June 2022
Message from the Pastor
June 2022

Starting on June 12 we will begin a new series in worship with the help of the creatives and artists of A Sanctified Art. We will spend 12 weeks exploring the theme Unraveled: Seeking God When Our Plans Fall Apart. The music and preaching will explore this theme, there will also be a devotional study guide for you to use at home, a crafting opportunity, and other visual elements will be incorporated into the chancel and bulletin. In the last two years so many things that seemed firm, certain, and solid now appear frayed, worn, or unraveled. I am looking forward to exploring the ways in which God has been with God’s people in times of uncertainty and unraveling. I am hopeful through these stories we will perceive God’s presence with and among us.

You’ll see the logo for this theme a lot the next three months. I think the logo is seeking to image the feeling one might have when things fall apart. For me, the word “unraveled” holds a lot of anxious, exhausted energy. It reminds me of someone trying desperately to hold everything together on their own while threads begin to wear and break. The stitches zigzag while the thread frenetically takes the shape of each letter. As the word comes to an end, the thread begins to unravel, losing its tightly woven, bound shape.
As I’ve begun to explore this theme, I’ve determined that I mostly identify with ‘unraveled’ as a state of being. ‘Unraveled’ suggests that at one point I was together or whole, but now have come undone. As someone who likes to have things together and to maintain control, ‘unraveled’ feels like a negative word. I connect it to feelings of anxiety, confusion, exhaustion, and fear. If I’m honest with myself, however, I think the notion that I’ve ever really had anything truly together, much less myself, is an illusion. When I frame things this way, then being unraveled, or coming undone, could be a practice in trust and much needed release. It’s possible that when we are unraveled, we recognize our own humanity and utter dependence on God. Sometimes we are wound too tightly, bound by our preconceived notions and narrow ideas, and we need to be undone in order to be woven back together into the shape we were created to take.
One more introductory thought. Each day, I become more aware of how tightly interwoven our lives are with the people with whom we overlap. Whether in person or online, we are dependent and interdependent on the health, wellness, kindness, joy, stability, self-confidence, and selflessness or those around us. I have for the last year curtailed the amount of news and social media with which I allow myself to interact. The constant feed of news and opinion often leans to the negative. For-profit information machines know that the ‘CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!?’ factor is paramount to surviving the pace of trending stories and viral videos. Negativity catches people’s attention more quickly. But, negativity is what tears us apart. I am excited to explore this Unraveled theme because it feels so closely tied to the disconnect I see between the world of hate and anger that is portrayed online, and the kind, generous, and joyful people that I interact with at Trinity and beyond, people who regularly overcome adversity with an insatiable wealth of positivity. The sense of fabric and weaving, the tangible idea of strings overlapping one another, draw me into the strength depicted in the biblical texts we will be exploring.
Friends, I cannot wait to dive in and see how these ideas resonate with you.
 June Special Offerings  



Each year on Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the church. The Holy Spirit remains with us still, connecting us with the church of the past, continuing to inspire the church of today, and pointing us to the church of the future. Each year, this celebration is marked by receiving the Pentecost Offering which nurtures the faith of those who are the church to come. In the Book of Jeremiah, Jeremiah shares the statement: “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, … to give you a future with hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). These striking, comforting words reminded the Israelites that, despite their experience of the present, God’s gesture, thoughts and plans for them — and for us — are peaceful, abundant and hopeful. At Pentecost, we celebrate that God offers more than we can plan. Our gifts to the Pentecost Offering connect with God’s hope and future, supporting ministries with children, youth and young adults by building a life of faith.



