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Market & Event News

Dear IP500 Members, Partners and Guests 

The IP500 Alliance is pleased to provide you with some news from the marketplace, our next IP500 events, as well as about IP500 OEM solution for upcoming SmartBuilding / City projects. If you wish to have more information about individual news, please contact the IP500 Office (

Please find more information about the following topics:

IP500 Events in November 2020

  1. IP500 SUMMIT India (virtual) (27th. Nov. 2020)  ! NEW DATE ! 
  2. Wireless Congress (virtual) (Nov. 10th, 11th  & 12th)  ! NEW DATE !
  3. BIM WORLD MUNICH (Munich, Germany, 24rd & 25th Nov. and virtual) 
  1. IP500 Newest Article 
  2. IP500 / 5G Project with Miele & consortium (IoT SmartFactory)
  3. First Lighting Application with DALI / IP500 convertor 
  4. IP500 comparison with other IoT wireless solutions 
  5. New IP500 Member

The IP500 Alliance wishes you all the best and health in current challenging times.

Best regards
IP500 Board

IP500 Events in November 2020

1. IP500 SUMMIT, 27th Nov. 2020 (virtual)  ! NEW DATE ! 

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming IoT / IP500 virtual SUMMIT, organized by the ICC (India Chamber of Commerce) and the IP500 Alliance. The event will take place on 27th (Friday) of Nov. 2020 and will be held as a virtual event. The IP500 Alliance will hold an 1 hour session with four (4) presentation slots. The other slots will be present other interesting IoT topics.
ICC has been able to receive the confirmation form key member of 
  • ministry of information technology, 
  • ministry of Electronics and Telecommunications, 
  • State IOT missions, 
  • IoT companies operating in Energy sector, 
  • automobiles sector,
  • building automation sector, 
  • Energy equipment sectors, 
  • Electrical equipment sectors, Consultants and 
  • architects representatives.
Our IP500 Members and Partners are invited to participate and demonstrate their IP500 connected OEM solutions and services. To such a great audience. 
At this IP500 SUMMIT we are going to announce and present the newest SmartBuilding & City Projects in India and will demonstrate the target applications for these large scale projects. 

Date:  27th (Friday) Nov. 2020 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (CET)
IP500 Session: 12:30pm – 1:30pm (CET)
Location: Virtual platform from, organized by ICC 

A detailed agenda and the Link to the platform will be announced soon.
Please contact our IP500 Office or visit our IP500 web-site for more information.

2. Wireless Congress
10th, 11th  & 12th Nov. (virtual)

The IP500 Standard will have a full tutorial at the virtual Wireless Congress. Also, one of the key-note speakers is going to be Mr. Günter Grundmann, from the VdS Intrusion division. One of his topics will explain, why security and safety applications in commercial and industrial buildings need a very robust, secure and scalable wireless network. 
Date: Wednesday – 10th, 11th, & 12th November 2020 
Key-Note:  VdS – Guenter Grundmann 
Agenda: will be announced soon, incl. the IP500 Presentation

Location: There will be no live show 
Virtual: online – WEKA Verlag 

24th & 25th Nov. 

The IP500 Standard will have a full tutorial at the virtual Wireless Congress. Also, one of the key-note speakers is going to be Mr. Günter Grundmann, from the VdS Intrusion division. One of his topics will explain, why security and safety applications in commercial and industrial buildings need a very robust, secure and scalable wireless network. 
Date:          Wednesday – 10th, 11th, & 12th November 2020 
Key-Note:  VdS – Guenter Grundmann 
Agenda: will be announced soon, incl. the IP500 Presentation

Location:   There will be no live show 
Virtual:       online – WEKA Verlag 


1. IP500 Articles

As following, please find the links to the newest articles, which our IP500 Members and Partners have placed in Europe’s most recognized “Elektronik Magazine”. This article addresses the interoperability of IoT devices for security / safety and comfort application in the same IoT wireless network / infrastructure in a commercial building. 

