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2022 Report

2022 was a very special year for the MetaDocencia community 🍎.

In this report we share our year of changes, growth, consolidation and learning, along with resources for the entire community 📍.

If you haven't read it yet, stick around to the end and join us to be part of all there is to come! 🌈

2022 Report

Upcoming Events

27 new events and workshops are planned for 2023! 🤯

New editions of our recently updated workshops:

In 2023, we will launch new workshops 🤓:

  • 🌎💭 Ethics and Social Impacts of Artificial Intelligence.

  • 🧬📚 Resources for Learning and Teaching Bioinformatics.

  • 🧑‍🏫👨‍🏫 Train the Trainer.

  • 👩‍💻🕹 How To Teach Programming Online.

  • 🙋‍♂️💡 MetaEvaluations: Teaching by Evaluating.

+ new events such as “#WhatDidWeLearn: collective space to learn together”.

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2023 Events

In addition to new workshops and events organized by MetaDocencia, we have already confirmed our participation in the csv,conf,7, to be held on April 19 and 20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Laura Ación will be one of the keynote speakers✨, and we will share collaborative spaces of work and learning.

We are planning to participate in other conferences and events to promote #OpenScience and continue working to advance innovation with a local perspective that responsibly builds scientific and technical capacities, in line with our mission 🙌.

If you want to invite us to participate in an event or promote activities with our team, please contact us at!

Research on the Effect of MetaDocencia Workshops and Courses on Teacher Self-Efficacy

The Impact Measurement team, integrated by Jesica Formoso, Melissa Black, Nicolás Palopoli and Debora Burin, is investigating the effect of MetaDocencia courses and workshops to measure the impact of this type of training on teachers’ perception of their effectiveness in transmitting knowledge 🕵️.

That’s why we may ask participants in our workshops to complete an online survey about their self-perception as teachers, giving consent to use the responses for research.

The study is funded by MetaDocencia through CZI funding (Grant Number 2021-239366), with fiscal sponsorship from Code for Science & Society and is conducted in collaboration with the University of Buenos Aires UBACYT 2020 project code 20020190100077BA.

In 2023 we intend to share the results with the community, applying open science principles to manage and publish the information responsibly.

MetaDocencia Says Present!

We join OLS-7!

­Congratulations Patri Loto, Ire Vazano, Jesi Formoso and Marie Rajngewerc because their applications were accepted to be part of the 7th. cohort of the Open Life Science (OLS) training program for early stage researchers and young leaders interested in improving their skills in Open Science!

  • Ire, Patri and Jesi will work on generating an open repository of data from open science communities, organizations and events in Latin America.

  • Marie will work to generate a practical tutorial on how to study biases in Artificial Intelligence (AI) models in different contexts.

OLS is a collaborative, inclusive and engaging community that promotes open principles in its work and empowers open science ambassadors in their communities.

We share Patri's enthusiasm for this new space for training and exchange 🤗:

We also learn with BetterUp

Paz Míguez and Melissa Black were admitted into the BetterUp 2023 Coaching Program through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), which seeks to promote capacity building by empowering the ability of leadership, organizations or projects to achieve their goals and make a lasting impact.

Our team continues to build to drive lasting social change and expand power in historically underrepresented communities.

Congratulations, dear leaders! 🚀✨


Building inclusive research communities

There are many communities that work with the support of CZI to promote participation and equal representation within the scientific community, as this publication describes.

At MetaDocencia we believe in collaboration as a way to promote #OpenScience in Latin America and we are very excited to partner this project with 2i2c, Open Life Science, Invest in Open Infrastructure, CSCCE and The Carpentries to bring together the skills in order to increase access to interactive computing services for open science communities throughout Latin America and Africa.

🌎🌎 We will share the progress of this project through all our channels! 🌐

Building and Supporting Open Source Science Communities in Africa and Latin America

CZI shared the subtitled video of the fireside chat on "Building and Supporting Open Source Scientific Communities in Africa and Latin America" developed at the Open Science 2022 Annual Meeting, which we discussed in a previous edition of this newsletter.

In the exchange between leaders of open source science initiatives who participated, they shared valuable learnings and experiences from working in African and Latin American communities where numerous barriers prevent participation.

Everyone should be able to contribute, participate and benefit from the development of science and technology 🗺️💫. This principle is fundamental to open science and open source as global efforts.

Watch the video and share it, to enrich the debate and continue working on thinking collective responses to asymmetries and inequities:

Organizers and Moderators  Emmy Tsang, Open Life Science + Invest in Open Infrastructure  Laura Ación, MetaDocencia + Universidad de Buenos Aires  Panelists  Anelda Van der Walt, Talarify & Talarify Foundation  Angela Okune, Code for Science and Society  Fernán Federici, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile + iBio Millenium Institute  Selene Fernandez-Valverde, CABANAnet  Thomas Mboa, Mboa Lab + CEIMIA

Talk on Artificial Intelligence and public policies

Laura Ación and Rolando Martínez, moderated by Carmen Le Foulon, discussed Artificial Intelligence and public policies last January 10, in the context of the events dedicated to "Artificial Intelligence: the frontiers of the possible", organized by the Centro de Estudios Públicos de Chile.

In this thread (in Spanish) 🧵 we comment more. You can also access the recording:


Although in South America we have #SlowJanuary, we started 2023 fulfilling the wish to meet in person, to get to know each other and share the joy of believing in what we do.

Paz Míguez, Nicolás Palopoli and Laura Ación, from our Coordination Team, met at the offices of the Alan Turing Institute (London) with Malvika Sharan, open research leader at the institute and co-director of The Turing Way, MetaDocencia advisor since its beginnings and current member of the 2023 Advisory Committee; and Yo Yehudi, executive director of OLS, a fellow community and ally in many projects and initiatives.

The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen ties and discuss joint initiatives for 2023.

Here are some pictures!

Collage of 4 images showing: Paz Míguez, Malvika Sharan, Laura Ación, Nicolás Palopoli and Yo Yehudi.

Images shared by the main characters 📸

In addition, our Project and Course Development Coordinator, Paz Míguez, and Communication and Communities Coordinator, Laurel Ascenzi, also had the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences… and MetaDocencia stickers! 💫

Paz Míguez and Laurel Ascenzi.

As we are a team distributed in different cities and regions, we meet personally as soon as we have the opportunity.

See you next time! 🍎

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