Located in Myrtle Beach, but serving Horry County, Sea Haven for Youth helps to promote healing and recovery for at risk or homeless youth ages thirteen to twenty-one. Through the use of services such as temporary emergency shelter, food, clothing, counseling, case management, referrals for appropriate services, and aftercare, Sea Haven for Youth helps to promote social and emotional wellbeing of each individual.
The program is divided up into four separate parts: an emergency shelter, transitional living, street outreach, and safe place. Emergency shelter is for youth ages thirteen to seventeen and is a residential home in which short-term living is available. Transitional living is for youth ages sixteen to twenty-one where the organization provides free case management and life skills instruction. Street Outreach is for youth ages sixteen to twenty-one where the organization provides educational, informational and prevention support in order to reduce the risks for runaway youths. Safe Place is an outreach program that provides safe places within the community that partner with other businesses such as fire stations, bus stations, and other public buildings that offer youth the ability to get immediate help within their communities. Youth homelessness is rising so please give generously today and help a displaced youth find a home.

Deacon of the Month for June
Donna Cruey

Upcoming meetings, events and Zoom Links
can be found on our online calendar.

Birthdays & Anniversaries 
Happy Birthday to... 
Jay Olson                            06/02
Larry Davis                          06/03
Mike Madden                       06/03
Ryan Beale                          06/04
Barbara Bonnett                  06/05
Art Junga                             06/06
JoAnn Kuhn                         06/07
Barbara Jones                     06/08
Clare Droba                         06/09
Susan Christian                  06/09
Henry Johnson                    06/10
Dave Russell                       06/11
Carole Tygert                      06/14
Rob Cruey                           06/15
Gail McCann                      06/19
Ron Sherrill                         06/20
Ruth McConnell                  06/21
Benny Johnson                  06/22
Kathy Coppell                     06/24
John Beale                         06/27
Heather Larson                   06/27
Jill Glasser                          06/29
Kevin Christian                   06/30
Terry Isenberg                    06/30

Happy Anniversary to.. 
Joyce and Marshall Parker            06/04
Sandy and Ray Spitz                     06/06
Heather and Tony Larson               06/07
Judi and Stan Bittner                      06/12
Evelyn & Ron Brodrick                   06/12
Susan and Kevin Christian             06/14
Jo Mary & Brown Phillips               06/18
Terrie and Mark Allen                     06/23
Cynthia and Randy Kidd                05/23
Ann and Joel Long                         06/27
Zoom Circle Continues through Summer
Good news! Martha Circle, our Thursday night circle continues throughout the summer.  Though other circles do not meet during the summer, Yvonne Beale, Martha Circle leader will continue on Zoom. If you would like to see what the studies are like, join them on Zoom. 

Meetings are the last Thursday in June, July and August at 7 PM and is open to ALL the women of the church. We’ll have no official lesson; we’ll be sharing Sisterhood, Fellowship and Devotion. Zoom link will be shared over email closer to the meeting date. 

Contact Yvonne with any questions, ybeale30@gmail.com or 843-251-6910

The organization of Presbyterian Women of Trinity Church is conducted by a PW Coordinating Council.  The Council oversees PW activities and maintains a budget for mission projects, activities and events.  Council meets the second Tuesday of each month.  If you wish to learn more about PW Council, please contact Moderator Alice Hartman.

Circles 2022 - 2023 Study Series
Presbyterian Women: Order your 2022-23 Study Book!
The Horizon publication for Presbyterian Women this coming year, Celebrating Sabbath, looks terrific and has been selected by our Circles for our next Bible study.

As one Circle member said during a preview of the book, “I’ve never studied the Sabbath before! I’m looking forward to this!” We encourage you to purchase your own copy so you will be able to enjoy everything this unique study will have to offer!

To simplify the ordering, Katie will collect the orders and the $11 payment any time before August 1st.

If you want to pay for your copy on a Sunday, look for the envelopes specially made for this. Be sure to include your name, your Circle name, and $11 payable to Presbyterian Women.  You will be notified as soon as our order arrives, in time for our Circle gatherings this fall! 

