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The Welding Journal has been published continually since 1922 — an unmatched link to all issues and advancements concerning metal fabrication and construction. This monthly periodical delivers news of the welding and metal fabricating industry. Stay informed on the latest products, trends, technology and events via in-depth articles, full-color photos and illustrations, and timely, cost-saving advice. Also featured are articles and supplements on related activities, such as testing and inspection, maintenance and repair, design, training, personal safety, and brazing and soldering. Additionally, the Welding Journal includes peer reviewed research articles highlighting the latest developments in metallurgy, welding technology and engineering.

  Welding Journal, August 2021, Volume 100, Number 8  

Alonso, Annette
August Edition sneak peek article, “100 Years of Hardfacing,” take a look back at Stoody’s history of hardfacing, from inception to present day.
The full edition of August’s Welding Journal will feature other articles including: Selecting the Right Welding Transfer Modes, A Prospect for More Flexibility in Shielding Gas Substitution and the Welding Research Supplement.
 Collection  Title Highlights 
Momentum Press is dedicated to developing collections of complementary titles within specific engineering disciplines and across topics of interest. Each collection is led by a collection editor or editors who actively chart the strategic direction of the collection, assist authors in focusing the work in a concise and applied direction, and help deliver immediately actionable concepts for advanced engineering students for course reading and reference.

Industrial Engineering - Titles in Industrial, Systems, and Innovation Engineering, Manufacturing and Processes, Manufacturing Design, and Engineering Management.
Electrical Engineering -- Titles in this collection including books on Electrical Power, Communications and Signal Processing, Computer Engineering, and much more.
Mechanical Engineering -- Titles in Fluid Mechanics, Automation and Control, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Engineering Technology, and Biomedical Engineering.
Civil and Environmental Engineering - Titles in collection such as Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Sustainable Systems Engineering, Construction, and many more.
Material Science Titles in Materials Characterization and Analysis, Mechanics, Nanomaterials, Metals/Metallurgy, Non-Metals (includes Ceramics, composites and hybrids), and so many more.
  Liposomes: Fundamentals, Properties, and Applications for        Targeted Drug Delivery  

Bhaskarwar, Madhumati; Joshi, Anjulika; Bhaskarwar, Ashok N.
With the advancements in technology since their discovery, newer methods of generating liposomes have been developed. Needless to say, over time liposomes have been modified to a large extent and engineered to suit many of our growing needs. This book throws light on the various methods of preparation and characterization of liposomes. It also discusses the several biochemical and indirect methods that have made it possible to understand the biological and physicochemical mechanisms of liposomes that decide their fate in vivo. Supplement.
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