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November 6, 2020
In this issue:

Focus on Faculty: Dr. Somanath Shenoy

Congratulations to Dr. Somanath Shenoy, Clinical Professor at the College of Pharmacy’s extended campus in Augusta, who was featured in this week’s UGA Focus on Faculty. Dr. Shenoy, who conducts research that aims to identify new ways to detect and treat lung diseases and cancer by understanding what is happening on the cellular level, said in his interview, “Although research is my passion, I equally enjoy lecturing. I coordinate a dozen didactic and experiential courses and am an instructor on several other courses. One of my favorite courses is “Drug Targets in Signal Transduction,” because it prepares the students to undertake a research project with a firm understanding of the fundamentals of physiology and pathology. It is a very challenging course, but I can see the impact on the students as they then go on to use that knowledge to design and defend their research projects. Equally favorite is the “Advanced Therapeutics” course that trains basic scientists to think translational.” See the full story here.

Along with this UGA accolade, Dr. Shenoy authored or co-authored several articles recently.

  1. Dr. Shenoy collaborated with Mir Adil, a graduate student, and Dr. Priya Narayanan on an article published in J-Stage’s Drug Discoveries and Therapeutics.  The article describes the effect of Amiloride on reducing ACE2 expression in bronchial and alveolar epithelial cells, a putative receptor for SARS-CoV2. The study also suggest that Amiloride is a safe drug to be given to hypertensive and heart failure patients during the COVID-19 crisis.  Read the story here
  2. Postdoc Fellow Arti Verma and Grad Student Sandeep Artham collaborated with Dr. Shenoy on an article that describes how two different receptors of Transforming Growth Factor-β (ALK-1 and ALK-5) switch their expressions in TGFβ-induced endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition leading to vascular abnormalities, and how pharmacologically targeting β-catenin pathway suppress the pathological effects of TGFβ. Published in ScienceDirect, the article can be read here.
  3. Dr. Shenoy was the co-author on a paper with colleague Dr. Duo Zhang, who was the corresponding author.  Titled “The Roles of CCN1/CYR61 in Pulmonary Diseases,” the article appeared in PubMed. First-year Ph.D. student Yin Zhu was the first author.  The paper can be read here

Dr. Bartlett Publishes in Two Publications

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Bartlett, Georgia Athletic Association Professor and Associate Dean for Science Education, Research, and Technology, who has two recent publications. He was published inTherapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science with his article, "Over-the-Counter Drugs: Regulatory Analysis of Warning Letters Between Fiscal Years 2015-2019," and in Molecular Cancer Research with "Long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase 4-mediated fatty acid metabolism sustains androgen receptor pathway-independent prostate cancer."

Congratulations to Gloria Strait, Employee of the Year

Gloria Strait, Student Affairs Professional in the Office of Student Affairs, was named the 2019 UGA College of Pharmacy Employee of the Year in the summer, but just received her plaque this week! Congratulations, Gloria!

CoP Offers Broad Zoom Security Measures

In an effort to be more secure in the Zoom environment, our IIT Department recommends the following protocols:


Mandatory passcodes (minimum 6 digits)have been enabled on all automatically generated and Personal Meeting ID links for all our user accounts.  This is a locked setting.  Zoom hosts can create their own six digit passcode but there is no option to not have one.

Join Before Host

The ‘Join Before Host’ feature has been turned off but not ‘locked’.  What this means is that participants will not be able to ‘Join Before Host” unless that option has been specifically selected by the Zoom host when they are scheduling a meeting. 

Multiple Host/Co-Host

We currently utilize multiple hosts/co-host for our special events.  A host specifically designated to managing participants (muting audio/video, removing participants etc) should be required for all events that hosts non-COP participants AND most crucially, these hosts/co-host need to familiarize themselves on how to perform the participant management functions within a Zoom call before the event.

Additional things the Zoom host should do to secure their Zoom meeting:

Checking the Security Settings in the Zoom Call

Hosts should click on the Security button along the bottom of the Zoom screen before the participants are admitted from the waiting room. 

They will have the following options:

  • Lock Meeting
  • Enable Waiting Room (if they did not set up one in the initial meeting the can enable a waiting room at the time of the meeting)
  • Allow Participants to:
    • Share Screen (they should turn off)
    • Chat (they can turn this off if they choose)
    • Rename themselves (they can turn this off if they choose)
    • Unmute themselves (they can turn this off)
  • Remove Participant
  • Report (this feature has a full reporting field but admittedly, I have no idea who receives the report)

GSHP Hosts Residency Roundtable

The UGA Chapter of the Georgia Society of Health-System Pharmacists held their first ever virtual Residency Roundtable on Thursday, November 5th. This event allowed Pharm.D. students to enhance their understanding of postgraduate residency training opportunities and network with over 50 representatives from 27 residency programs across the Southeast. This year, a record-breaking 94 PharmDawg students from the Athens, Albany, Augusta, and Savannah campuses attended the event! The event was coordinated by Blake Terrell, UGA-GSHP Vice President of Education and Professional Development, along with Kristine Nguyen, UGA-GSHP President, and Diana Dang, UGA-GSHP President-Elect.


