This first announcement hereby serves as the official notification of DSRC Executive Board Elections in accordance with Article VI, Section 4 of the DSRC bylaws. Elections will be held at the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on
January 4, 2021.

New year, new leadership.  If you are interested in taking a leadership role, our elections will be held in January. if you are interested in any of the following positions, please contact Jorge Lopez by clicking here.

President:  Presides over all club functions.
    1st VP:           Charged with programs.
   2nd VP:           Oversees membership.
    3rd VP:           Charged with fundraising.
Secretary:           Maintains Meeting Minutes. 
Controller:           Responsible for financial matters.
Communication:  Notices, Newsletters, Facebook,


More complete descriptions of each position can be found under Section V: Officers in our bylaws. 
Click here.

If the Republicans keep the majority in the Senate, we all know that Mitch McConnell will, as usual, obstruct everything.  With two Senate seats open in Georgia, no candidate took a majority, forcing a runoff.  If the Democrats take both seats - and we can - that will split the Senate 50-50.  Do what you can, phone, text, donate, volunteer!  A listing of the most active grassroots organizations in Georgia is available on our website. Do what you can by clicking here.  Help end Mitch McConnell's stranglehold on our democracy!

Thank you for being a part of the Democrats of Southwest Riverside County in 2020!  It has been an exceptionally challenging year which makes our achievements a testament to the grit and fortitude of you, our members.
  • We mailed postcards to 7300 local voters, 2340 Vote Forward letters to Swing States, and 2000 postcards to Florida, for a total of over 13,000 pieces of mail.
  • Together with our sister club, Temecula Valley Democrats, we mailed over 64,000 voter guides prior to the November elections.
  • We continue to maintain a Facebook presence that receives an average of 1200 views per month, a Website that serves as an up to date reference, informational newsletters, and frequent email updates.
Our influence and our impact continue to grow. Your membership for 2021 actively supports the election of Democrats to local and national office, gives us a voice in the Democratic Party locally, and helps strengthen the Democratic presence in our area.

We are an all-volunteer organization so your membership also helps the club cover basic operating expenses like printing, postage, and our digital presence.

We enter another election cycle for 2022.  Your membership  …. $20 for individuals and $35 for households, is the first step in helping us reach our objectives.  Please click here to renew your membership.  


The California Democratic Party Bylaws provide that Assembly Districts in January of each odd-numbered year elect Assembly District Delegates (ADDs) to represent the Assembly District they are registered in. These elections are open to all California Democrats.

Assembly District Delegates (ADEMS) and the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) are responsible for planning and attending informational meetings throughout the region and working with other delegates throughout California to represent their community.  You can find more information on the CADEM website by clicking here.  If you are interested in becoming a Delegate or have any questions you can contact Jorge Lopez by clicking here.

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