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Overcoming Fears and Doubts

You Are Already Manifesting Correctly

by Jennifer Ramdeo

When I realized that I, as God, chose to have a human experience here in this 3D world, this game of life became even more exciting. Because this meant that I also took into consideration all of the doubts, all of the fears, all of the opposite results, the so called obstacles, the wavering and so on. I, as God, knew that this is how it would be on my journey to remembering who I really am and to manifest my deepest desires. Which meant I could also control my experience of these doubts and fears.

In fact, I stopped calling them doubts and fears all together. They’re just thoughts, with no preconceived meaning.

Since this is the case, how could I ever question my abilities or my process again? How could I ever entertain the idea of “messing up” or “getting it wrong”? If I chose this experience, it must not be as bad as I thought. There’s nothing to fight with any longer. When you accept this realization, the unlovely feelings you have associated your fears with will subside. They will be dealt with in a more divinely loving way. Why worry about these things that the logical mind deems as wrong, if we chose it before we came here?

If the reason for our human exisistence is to remember we are the operant power, then that means we have the means and ways to dissolve what we think is holding us back. Because we chose it.

It was all mapped out perfectly like this by us for us. Your True Self makes no mistakes. 

One day you will awaken and you will laugh at how real you thought this dream was. It is not a coincidence that as soon as you start to think positively or truly live in the end, things pop up to trigger you, sometimes opposite things occur, and random things that seem “out of the ordinary” occur too. Why is this? How can you break free from the illusion, if you don’t have an illusion to break free from first? It’s the only way to realize how strong, powerful and capable you are. It is not something to fear, but something to welcome. 

If our Godself created all of the realities, and then after it created the realities it gave us these desires, don't you think it already took into consideration all of "opposite" stuff? Such as the opposite actions, results, fears, etc. It actually truly did. When I say Godself, I mean you. You in a higher level of self-awareness. That's why we are told to believe in God, that all things are possible to those who believe. You see, we aren't believing in just these desires. We are believing in our Godself's ability to move mountains. To re-arrange things in perfect accordance. We are trusting in our Godself's knowledge of seeing the infinite ways this is working for us and not against us.

Now, I want you to pause for a moment. Ask yourself, “well, if it’s true that I chose all of this, and it’s already perfect as it is, what is there to overcome?”. What is there to reprogram, to convince yourself of? You might say “well, I have to convince myself that any of this is real and true”. But who is the “myself” you are referring to? Most probably the false sense of self- the ego. Because your True Self needs no convincing of any of this. It doesn’t need to be reprogrammed or rewired. It understands and believes all of this, and in the desires, perfectly. It’s Who You Really Are.

If when doubts, fears, obstacles, opposite results and so on come up, and you begin to immediately remember the truth of why they are actually even there- to see through them, to move you closer to your desires- they will no longer be an issue for you. And what no longer is an issue for you, can no longer affect you. There. You instantly remembered who you really are. You transcend and transform, you walk yourself back home. When you do so, you can see this for the others in your reality too. You no longer fall for their false masks, but you see right past the illusion, into their True Selves- Your True Self.

Then you remember, this means you were always manifesting correctly to begin with. There was never anything to fear or worry. If you assume you are always manifesting correctly no matter what, the Law has to abide.

Make it a priority to feel into this Truth in any given moment. It is the way through every block, through every fear, through any reason you gave yourself as to why you can't get it. If your desires are from God, and God is love, then it only makes sense that when you feel into your True Self, by acknowledging it, your desires will manifest in the most effortless way.

Vulnerability and Allowing Ourselves to Feel

by Kriston

Lately I have been thinking about  one of the most common themes I come across when I’m chatting with clients — vulnerability. Vulnerability is so intrinsic to our everyday lives yet it seems to fly under the radar a little. In fact, I don’t think many of us think of vulnerability at all, and when we do, we don’t want to lean into it or acknowledge it as something we’re afraid to allow ourselves to be.
Vulnerability is not a weakness. Vulnerability is allowing ourselves to feel our human emotions, even the ones (and especially the ones!) that we really don’t want to feel. When you realise that your imagination creates your reality, it can be very easy to slip into the mindset that every thought and fear is going to manifest in the physical world. When you live in this kind of anxiety, you will suppress your emotions in fear of what they might create, and as a result you will live your life in a state of avoiding what you don’t want instead of living in a state where your every desire already belongs to you.
On top of that, sometimes we even fake positivity by turning our assumptions around and affirming the opposite of what we’re afraid of, spending lots of mental energy trying to convince ourselves of something we don’t even believe.