Mental Health & Wellness Resources for Students

In these stressful times, please know that the UGA and the College of Pharmacy have a variety of mental health and wellness resources available for students. Below are just a few of these offerings.

UGA Resources:

  • Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) at the University Health Center is all telehealth (Zoom) now. For appointments, please call 706-542-2273 (M-F 8am-5pm). After hour mental health crisis at UGA (24/7/365) please call 706-542-2200.
  • Students who want to see what psychotherapy is like but don’t actually want to see a therapist now have access to TAO (Therapy Assisted Online)
  • Student Care and Outreach home base for resources on campus, a place to get extra support, and where to report a student of concern 706-542-7774
  • How to Manage Stress in a Difficult Time? Download this guide by Dr. House, psychiatrist at the UGA University Health Center.

CoP Resources:

  • Counseling with Dr. Vivia Hill-Silcott, Director of Diversity Programs and Academic Support,, 706-542-6466

Last Day: Benefits Open Enrollment

This year’s benefits open enrollment is happening now through the end of the business day today, November 6. You can find open enrollment details on the USG Human Resources-Benefits website.

Trainings & Development Opportunities

The USG Ethics & Compliance Best Practices in Higher Ed Panel via Zoom on Friday, November 13, 10-11am. Register here.

The UGA Ethics and Awareness Roundtable Series featuring:

  • Dan Silk, Chief of Police, on November 9 at 10am
  • Chris King, Associate Vice President for Research, Office of Research Integrity & Safety, on November 10 at 10am
  • Dan Runge, Senior Compliance Officer, Office of Research Integrity & Safety and Export Compliance Officer, Office of Export Control, on November 10 at 11am
  • Ben Myers, Chief Information Security Officer, on November 12 at 10am
  • Ron Walcott, Vice Provost for Graduate Education & Dean of the Graduate School, on November 12 at 2pm

Register here. 

Introduction to Sponsored Projects Training: Ever wonder why you can buy something on one sponsored project, but not on another? Have you questioned why you can buy something using departmental funds, but Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) doesn’t allow you to use sponsored projects?  Do you wonder how proposal budgets are developed and why we sometimes amend budgets? Introduction to Sponsored Projects provides insight into all of these questions and more by explaining the underlying theories, federal rules and regulations which govern sponsored projects. November 17 - 20 from 1:00pm to 4:30pm daily. Register via PEP.


Spring 2021 PharmD Schedule Books Now Available

Spring 2021 schedule books are now available online. If you have any questions about PharmD class schedules, please contact Dr. Duc Do or Ms. Cicely Hemphill.

Office of Global Engagement Study Away Photo and Video Contest

The deadline for the OGE Study Away Photo and Video Contest has been extended to November 13th at midnight! The Photo Contest is open to all UGA students having recently studied, traveled, or worked abroad or domestically on a UGA approved program. Photo submissions must have been taken during abroad or domestic programs during one of the following academic terms: Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Maymester 2020, Summer 2020 (including break programs such as Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break). Students may submit up to 10 photos total and one video. To learn more and apply, click here.


Virtual Homecoming & Class Reunion Week 

Join your PharmDawg family & friends for the UGA College of Pharmacy Virtual Homecoming & Class Reunion Celebration Week! Enjoy weeklong events and activities from November 16-20, leading up to the Homecoming game against Mississippi State on November 21.

Submit your favorite College of Pharmacy photos with daily themes that we will feature each day on social media throughout the week:
Monday, November 16 – Commencement Day & White Coat Ceremony
Tuesday, November 17
 – Favorite Faculty Member
Wednesday, November 18
 – Favorite College of Pharmacy Memory
Thursday, November 19
 – PharmDawg Pride at Work & School
Friday, November 20
 – Favorite Tailgating Moment

Start emailing your photos now to Gordon Thomas so we can gather your best shots!

Visit our Homecoming webpage and follow our social media channels the entire week of November 16 for all the fun! For more information, contact Kim Hamby, Director of Alumni Relations.

Next Week
For a full list of student events, view the DSAC Calendar.
Meditation Mondays with Dr. Hill-Silcott | 2:30-3pm & 4:30-5pm
Career Development Drop-In Hours with Dr. Vitale | 1:30-3pm, Zoom
PBS Seminar Series: Dr. Howard Hang, Scripps Research | 9-10am, Zoom
Grand Rounds: PGY1 Behren Ketchum | 12:10-1:10pm
Schedule Management Drop-In Hours with Dr. Hill-Silcott | 2-4pm, Zoom
Bereavement Support Group with Dr. Hill-Silcott | 5pm
Managing Stress & Anxiety with Dr. Hill-Silcott | 7pm