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Message from the President 

Congratulations to all participants on their excellent arguments in Round 4. It is also very impressive to see that such a high number of students are attending training every round. If their are any topics you or your students would like to see addressed in training, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

I strongly encourage you to forward this newsletter on to your students as it contains the links to training material covered at rounds and themed articles which provide background to the debates covered each round.

Debates in Round 5 will focus on the theme of "Culture". In Round 5 I encourage students to be creative with their arguments and think big as the topic will focus on norms in society and cultural values. I also strongly encourage students in grades 10-12 to check out this QDUtutbe video on how to win a regret or actor debate.
Please note that Round 5 will be held next week on Monday 17th May 2021. If your students will be unable to attend this round, please get in touch as soon as possible as this will increase likelihood that a pre/post-ponement can be facilitated.

Sponsor Spotlight- O’Neill Estate Agents

The BGDA is incredibly excited and grateful to have O'Neill Estate Agents on board as a sponsor.

As a passionate advocator for women in business, Byrony O’Neill is proud to support the young women of BGDA. Supporting female leaders and future champions in business has firmly established Byrony’s team as Brisbane’s inner-western property experts. Whether you’re buying, selling or renting your property, the trusted team at O’Neill Estate Agents can help you with all of your property needs.

Round 4 Results

Please find a results summary table at this link here. If you believe there has been an error, please get in touch and we will remedy the results table.

A Grand Final will be held on 31 May for the Monday Competition (grades 9-12). Students selected for the Grand Final will be advised by email following the round and asked to participate in a coin toss prior to preparation to determine which side of the debate they are on.

Round 4 Theme

 Round 5 debates will centre on the theme of  Culture.

The links below have information on this theme specific to the round 5 topics:

~Junior~Grade 9~Grade 10~Senior~

We encourage you to forward this email to your students, so that they have the round information and resources. 

Round 5 Schedule

The schedule for Round 5 of the Monday Competition and Junior Monday Program is as follows:

4:15pm: Afternoon tea and training
5:00pm: Topic release
6:00pm: Debate commences
7:00pm: Grade 7-9 pick up time
​7:30pm - Grade 10-12 pick up time 

Please ensure that students arrive at least 15 minutes prior to topic release.


The training resources from Round 3 can be found below: 

In Round 5 training will be divided into 5 groups:

  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11+12: Room 5

If there are any specific topics that students would like addressed in training, please encourage them to get in touch ahead of time so we can tailor the sessions.

All students are encouraged to arrive by 4:15pm so that they can benefit from this training (and free afternoon tea!).

Competition rules 

You can find a copy of the BGDA Rules here

Some important rules to note are:

  • Students must not use electronic devices (e.g. their mobile phones, computers) during preparation time. Limited exceptions may be granted on a medical basis by the President if requested in writing prior to the round
  • A maximum of 4 students may assist with preparation. This rule exists to ensure fairness so teams of 4 are not trying to compete with teams who have a large number of members to assist.
  • In order to avoid forfeiting, teams of two students will be allowed to compete in exceptional circumstances (e.g. sudden illness of a team member). Students who speak twice will be awarded the average of their two scores for that round for the purposes of the Best Speaker prize.
  • The Executive are happy to organize pre/postponements if adequate notice is given


  • Case Competition: our Case Competition is back in 2021, with more details to come in our next newsletter. Topics will be released at the Grand Final.
  • Grand Final: all students are invited to attend the BGDA Grand Final on Monday 31 May 2021. Further details will be provided following Round 5. The Grand Final will be catered with a pizza dinner for students in attendance, so please get in touch if your students plan on attending so that we can ensure enough pizza is available and cater for dietary requirements.
  • Adjudicate for the BGDA: applications are currently open to student adjudicators in grade 12 who are not participating in the Monday Competition but would be interested in adjudicating for the Junior Monday Program. Students can apply here. Students adjudicators will be awarded an honorarium in recognition of their travel expenses of $40 per debate. 
  • QDU Workshops: you find information on upcoming QDU workshops here

COVID-19 Policies 

You can find a copy of the BGDA's COVID-19 Policies on our website here. Our policies aim to manage the risk of COVID-19 by adopting precautions in line with the Queensland Department of Health's advice. We will inform you of any updates to our policies as necessary. 

Thank you once again for your ongoing support of the BGDA. If you have any questions or concerns. please do not hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to seeing you at round four!
Kind Regards, 
BGDA Executive