All of this is the opposite of vulnerability — it’s operating from a fear based perspective, it hardens us and it makes us put up walls. Instead of taking the leap and having faith in your own power, you close yourself off inside and then wonder why in your outer reality things seem out of reach.
I can quickly tell when a client is resisting vulnerability because one of the first things they tell me is that they can’t feel their emotions, and they can’t live in the end because they can’t connect to the feeling of it. They just feel nothing. Yet, when they talk more about what it is they deeply desire, they cry and become overcome with emotions. Yet moments ago, this person said they don’t feel anything at all.  In this case, it isn’t because you can’t feel your emotions - it’s because you CAN feel them, and you’re afraid of what it means so you try to shut it down. 

When we shy away from vulnerability it can pop up in our lives under many guises. One of the most common I have seen are relationships that never seem to work: your lover is either non-commital, blows hot and cold, is married to someone else, or perhaps they live in another country and you can’t find a way to be together. These scenarios often come down to the same thing: you don’t want to be vulnerable because you don’t want to get hurt, or perhaps you don’t feel worthy of it, so it manifests in a way that it’s there, but it feels out of reach. 
Vulnerability means leaning into your desires and allowing yourself to commit to them, because they are yours and because you deserve them. It means allowing yourself to feel however it is you feel, all the while knowing that nothing can stop you from getting what you want. Vulnerability looks like sitting in stillness and allowing the thoughts to come. It looks like dwelling in the end of our desires when the physical circumstances temporarily show us the opposite. It looks like taking inspired action and talking to your lover from a place of stillness and unconditional love instead of reacting to the old story we made about them. 

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is actually the freedom and liberation you have been looking for, because when we are vulnerable we are all in. We commit to ourselves. We allow ourselves to want what we want, and we surrender. We embody our desires rather than holding them at a distance, and we walk through life being unapologetically ourselves because we have shed the protective armour we thought we needed before. In order to embody your desires and walk through life as the person you want to be, you have to be vulnerable. You have to allow yourself to feel what it is you want, and not hold back. You have to have faith that it is done, because you felt it to be so. 

Being vulnerable does not open us up to damage or pain, it opens us up so that our Godself can flow through us. There is nothing weak in vulnerability — being vulnerable is so incredibly strong. 
“Feel in depth, for what you feel deeply is more vital than what you think. Every day you can think about how wonderful it would be if - and never act. But if every day you would feel how wonderful it is now, it will become true. Shakespeare said: “Assume a virtue if you have it not.” A virtue must be felt to be assumed. Refrain from the assumption tonight and it will be easy to refrain next week and still easier the next. But if you will assume your desire is fulfilled now, and persevere in that assumption through the sense of feeling, it will be externalized as a literal fact in your world.” - Neville Goddard, Feel Deeply

Success Stories & Inspiration From Our Supporters

“If you assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.” – Neville Goddard

"For the last year and a half, my sister had been trying to get pregnant, however it was taking her much longer than expected. Her and her husband visited the fertility clinic and were told everything was okay and there was nothing to worry about. As she was approaching her mid 30s, she really started to feel the pressure from my parents. Every month, my mom would ask me to ask my sister if she got her period. Before being aware of The Law, I would ask if she got her period so I can report back to my mom. As I finally learned about Neville’s teachings, I finally decided to end this pattern. I told myself next month my sister would share her pregnancy news with my family. A few times before going to bed, I closed my eyes and imagined her and my brother-in-law telling us the news, but what really helped me was completely ignoring my current reality. Any time my mother would bring up the topic of my sister not being pregnant yet, I would completely ignore it and affirm to myself “isn’t it wonderful now that she’s pregnant!”. When my sister would come to me to speak about her frustration about not being pregnant yet, I would quickly revise the conversation in my head, knowing it was already done and that she was pregnant. The following month, she took a pregnancy test and shared the news with my family, just as I imagined it!" - Elizabeth

"I’ll share something that really strengthened my faith in myself as God of my reality: a friend of mine reached out to me and said that her mom had been hospitalised with pneumonia, which in these times is an alarming indicator of one thing. I told myself that her test would come back negative and that she’d be able to come home. I was a bit scared, I had some doubts, of course. Yesterday she told us that her mom’s test came back negative and was going home! I think the fears and doubts are part of the human experience, but knowing that they’re not real makes them unimportant and they roll off my back so much quicker now! I’m intending for my family, friends, and everyone here to be healthy and happy during this time." - Ina Seb

"I had many fears in the beginning of my journey. Fear of going outside, of taking public transportation, going on webcam, even of what I may see on social media. For years I thought that I had to do a bunch of multi-step processes to overcome these fears. Such as working on my self love, reprogramming my subconscious mind etc. It delayed everything tremendously, until I realized that true self love is never identifying myself with these things ever again. It was to remind myself that there's nothing to rewire within me. All I had to do was lovingly accept my True Self and my imagination. So, I started to imagine and embody the version of me who no longer had any of these fears, simply because it wasn't my True Self. I imagined being confident, secure, powerful, having full faith and being the Jen I am now. I started to see results in one day, what I was previously attempting to do in years." - Jennifer Ramdeo

Create Your Own Rules

We asked you guys to tell us some of the rules you've created for yourself in your reality. Here are some of our favorite ones!

