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Finally: corona measures have been relaxed ! 

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  General information
September 2021, version 2

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General information September
Welcome (back) everybody !

We hope you will feel at home soon in our ICC and our Parish !


Usual Masses, activities in our church
Matins and Lauds (in Dutch)
   Every morning, except Mondaymorning.
   07:30 - 08:30 AM
   The schedule is a bit fluctuating : 
       Tuesday, after Mass 19:45 - 22:30 ?
       Saturday, after Mass- 19:30 - 22:30 ?
   To be sure, please contact:

   Every Tuesday from 18:15 PM
   Or make an appointment with Father Henri ten Have:
   Phone: 0317 – 419 290      Email:
Holy Masses
   Maximum 90 attendees. For registration and protocol, see elsewhere in this mail.
   A face mask is mandatory. See elsewhere in this mail.

   Day Time Language Liturgy (Dutch/English)
   Tuesday 19:00 International no
   Wednesday 09:00 Dutch yes
   Thursday 18:30 Dutch no
   Friday 08:30 Dutch no
   Saturday 18:30 Dutch yes
   Sunday 09:30, 10 or 11:00 Dutch yes   
   Sunday 13:00 International yes

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General information about collection and Mass intentions

We are not allowed to collect your donations during the offertory, so there will be baskets in the back of the church for your donations.
You can also transfer your donations to our bank account. 
NL72 RABO 0156 2767 20 (Parochie z Titus Brandsma)
Please mention the subject?

It is still an experiment; but from now, we can donate (and pay the candles) digitally, when the church is open.
You can choose between 0.50   1.00   5.00   10.00   or 25.00 euros.
Of course you also  can donate to our bank-account, 
NL72 RABO 0156 2767 20 (Parochie z Titus Brandsma)
Please mention the subject?


Mass intentions
If you have a Mass intention you can send an email to:
Information needed:      Which Mass (date and language) and which intention.
Deadline:                       Friday morning, 10:00 AM (the email will be read for the last time then)
Financial contribution:   Bank account: NL72 RABO 0156 2767 20 (Parochie Z Titus Brandsma)
Food for the Foodbank
Until now you all have been donating more than 100 filled crates, thank you very much!
Please continue donating?

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Registration as member of the R.C. Church / local parish

If you want to register as a member of the R.C. Church /a local parish of the Z. Titus Brandsma Parish, then please fill out THIS FORM and send it to: leden@PZTB.NL

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Government corona measures September 14
        Netherlands to reopen further with coronavirus entry passes


The latest update (dd September 12) of the Government corona measures can be found  HERE

Want to stay informed of the latest news of our Government?
Then check this site regularly: Latest news Dutch Government

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Corona Protocol Church
Many of the corona measures in our church are lifted since today.
Briefly, this means that:
  • You don't have to register for Mass anymore, but probably the entrance still will be through the Verrijzeniszaal for a while
  • You don't have to wear facemasks anymore
  • You no longer have to stay 1.5 m from others while sitting in church (but please take into account the safety-measures while walking around?)
  • We are all allowed to sing again (do you still know how?)
Some of the measures are not yet lifted:
  • Holy Communion: not on the tongue
  • Collection: Cash or digitally after Mass or by bankaccount
  • While wishing each other for peace: Don't shake hands
  • Holy water: no (or limited) use of holy water
  • Coffee / Tea after Mass: will be served completely (so including sugar and milk) in disposable beakers, with disposable spoons. Please stay sensible and don't mix up too much while walking around?
Keep washing your hands, and stay at home when you feel sick. When you have to sneeze, do it in your arm-pit, etcetera, etcetera. I think you all know it by now.
Thank you all for your prayers, your patience and cooperation, and many thanks for all who have contributed in giving everybody the opportunity to visit our church in a safe way past 1.5 years !

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Tested positive ?   Let us know !
For your own safety but also for the safety of your fellow parisheners, and their contacts:

Let us know if you have been tested postive by sending a mail to :
  • Let us know  whén you were tested and whén it was the last time that you have been in church   
  • We can guarantee your privacy.
In that way we can inform all who have been in Mass that there may be a risk for infection. 
This only works if we are aware of it.
So, if you have been tested positive, let us know

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Donate some food for the foodbank      

Examples of preparing your heart for the coming of the Lord: 
Pray, Fasten, Read in the Bible, Think about all things you can be grateful of, and
Share some food with others, i.e. donate some food for the foodbank.

In this corona time, the food bank is getting less food to share, so your donations are greatly appreciated !

Thank you very much !

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Advertisement: Choirs are looking for new members

Singing and making music at great height  (on the attic) !

Both the International choir and the African choir are looking for new members.
You don't have to be a Pavarotti or an Aafje Heynis:
Do you like to sing? Do you like to play an instrument? Do you like to conduct?
Do you like to see our church from a different point of view (from the attic)?
Then don't hesitate to contact one of the contact persons:
African Choir:              Ernest Mupemo Mwale:
International Choir:     Carlos Serrano:         
                                    Luigi Greselin            

Feel welcome !

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Want to learn some Dutch? Join the virtual "Kindercatechese"

Catechism films:
See: Dutch Facebook of our Parish
Since the beginning of the corona-crisis, Fr Henri has been making catechism films for children every week.
Now also Erik Rozeman is filming them.
It turns out that adults also like them.
They are in Dutch (no subtitles)
Curious? Go to the Dutch Facebooksite of our Parish, and look for "videos".
An example: The first catechism of the Lent period

But there are many more:
About  Talents (Erik appears to be a very sporty man!)  or  About Baptism, for instance
Learn what the relation is between this money and your baptism!

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How to register for International Mass
It is not necessary anymore to register for the international mass !
We  may keep track, however, about who is visiting Mass like we used to do (on our list of presence).

Please keep an eye on the most recent ICC Newsletter for any changes.

How to subscribe for ICC Newsletter
All communication takes place through this newsletter.
You can subscribe for ICC Newsletter by filling in THIS FORM.

How to get your name and contact details on our  list of presencence
If you are not  yet on that list (or if you don't know), then send the following information
  •       First name
  •       Last name
  •       Email-address 
  •       Phonenumber
Mention in the mail that your aim is to be added to the list of presence

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How to register for Dutch Mass

How to register for the Dutch Mass
CLICK HERE   For an explanation and a link to the registration-site
CLICK HERE   For the direct link to the registration-site of the Dutch Mass
Wearing a face mask in the Dutch Masses is not obliged anymore; 
We do ask you to wear your face mask when entering and leaving church for the International Mass, however.

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Enjoy the sun !


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