Celebrating Sabbath: Accepting God’s Gift of Rest and Delight By Carol M. Bechtel In the nine lessons of this Bible study—with passages from Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Matthew, Luke, and Acts—we’ll consider Sabbath
  • as a celebration, not a day of dreary formality
  •  as God’s intent for all of creation that includes busy women too
  •  as one day of the week, perhaps a Sunday
  •  as a time to surrender unhealthy striving and frantic busyness, and instead trust that God will provide
  •  as a reminder that life is precious and working too much is against God’s plans for our precious lives
  •  as a day devoted to community and justice and not exclusively to self-care
Ultimately, Sabbath reminds us to honor God who honors us by giving us a day each week to reset our pace, our priorities, and our lives. We hope you will join us this fall - all women are welcome. 
Gathering of Presbyterian Women
of South Atlantic

The 12th Triennial Gathering of PW Synod of South Atlantic will be October 21-23, 2022 at Epworth By the Sea on St. Simons Island, Georgia.   The theme will be Plug in and Recharge.  If you have never been to one of these meetings, you are in for a treat.  This large gathering is a chance to enjoy fellowship and worship and Bible study at a love resort.

Copies of the Registration Forms are available on the Synod website (pwsosa.com). You may request registration forms to be mailed or emailed to you.  Registration is open now! You can register for your room directly through Epworth by the Sea (www.epworthbythesea.org).
Holy Grounds Men's Fellowship

All men are welcome to attend Holy Grounds Men's Fellowship on the first Tuesday of the month. The next gathering will be June 7th at 9 AM in Trinity's Lobby.  

Brian Flint is our Holy Grounds leader. 
Movie Night 
Saturday, June 11  - When Harry Met Sally
Movie at 4 PM, Dinner at 6 PM  -  Cost - $10

Dinner is deli-style and includes a drink and side. 
Order forms are available in the narthex or can be downloaded & printed HERE

We look forward to seeing you for an evening of fellowship, food and fun! 

Fashion Show Event 

The “Lady Islanders” of the Island green Community invite you to a 
Fashion Show fundraiser on Saturday, June 18, 2002, 12:00 Noon. 
Fashions are provided from Chico’s Off the Rack. 


$20/person. Lunch is provided, and the public is welcome.   

The Lady Islanders are a not-for-profit organization that hold charity projects for the community, and all of our funds raised are given to various local charities, Mobile Meals, Help4Kids, SS Helping Hands, etc.    

I would like to extend an invitation to our Church family and friends to attend
Please contact Liz Montgomery for tickets and call with any questions.843-215-8552

June Lunch Bunch

Inlet Provision Company
4891 US-17 BUS,
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

June 15th at noon. 
All are welcome! If you're new to the church and would like to socialize and get to know your fellow members, this is the event for you! There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex. Please reserve your spot so we can have an accurate head count for the restaurant. 

What to take a peek at what's available for lunch? Menu can be found HERE
Coffee Hour Hosts Needed 
One of the most integral portions of our Sunday worship experience is the Coffee Hour held after worship each week.  This hour of fellowship offers visitors their first opportunity to meet our congregation, while also providing current members and friends an opportunity to share and socialize.  None of this would be possible without the hosts who make coffee and clean up each week!

Coffee Hour Q & A
  1. Do I have to know how to use the Bunn coffee machine in order to host coffee hour?
    No, there are several church members who set up the coffee between worship services and get it started as the 10:30 service is ending so that so that it’s ready to go after worship.
  2. Are paper goods available, or do I need to supply them?
    Paper goods are available; you don’t have to bring them.
  3. I’ve seen some pretty elaborate spreads at coffee hour. What do I need to bring? All you need to bring are snacks and friendliness. It’s also nice to include something suitable for diabetics, such as fresh fruit or cheese. You can choose to keep it simple: for example, we had a box of goldfish crackers and leftover choir snacks one week. You can partner with others – one of you can bring a sweet snack such as cookies; the other can bring something savory, such as cheese and crackers. Use your imagination … and your pantry! Juice and half & half creamer for coffee are optional.
  4. Must my baked goods be home-made? No! While everyone loves a home-made treat, it’s not a requirement.
If you have further questions please contact Mary Terwiske - mterwiske@gmail.com
Second Sunday Seminars Starting Soon

Before our world got turned on its ear, we enjoyed gathering before the 10:30 service for 30 minutes or so on the Second Sundays of the month for interesting, informative and FUN presentations from some of our members. And the Christian Education team is happy to share our plans to start back soon, with some of our favorite presenters and new ones, too! Do YOU have something to share with our congregation for a one time 30-minute chat? Marian Shelton or Yvonne Beale, CE moderators, would love to talk with you!
Coming Attractions / Save the Dates!