"When I doubt or I am afraid, or I think badly, the opposite of my doubts happen. What I do want always manifests in my life and if I think badly or have doubts, the contrary to that is always happening." - Tati

"I only see the things I want to see,
I only hear the things I want to hear." - Carolina

"I make everything mean that things are working out.
No reply? No problem." - Bronwyn

"My life is rigged in my favor. I always get what I want no matter what I feel, do or think." - Samtej

"Everything is already perfect. There's nothing to manifest because
it's already here." - Amy

"I don't have to do anything special. The desired lovely state will
automatically manifest." - Kelly

"Only my positive thoughts create because they are in alignment with who I am. My negatives ones don't." - Nadja

Tati also mentioned that since she uses her phone a lot, she made a rule for herself that every time she goes on her phone, her hair becomes more beautiful. I think it's a brilliant idea to get creative on your rules, and anchoring your daily activities to relate to your manifesting process. It helps to make conscious creation a lifestyle, as a normality for you.

As stated in my article about creating your own rules, I made a rule for myself that every time I cry, something amazing happens. A lot of people have asked me about my process of creating rules- how did I come up with the idea, what my personal rules are for manifesting my desires, etc.

In the upcoming podcast, Kriston and I go over some of our own rules more in depth. However, the assumption that I can create my own manifesting rules came about unconsciously. In the beginning of my journey, I was very emotional and sensitive, more than the average person. Because I did not like this part of myself, and thought it was a bother to others, other people reflected that back to me. Not fully following Neville's teachings at the time, I accepted the belief that I always had to be positive and in "high vibes" to manifest my desires. However, one day as I was crying, I decided that I no longer wanted this part of me to be deemed a weakness. I did not want that part of me to stop me from manifesting my desires.

I automatically declared that my doubts, my fears, my moments of wavering and weakness, when I cry or if I am sad, have absolutely no correlation to the way my desires manifest. I declared that these moments do not determine how powerful my manifestations are, the length of time, etc. I didn't realize at the time what I was unconsciously doing until this rule started to play out in my life, perfectly. Everything I had assumed, came to pass. The funny thing is, since implementing that rule in my life, I started to have less doubts, less fears, and I probably only cried every few months. And when I did, they didn't last long. I started feeling very grounded, very centered, as if I had given myself a permission slip to embrace what I came here for.

Some people often forget that they are not only manifesting their external circumstances, but also the experiences of their doubts and fears. The experience that their body and mind has. 

“Now, some of you are having physical and emotional problems. As I told a friend tonight, no one ever promised you that it was going to be easy to bring forth the greatest gift in the world, so don't expect it. There will be problems, horrible problems; but be of good cheer, for we are told in the 16th chapter of John: 'When a woman is in travail she suffers, but when the child is born she forgets everything because of the joy that the child is born." You are destined to know such joy, for the child to be born in you is Christ Jesus, the creative power of God.

I am not promising you complete relief from all physical problems, but I have given you a law which will cushion the blows of life. Things are going to happen and you will find all kinds of challenges, but you now have a law which states: 'Whatsoever you desire believe you have received it and you will." That's a law, which will never fail you and there is no limit to your power of belief. It's entirely up to you as to how and when these revealed laws of God are used, but I do know that you are going to conceive and bring forth the greatest thing in this world which is the birth of God, the birth of joy, as Blake said in his poem, 'The Mental Traveler". - Neville Goddard

I also made a rule for myself, unconsciously, that when I have a burning desire, I manifest what I want even quicker. In the end, what I realized is that there are no rules to begin with. Your life is a blank empty canvas that is waiting for your commands. Every moment you are given a chance to realize this.

Answering Your Questions

Q: "How to live in the end of seeing a loved one healthy when they continue to be unhealthy since I was a child? Since I have taken responsibility for everything in my life, I sometimes blame myself for this. On your journeys, how did you get past blaming yourself for something like this? Also, how to see someone healthy and well in your mind’s eye when everyday you see them in the “opposite” state. I understood I have to ignore it and stick to the end, but seeing a parent in this situation every day brings up a lot of pain and anxiety. Is persistence the answer? thank you very much yet again."

