Notes from MetaDocencia N° 2 - October 2022

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Our Newsletter Has a New Name: Notes from MetaDocencia

In the previous mailing we invited the community to make contributions to give a name in Spanish to our newsletter. The winning answer was "Apuntes MetaDocentes" (“Notes from MetaDocencia” in Spanish) 🤗


MetaDocencia's Governance in Process

Between July and October 2022 we held eight talks (!) with the aim of contributing to the collaborative development of our governance. In these meetings we spoke with specialists in governance and and leaders of organizations and projects in the fields of education and open knowledge.

On Wednesday, October 26th at 17:00 (UTC-3) we held the last of the open meetings, called MetaDocencia's Governance in Process, which was led by Laura Ación and Nicolás Palopoli, general coordinators of MetaDocencia.

> Watch the complete round of open talks to collaboratively build our governance (in Spanish)

MetaDocencia Participated in the CZI Open Science 2022 Annual Meeting

The annual CZI Open Science meeting was held in California, USA, on September 18-21, with the participation of funded and affiliated projects.

MetaDocencia was present! 😚 Laura Ación attended the meeting in person as the general coordinator for the project.

In addition to participating in various sessions and sharing with colleagues from other global communities, Laura moderated a panel on "Building and Supporting Open Source Science Communities in Africa and Latin America" which highlighted the idea that everyone should be able to contribute, participate in and benefit from the development of science and technology 🗺️💫.

That principle is fundamental to open science and open source as global efforts.

In the talk, five open source science initiative leaders who have worked extensively with African and Latin American communities shared their experiences and ideas, considering the barriers to participation of those geographies. In addition, they proposed short, medium, and long term actions for funders, researchers, and organizations to help remove some of the barriers.

Panelists of the fireside chat on "Building and Supporting Open Source Science Communities in Africa and Latin America": Laura Ación, Angela Okune, Anelda van der Walt, Selene Fernández Valverde, Emmy Tsang

Photo: courtesy of Daniela Saderi

Organizers and Moderators

  • Emmy Tsang, Open Life Science + Invest in Open Infrastructure

  • Laura Ación, MetaDocencia + Universidad de Buenos Aires


  • Anelda Van der Walt, Talarify & Talarify Foundation

  • Angela Okune, Code for Science and Society

  • Fernán Federici, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile + iBio Millenium Institute

  • Selene Fernandez-Valverde, CABANAnet

  • Thomas Mboa, Mboa Lab + CEIMIA

In this thread we shared some of the ideas discussed. Read, share, and comment to continue expanding their power 💪.

Community ≈ Friendship

Working for #OpenScience also allows us to build a community full of friendships. How great it is to get to know each other in person!


What Do We Gain from a Virtual Meeting: Content or Experience?

In this blog post we reflect on spaces of growth and guidance brought about by our next training proposals through analyzing responses to end-of-course surveys conducted between March 2020 and October 2021.

To do so, we generated a word cloud to answer the question “What do we gain from a virtual meeting: content or experience?”.

Read and share the answers in our post to continue learning together! 🤓


We have had a very active year and plan to finish it by strengthening several training proposals in our internal community 💪, and then open them to all interested folks:

  • Accessible Zoom with Screen Readers

  • Resources for Active Meetings

  • Tools to Generate Formative Evaluations

  • Ethics and Social Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

  • Resources for Learning and Teaching with Bioinformatics

If you are interested in being part of the next editions of our workshops, write to us at, or check the training section of our website to join when registrations are open (we will announce them on all channels and social media! 📢).

MetaDocencia Goes Places

Laura Ación on “Science and Health” Podcast

Our co-founder @_lacion_ was interviewed by the Medifé Foundation on Myths and Truths about Artificial Intelligence and big data.

> Listen to the podcast (in Spanish):

Nicolás Palopoli at the ICOTS-11 Conference

@npalopoli, one of our general coordinators, presented the work done during the first two years of MetaDocencia at the international statistics teaching conference ICOTS-11.

> Watch the bilingual presentation:


New blog entries are published periodically on .

If you want to publish a useful post or interesting news in Spanish or English for the MetaDocencia community on our website, please send your piece to ✍️

Open Source and Open Science in Latin America

This blogpost is an extended write-up of a panel held during the 2021 CZI Essential Open Source Software for Science (EOSS) meeting, with Laura Ación and Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos, invited by Dario Taraborelli and moderated by Fernando Pérez.

The post discusses the barriers to access to Open Science in Latin America and what actions are needed to promote openness of participation to all people in the creative process.

We hope it contributes to the debate on how we can make the development of Open Source and Open Science a more global effort, in which all cultures are truly welcomed as equals.

Read, comment and share the post to support Open Science work in Latin America. It is also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

Open Grant Narrative: A Collaborative Interactive Computing Service Model for Global Communities

Our goal was to gather funding to provide human and technical services to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing of cloud workflows for communities in Latin America and Africa.

To that end, we recently submitted a grant proposal to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative which was approved. We have published the proposal and the funding process description so that other communities can read and reuse it 🤗 with hopes that this model will be extensible to many more communities in the future 🚀.

Go to the Zenodo record

In this blogspot we discuss more aspects of the problem examinated by the proposal and its areas of collaboration.

Special thanks to Chris Holdgraf for publishing the initiative and allowing us to make it available in Spanish to the community of MetaDocencia.

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