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Clinical Study: Zero Fractures in More Than 2500 Thommen Medical Implants Over 2–6 Years

In a retrospective study from 2022, Dr. Yu and colleagues evaluated fracture rates in over 7500 implants from 5 different implant brands. The authors included 2830 implants from Thommen Medical that had been followed up for 2–6 years.  

While implant fractures were reported with all other brands, Thommen Medical implants demonstrated zero fractures over the recorded time span.
The above-mentioned analysis from Dr. Yu confirms the robustness and stability of Thommen Medical implants.

We are thrilled about these results as we believe that the careful design of our EVERGUARD® Connection and abutment screw plays a crucial role in protecting the implant from mechanical overload.

Don't forget to open our newest infographic for a complete summary of the publication.
Full Infographic of the Study

In Vitro Evidence:
INICELL® Contributes to Rapid Osseointegration

Did you know that the properties of our superhydrophilic INICELL® implant surface have been investigated in several in vitro studies?

Scientists discovered that the conditioned INICELL® surface promotes rapid osseointegration thanks to homogenous protein adsorption and enhanced blood clot formation.
A. Conditioned INICELL® surface   B. Unconditioned standard surface
In addition, they observed the establishment of a pro-angiogenic healing environment on the INICELL® surface.

Want to learn more about the science behind INICELL®? Make sure to check out our new infographic for a comprehensive breakdown of the scientific evidence!
Full Infographic of the Study
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