June 11th at 4 PM:       Movie Night
June 22nd at Noon:      Lunch Bunch at
                                     Inlet Provision Company
August 28th:                 Church Picnic
July 17th:                      Peach Festival
October 21st:                Pasta Dinner
November 12th:            Fall Arts & Crafts 

Also coming this fall: Craft Day, Game Day, Scrapbooking, Dinner for 6/8, Arts & Crafts Fair, Trivia Night

What other activities are of interest to you? Drop a note to Mary Terwiske (
mterwiske@gmail.com) and we’ll see if we can create a fellowship opportunity!               
Let's Help Each Other
 Trinity is building a volunteer network to help our members with small tasks. to assist with short term wants and needs in your life. For example:
  • move heavy items
  • repairs
  • change lightbulbs
  • remove high cobwebs
  • mail a package
  • hang a picture
  • change filters
  • write notes
  • buy a gift
  • change smoke detector batteries
  • trim shrubbery
  • fix broken outlets
  • connect to Wi-Fi
  • solve computer issues
If you need help with small tasks like these, or if you're willing to help others with your own skills and talents please contact Ann Long :mcmichaelmusic@yahoo.com or 336-432-5580
Trinity's Library - The Swap Spot 
Have you visited our church library lately? Borrow any of our many books on theology and faith or borrow one of the novels and non-fiction books that have been recommended by Tony and other avid readers in our congregation. Read something great lately? Write a short review and post it on our bulletin board to suggest it to others!

Trinity Book Club

On June 15th Trinity Book Club will discuss Anxious People by Fredrick Bachman.  

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Man Called Ove comes a charming, poignant novel about a crime that never took place, a would-be bank robber who disappears into thin air, and eight extremely anxious strangers who find they have more in common than they ever imagined.

For more information, contact Margaret Fain, 
mfain@sc.rr.com 843-602-7178.

Mission Sewing continues to meet at Trinity
on 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 9:30 -11:30

Meetings will be held on the First and Third Thursdays of the month at 10 AM.
Trinity Crochet Club welcomes anyone interested in learning the craft.  They provide tools, yarn, and instruction. Are you a beginner looking to improve your skills?  Stop by and try out this peaceful hobby with friends and fellowship.

If you have any questions about Crochet Club please contact Lynn Edwards -  

June 19th, 2022 - we will celebrate Father's Day with the men of the church in song

All men are welcome to join choir practice at 5 PM on Wednesday, June 15th, 2022.
Help 4 Kids Summer Sandwiches
You may have seen the bulletin with instruction on how to do your sandwiches for every Thursday morning during the summer beginning June 9.  It is our privilege to cooperate with Help 4 Kids each week to feed the children of the working poor throughout our county.  We supply sandwiches, thanks to you who participate, to H4K’s who then distributes the food at designated stations.  H4K’s has assigned us bologna and cheese on our day.  The kids really like them.  Cindy and Randy Kidd are our hard working and committed members who coordinate the process. 
Instructions for volunteers: please make plain bologna and cheese white bread sandwiches at home. No condiments on the sandwiches and each sandwich must be in a separate plastic sandwich bag. Sandwiches are then placed back into the empty loaf bag and secured with the sandwich tie from the loaf bag. 

Bagged sandwiches can be dropped off at Trinity each Thursday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
  The Help4Kids van will be at the church at 10:00 to pick up sandwiches.

Help 4 Kids requests pop-top canned pasta and soups that children can open easily and prepare for themselves. These are one of the most popular items for the kids and unfortunately, they are in short supply. Help4Kids distributes more than 3000 canned pastas per month! 

