In this issue:

Regulatory Affairs Provides New Student Profiles 

In the last few issues of PharmDawg Weekly, profiles of incoming students from our various academic programs have been highlighted. We are proud to present our final profile from the UGA Regulatory Sciences Program, which operates at our extended campus in Gwinnett. This online program welcomed 30 new students this summer and fall.  Sixteen were males, and 14 were females. The following percentage of students are working to earn various degrees: 13% on a Ph.D.; 17% on a PharmD degree; 20% on a Master’s Degree; 23% on a BS/MS Double Dawg Degree; 13% on Master’s Degree in Regulatory Sciences; 10% on a Regulatory Sciences Certificate; and 3% on a Clinical Trials Certificate. Students earning their Master’s in Regulatory Sciences or one of the two certificates are working professionals wanting to advance their careers, while other students are learning regulatory sciences to enhance their career opportunities when they graduate. We are immensely proud of this program!

Dr. Kristen Mandello Joins IBRS

Dr. Kristen Mandello, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, is a new Assistant Professor in CoP’s International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences and Clinical Trials programs at the College’s extended campus in Gwinnett. Dr. Mandello earned her B.S. Degree in Agriculture and Environmental Science from UGA, her DVM from Ohio State, and a Certificate in Regulatory Affairs from CoP’s Regulatory Sciences Program. An expert in Pharmacovigilance, Signal Detection, and Risk Management, Dr. Mandello has global experience in post-market surveillance, data analysis, risk mitigation strategies, and process design.  She currently is an Executive Sales Consultant with Ennov, and previously, she served as a Global Head with Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.  As a faculty member, Dr. Mandello will teach courses in clinical trials and drug safety, as well as regulatory courses for graduate and post-doctoral students.

Students Prepare for Upcoming Flu Clinics

UGA College of Pharmacy students are preparing for flu shot clinics, which will be held this fall throughout the UGA campus and the community, beginning September 17.  Third-year PharmD student Henry Turwachter, of Tybee Island, who also is working on his master’s degree in Public Health, demonstrates his immunization administration technique with Dr. Lori Duke, Assistant Dean of CoP’s Experience Programs, while Dr. Lindsey Welch, Director of CoP’s APPE program evaluates and provides feedback.  The flu clinic schedule, which will be conducted in conjunction with the University Health Center, will be posted on CoP’s website, in a future issue of the PharmDawg Script, and on the UHC website.
DawgCheck FAQ

What is DawgCheck?
DawgCheck is an online tool to help assess and respond to COVID-19 cases at UGA in an effort to keep the campus community safe. DawgCheck consists of a reporting function which must be used by anyone who has received a positive COVID-19 test result, as well as a symptom checking tool which we strongly encourage everyone to use before coming to campus or leaving your residence hall in the morning.

Why should I use DawgCheck?
To protect yourself and your fellow Bulldogs. DawgCheck provides an easy way to check your symptoms daily and self-report a positive COVID-19 test result. This information helps the University promote the health and safety of our community, as well as provide you with information and assistance depending on your symptoms.

Where can I access DawgCheck?
You can access DawgCheck by visiting
Students, faculty and staff will receive regular email reminders with personalized links to access the DawgCheck tools. You can opt-in to receive messages via SMS here.

Who should use DawgCheck?
Anyone coming to campus—or for those living on campus, before leaving the residence hall in the morning—should respond to the Check for Symptoms tool on DawgCheck whether or not you are experiencing symptoms, prior to arriving on campus (or leaving your residence hall). It is mandatory for faculty, staff and students to report a positive COVID-19 test result.

UGA Wins National Diversity Award

Many of UGA’s efforts to foster diversity and inclusion have been in place for years, while other initiatives and programs announced in recent months reflect an intention to accelerate the university’s progress. This strong foundation coupled with a commitment to building on past successes has earned UGA the INSIGHT Into Diversity Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award.


Assessment Help Office Hours

To better support faculty member with in-class assessment, research projects, and additional training on educational assessment and evaluation, Dr. Mike Fulford will be hosting office hours via Zoom on Wednesdays at 4pm. If you can’t meet at this time, you are always happy to set up an appointment time. Click here to Zoom. Contact: Dr. Mike Fulford

Schedule Management Drop-In Hours

If you are having difficulty managing or navigating your schedule, join Dr. Vivia Hill-Silcott for drop-in hours on Wednesdays from 2-4pm. Join via Zoom.

Dr. Osae Discusses Diverse Populations, COVID-19 on WSB-TV

Hats off to Dr. Sharmon Osae, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Southwest Georgia Clinical Campus in Albany, who was interviewed by WSB-TV Anchor Jorge Estevez about the underrepresentation of diverse populations in COVID-19 clinical trials. Dr. Osae was one of the co-authors of an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine on the subject. Dr. Daniel Chastain, Clinical Assistant Professor in Albany was the lead author, and Dr. Henry Young, Interim Department Head of CAP, was the senior author. The NEJM article calls on government agencies, medical journals, funders of research, among others, to diversify study participants in order to be able to generalize results to the larger U.S. population.
College of Pharmacy Welcomes Federal Staffers

Representatives from Georgia’s Congressional offices participated in UGA’s annual Federal Staff Retreat, held virtually this week. Early in the three-day event, the group “visited” and “toured” the College of Pharmacy via Zoom presentations and videos, which highlighted some of the cutting-edge research being conducted at the College. Dr. Scott Pegan, Professor, Interim Associate Director of PBS, and Director of UGA’s Drug Discovery Center, provided oversight for CoP’s portion of the event, which included live Zoom presentations from Dean Kelly Smith, Dr. Uma Singh, Dr. Sharmon Osae, Dr. Daniel Chastain, and Dr. Pegan. Featured in CoP’s video tour was Dr. David Crich, Dr. David Chu, Dr. Brian Cummings, Dr. Henry Young, Dr. Chris Rice, and Dr. Pegan, along with several research students. Sponsored by UGA’s Office of Government Relations, the purpose of the Federal Staff Retreat is to showcase the University’s innovative research, top-rated education programs, and service-based projects in the birthplace of public higher education, as well as familiarize participants on the advancements and needs related to COVID-19 research and public health.
GSHP hosted a Residency Panel Thursday during Org Hour featuring Marin Abousaud '18, Justin Moore '18, Bill Olney '19, and Darshan Patel '19. Alumni speakers discussed their experiences with pursuing a residency.
The PHSOP PhD students had a seminar Wednesday with Dr. Cobran. It was great to have this group back in RC Wilson!
The Dawg House in Augusta is Dawg-Gone!  Alumni, faculty and staff will remember this iconic trailer as a student lounge and computer lab from 2008-2016. Although never ideal and the subject of many jokes, it was one of the strongest justifications for the approval of Augusta's new and beautiful space in 2014 and occupancy in 2016.  Thank you, Dawg House - we won't miss you! :)
Next Week
Labor Day - Stay safe, PharmDawgs!
Career Development Drop-In Hours with Dr. Vitale | 1:30-3pm, Zoom
PBS Seminar Series: Dr. Erin Black, CDC - "Fellowship Programs for Masters and PhD Graduates"  | 9-10am, Zoom
Schedule Management Drop-In Hours with Dr. Hill-Silcott | 2-4pm, Zoom
Bereavement Support Group with Dr. Hill-Silcott | 5pm, Zoom
Managing Stress & Anxiety with Dr. Hill-Silcott | 7pm, Zoom