A: "I completely understand how you feel, as I went through similar things in the past with myself, my dogs, and my family members. The one thing that gave me strength and courage through these times is reminding myself that the situation would not fix by itself. It was up to me, and only me, to change the outcome of this situation. While this may seem like a scary responsibility to others, for me it felt empowering to know that I didn't have to settle. It helped me to snap out of victim mode, into 'God mode'. We should never blame ourselves for what we did not know was the Truth, because blaming is still doing the exact thing we are blaming ourselves for in the first place. Instead, see this as an opportunity to utilize your God given powers, to help transcend the illusions. There is nothing to blame at all.

Then, remember that what you see is temporary. You don't have to resist or ignore your 3D, in fear that by acknowleding it you are manifesting more of it. If you assume that, it will be true. If you assume this is temporary and remember that what you have imagined is the real reality, then things will shift in a much more effortless way, because you are no longer resisting the circumstances, but allowing the circumstances to work for you. This includes your emotions as well. You're right that persistence is the key. But persistence does not mean effort or hardwork, at least not in my book. Persistence isn’t hard work or force, it’s about coming home to your True Self. To that feeling of security and assurance. The more you bring yourself back to that place, the more you are occupying it. And as you know now, the state you occupy the most is what projects out in front of you. If you feel anxious and have fears or doubts, rest in the assurance that this absolutely cannot mess things up. Let's stop associating these emotions with the false premise that it determines how your desires manifest, and go back to the true meaning of feeling- acceptance of the fact that the desire is fulfilled, as Neville says. Acceptance that the desire is yours and fulfilled no matter what." - Jen

Q: "What is your take on 'inspired action'? It’s a term floating around in many Neville and LOA communities.

If I assume that I am God, then isn’t it true that every action is inspired action? But this makes me further question, that for example, if someone is coming from a state of lack, and they desire to initiate communicate with an SP. Now, making the 'first move' or 'texting first' can be desire-driven, but how can we know if it’s the right thing to do? Is it 'inspired action'?

How can we be sure that we are taking the right step while, though it’s desire driven, whether it’s coming from the state of lack/an act of desperation or it’s an 'inspired action'?"

A: "I love this question, as it perfectly goes hand in hand with my discussion about rules from above. To be honest, I never liked the term inspired action. I am sure I have used that term (and mental diet) both in articles before, but they aren't terms I prefer. Just like 'mental miscarriage', although I am sure people are overthinking what Neville meant by this, too much.

Every action comes from the state you are in. What one person thinks is an inspired action, can be something totally different to another person, because they are in different states. For example, someone who is in a state of lack, their inspired action may be to 'save for a rainy day' or always calculating their expenses. There is nothing wrong with this, as I too have a savings account but, I don't save from a place of thinking something bad might happen, or that there might not be enough money to do the things I want to do in the future- my wedding, traveling etc. I have a savings account because I genuinely like looking at all of the numbers in it, haha! That sounds funny, but it is true. In actuality, I know there is nothing to save because I will always have more than enough.

This is coming from my state of abundance. However, while I was in a state of lack before, I did check my bank account etc., and wavered a lot. But, I always reminded myself that these moments mean absolutely nothing. That every time I waver and catch myself, I was growing and evolving. I didn't get down on myself. You see, being aware of who you really are is really the key. If you aren't aware that you are God, or at least that you create your reality, then you'd never realize that you can make your own rules, that every action and step is ultimately leading you to the fulfillment of better experiences. 

When you do realize this, you can certainly start to make your own rules in this game of life, and then the real fun begins! To sum it up, assumptions harden into fact. If you assume that every action is the right action, then so it wil be. I usually don't recommend people to take actions that feel like effort or hardwork, simply because who wants to do that, when it's much simpler? In this case, you can wait until it feels inspired, or until it feels good. Because it truly doesn't matter. When you care about these things, you are assuming something can go wrong or mess up your manifestations. You will always be compelled to move in accordance with your state.

Someone who is in a state of accepting who they are, doesn't care about actions, doubts, or fears etc. So, they are compelled to not be upset with themselves, to refocus and move forward, thinking from the fulfilled desire. Those in this state have full confidence and faith in themselves, and in their manifestations. They automatically deem every action and non-action as inspired and perfectly okay.

Someone who is in a state of not accepting who they really are, is compelled to care about these moments and gets down on themselves. Maybe they question their abilities, or wonder if any of these moments will affect their manifestations.

You should always do what you want. You're the operant power. If you feel like an action is wrong, or that you shouldn't have done it, then just remember that simply isn't the truth and turn your focus back to that True Self within you. The True Self that sees no mistakes and no wrong action.

Not only did you just instantly shift your state, but you also didn't allow what happened in one parallel reality to be carried over to another." - Jen


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