 Household items:

  • hygiene items
  • books
  • Small space heaters
  • queen-sized blankets
  • warm sleeping bags
  • socks
  • coats and jackets of any size
For Backpack Buddies:
  • soups
  • pudding
  • canned pasta
  • pop tarts / breakfast bars
  • Vienna sausages
  • instant flavored oatmeal
  • shelf stable snacks
  • fruit cups
  • Peanut Butter Crackers
  • Ramen Noodles 

Cash or Gift Cards for Help 4 Kids are always welcome and allow us to purchase fresh meat, dairy, produce and breads.

 Many thanks to the people of Trinity who donate food, clothes, and necessities. Your warmth and kindness will shine on in our community's children for years to come.

Peach Luncheon Festival
When: July 17, 2022- Following 10:30 AM Service
Price: $10.00
Menu: Egg Salad sandwiches & Chicken Salad sandwiches, Cole slaw, chips, pickles, followed by native S.C. Peach Shortcake.

Please sign-up and buy your tickets ahead so that we can properly plan the luncheon. Please pay in advance either in the church office or after service.
More information will be coming soon. 

Thursday's Handicapable Group will no longer be meeting at Trinity
We thank everyone who attended, and if you have continuing interest
please contact Barbara Affrunti at 843-299-0702
Upcycled Card Ministry 

We have cards for all occasions, beautifully decorated gift bags, and short stories for children at our Card Ministry table in the lobby... $2 each, or a deal of 3 for $5.  All money goes directly to Debt Reduction. Keep in touch with friends and loved ones while supporting Trinity! 
And yes, we do appreciate the donations of card fronts, scrapbooking supplies, stickers, etc. as well as the return of the cellophane sleeves for a second use. You can leave those supplies for Mary Terwiske in the office. Remember to recycle the cellophane sleeved from your card purchases by returning them at the table. Thank you!   
Trinity Card Studio
Card-making in The Studio continues! Come and share your artistic talents by making greeting cards. As you know, we sell them in the lobby at Trinity, and all money goes to debt reduction. Check your inbox for upcoming times and dates in April. They will be listed in “This Week at Trinity” emails and included in the church calendar.

Everyone is welcome! If being creative isn’t your thing, come let us prove you wrong!  
New Member Spotlight
Art and Debbie Davis
My wife Debbie and I moved here the 1st of September 2021 from Monaca PA. We have been married 35 years and have 7 children and 9 grandchildren. Debbie retired in 2018 after 45 years as a RN running various dialysis clinics and a surgical center, I retired in 2008 after 46 years in the steel industry as a manager and department superintendent.
 We belonged to North Branch Presbyterian Church in Center Township for the last 22 years having served on various committees and Session and Deacons. We love Trinity Church as it reminds us of our church up north and we are loving our new home and the southern life stye and looking forward to spending our remaining years here.

Terry and Barb Isenberg
We met in college and have been married for 43 years.  We lived in Pennsylvania all our lives and vacationed in Murrells Inlet/Surfside Beach for 40 years. We have 2 grown children who live out of state. We are lifelong Presbyterians, and we were excited to have a church so close to us that is so involved in the community.
Trinity’s Yard Sale is back! Mark your calendars: September 23rd & 24th, 2022.

Now accepting donations! We accept gently used furniture, home decor, jewelry, small appliances, toys, pet items, collectables, holiday decorations, garden supplies, art, collectables, sporting goods and more! Please drop off items at the back door from 9 AM - 2 PM Monday through Thursday. Call the church office for access. 

We CAN NOT take electronics, clothing, or computers.
Are you free on Wednesday mornings? We need volunteers to sort and price donated items for the Yard Sale. We also have a need for volunteers with a van or truck to transport furniture and heavy/bulky items, by arrangement. If you would like to help, please add your name to the signup sheet in the narthex.
Trinity Prayer Chain

We will pray for any special need you may be facing.

Please contact Linda Goehring by phone (724-601-4478) or email (L4G4Go@gmail.com) to share your Prayer Request or to join our email Prayer Chain in praying for others


MOBILE MEALS – Looking for Clients and Volunteers

Mobile Meals of the South Strand is a 6 church ministry program that relies on volunteers and local contributions.  Openings are available for clients in need of meals.  If you, your friends or anyone in your community would benefit from having meals delivered to their homes, please let me know or contact the Mobile Meals Client Coordinator at 631-766-5606.