„IoT Wireless Platform for Commercial Buildings“
„IoT Funk-Plattform für kommerzielle Gebäude“

The pervious article which were placed in January 2020 explained the basis of the IP500 Standard which has received the pre-conformity of the IP500 wireless network according to the European norm (EN 501.31-53). 

„Die IoT-Revolution für kommerzielle Gebäude“:
„The IoT Revolution for commercial Buildings“

The next and coming IP500 article will be focused on the IP500 redundant infrastructure. 

2. IP500 / 5G project, Miele & consortium

The IP500 and its IP500 partner Sensfix are positioned in the exciting IoT connected factory project. This project represents key industry players (like Miele), who are driving IoT connected solutions into their factories (incl. IP500 OEM solutions) in various factory automation / logistical processes and security applications (like access control) as well as energy applications (HVAC, water and air quality). The opportunity has been given to the IP500 Alliance to deliver selected IP500 OEM solutions in this great project. We already have included 5 IP500 OEMs focused on lighting, sensing and access control.  

All the IP500 Members and Partners are invited to become part of this exciting project, which has the goal to install their IP500 connected solution in all the factories of the project consortium (incl. ABB, ERICSSON ..). 

3. IP500 / DALI converter is available

The IP500 Alliance is pleased to announce the availability of an IP500 / DALI converter for lighting applications. This converter is a small products (including the IP500 / CNX200) and can be fit in most of the “lighting luminar”. It allows the connect existing lighting solutions with DALI protocol to the IP500 Network. First SmartOffice project have started to connect their DALI managed lighting systems into the IP500 Network. 

4. IP500 Compression

The IP500 has asked independent test labs and OEMs to run tests and compare the IP500 Standard with other IoT solutions. The focus was on the most important features and performance parameters of a  wireless IoT network for commercial building. Two independent parties (test labs / IP500 OEMs) have set-up a full IP500 network in a real environment, which was a commercial building. The results have been qualitied and quantified in a test report, which will be included in a IP500 White Paper. This IP500 White Paper will be available in the IP500 Member Area.  
Following please find a summary of main topics in compression with well-known IoT standards, and as complementary with 5G.

5. IP500 new Members

The IP500 is proud to welcome DAFÜR as a new OEM Member. DAFÜR is a key player in the communication market for secured connectivity from a critical applications (ATM, or Toll Collect Systems) into the cloud.

The IP500 is proud to welcome UMLAU as new OEM Member. With over 4300 employees worldwide, UMLAUT (former P3 Group) is one of the largest consulting companies, focused on nationwide mainly wireless, but also object related object infrastructure. UMLAUT is a global, cross-industry full-service company that offers technological and organizational consulting and implementation services to customers all over the world.

The evolvement of UMLAUT in the IP500 Alliance will position and drive the IP500 Standard and its OEM members in large scale IoT / digitalization projects.

IP500 Meetings & Workshops

COVID-19 has changed the world including our entire meeting and event plan for 2020. We believe that in 2020, no face-to-face shows will take place. Therefore, the IP500 Alliance has canceled all attendances at shows and meeting until end of 2020.
However, the IP500 Alliance will check the status of the following events on a regular basis and decide whether we attend or participate at such event:


IP500 Meetings / SUMMITs in 2020 and 2021

  • IP500 SUMMIT India, virtual (27th Nov 2020 or Q2 2021)
  • IP500 SUMMIT South America, virtual (planed Q1 2021)
  • IP500 Main Meeting (virtual meeting, Q1 2021)
  • IP500 Tech. & SmartProject Webinars (are ongoing)

Trade Shows in 2020

  • Electronica, Munich, Germany, Nov. 10th – 13th 2020 (virtual)
  • Wireless Congress, Munich, Germany Nov. 10th – 13th (virtual)

2021 (virtual) 

  • CES, Las Vegas USA, Jan 2021
  • MWC Barcelona 28th June – 1st July 2021
  • BAU Germany, 13th – 15th Jan. 2021


  • Light+Building, Frankfurt, Germany, March 13th – 18th 2022
  • Security Essen, Germany, Sept. 20h – 23th 2022
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