Mobile Meals continues to deliver meals 3 days a week while taking all necessary precautions.  Thanks to Penny Beauchesne, Jan Christensen, Harry Walker, Marge Hawkins, Nancy Forno and Jim Montgomery for delivering meals in April.   

If you would like to help deliver meals, please let me know.  Next meal delivery will be the week of May 30-June 3, 2022.           

Jim Montgomery, Coordinator


2022 Flower Board

The flowers in our sanctuary are a beautiful symbol of our offerings to God. It is a way that we praise Jesus for the life and hope that he gives us and a way that we honor loved ones and give thanks for our blessings. If you would like to provide flowers, please sign up at the Flower Board in the Narthex or contact the church office. 

Chancel arrangements are $50 each.
Life doesn't always go as planned—sometimes that’s good, and sometimes that’s painful.  Sometimes we need God to unravel us, for we long to be changed. This worship series explores 12 stories of unraveled shame, identity, fear, grief, dreams, and expectations. These are stories where God meets us in the spiraling, unraveling our plans—and us—into something new.
Study guides available now in the narthex and church office.
Suggested Donation $2
Carolina Forest Chamber Orchestra 

Director: Stephen Williams Accompanists: Dorothea Taylor, drums; Dr. Diana Scroggins, piano A program of music from movies, Broadway, and beyond!

Are you Using Amazon Smile? 

go to smile.amazon.com to get started! 
Send your Snaps! 

Do you have pictures from recent events? We would love to feature your photos on Trinity's website and here in the Mustard Seed newsletter! Please email Katie in the church office.
Another successful mission trip completed. Thanks to Team members Bill Forman, Ron Mildenstein, Ray Spitz, Ed Oskandy, June and Brooks Metts, and Stan and Judi Bittner. All arrived home safely and "DAZZLED". Special thanks to the Bentley's who kept our sweet tooth satisfied and Joel Long who handled our spiritual well-being. The homeowners were especially grateful and happy with the safe improvements we provided. We are going to be planning a Fall Trip soon. Don't miss out, ask any and all members, about missions and consider joining us. ALL ARE WELCOME!!!!!
The Baptism of Charlie Dean Johnson

Thank you to everyone who came to support
The Johnson Family at Charlie's baptism. 


 A good time was had by all!
Thank you to everyone who came out to play games,
eat and enjoy the great weather.


Finance Update
Year To Date Ending April 30, 2022

CONGR      $67,222      $73,000
OTHER       $33,663      $29,308
TOTAL INCOME    $100,885    $102,308
EXPENSES           $106,541    $109,699

Debt Reduction Number as of 4/30/2022            
Checks written to reduce mortgage ======>     $ 233,463
Projected Balance at 02/2031==========->     $ 25,783
Contributions January - December 2022 ==>     $ 6,603
Balance as of 4/30/2022 ==============>     $ 463,355
Acknowledgement of Gratitude
  • Thanks to Rod Martin for organizing the Corn Hole Tournament.
  • Thanks to the Oskandys for preparing the food that was enjoyed after the tournament.
  • We are so thankful to have Vicki Mildenstein volunteer as the chair of the yard sale.
Session Notes
  • Kathleen Fair has been busy with the 40th Anniversary preparations.  She is making plans to interview 3 Charter members.  She will be interviewing members who joined before 2000.  She will also be asking questions of those who joined after 2000.
  • Kathleen Fair reported on the worship service that took place on Friday evening before Saturday’s presbytery meeting.
  • Session approved the Y2K Budget.
  • Vicki Mildenstein is busy making plans for the yard sale.  If you would like to assist, please contact her.
  • Session approved the baptism of Mark and Diane Vogel’s 4 grandchildren for Sunday, May 29th at the 8:30 service.
  • Volunteers are needed for the Coffee Fellowship after the 10:30 service.  Mary Terwiske is the contact person if you have questions.
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